12 Privileges You Didn’t Know Rich People Have (And They’re Completely Oblivious That It’s a Privilege)

As I was looking around online, I found a cool question: “What special things do rich people have that they might not realize are special?” Here are the most popular answers.

1. Not Having to Worry About Unsuspected Bills

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The most upvoted comment was from someone who wrote they were very poor and are now comfortable. They say that not having to worry about bills is something rich people will never understand until they are in a situation where they can’t afford their bills, in their opinion. 

They add that they had so much stress when deciding which bills to pay and which not to because they couldn’t afford to pay all their bills. 

2. Change Up Your Meals

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This user shares that rich people can eat something different all the time while not everyone has that luxury. 

Another user shares their experience where their spouse had a more privileged upbringing. The spouse, used to better circumstances, dislikes eating leftovers and eating the same food for more than one meal in a row. However, they grew up with a different perspective, eating the same food for weeks, opting for sale items and bulk purchases to stretch their meals. They’re more content with simple meals like chicken and broccoli for a week, but their spouse prefers meals inspired by Pinterest. 

3. Do an Unpaid Internship as a Student

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Suven makes a good point about unpaid internships as students without money worries. 

It means some people can take on important work experiences without worrying about money. It shows that some people have an advantage in taking on unpaid internships because they come from wealthy families.

4. No Stress About How to Cover Expenses

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One person talks about their experience and how money is always on their mind. They have to worry about paying rent, buying food, and dealing with unexpected expenses like fixing their car, which would take away their savings and make them eat cheap meals. 

They believe that wealthy people might not realize the constant fear of being poor that hangs over their heads. They don’t have to worry about it because they feel stable and secure with their money.

5. Be Able to Afford Good Legal Representation

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Ev points out something important – having enough money to hire a good lawyer shows that someone is wealthy. 

It can be a problem for people who don’t have a lot of money because it means they can’t easily get good legal help. It affects their ability to use the law to protect themselves and defend their rights in court.

6. It Starts With a Different Upbringing

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Milton shares their story, talking about growing up poor and getting a scholarship to a fancy private college. They say it was eye-opening because they saw how rich people live and have different ways of doing things. 

Milton explains that people from poor backgrounds have different backgrounds, values, ways of talking, and even skills compared to rich people. It was hard for them to fit in and understand everything because it was so different. For example, Milton mentions not knowing how to dress for interviews or how to present themselves before getting the scholarship.

7. Chase Your Dreams

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In an online discussion, people mentioned how rich people have more opportunities to chase their dreams. One person said it’s like having the “freedom to fail.” 

Another person shares a story about explaining this idea to a friend with lots of money. They tried to show their friend that not everyone has the same chance to start businesses or invest in stocks. But it was hard because their friend didn’t understand. Instead, their friend made a hurtful comment, saying that the participant’s “poor brain” limited their thinking and would keep them poor forever. 

It’s clear that the two have very different views and showed how challenging it can be to make someone understand if they haven’t experienced financial struggles themselves.

8. Hire People to Help You Out

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Nicole is pointing out something interesting about privilege. Some people with more money don’t have to worry about doing tasks like yard work, shoveling snow, or cleaning the house. They don’t even think about it because they can afford to pay someone else to do it for them. 

But for people with less money, these tasks can take up much of their time and energy. Nicole’s observation helps us see how different economic backgrounds can affect the things we have to worry about in our daily lives.

9. Not Checking Your Bank Account Before Going Into a Store

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Someone mentioned something interesting: if you don’t have to worry about how much money you have before going to a store, it means you’re doing okay.

You might not be super rich, but you’ll never have to feel embarrassed about being unable to pay for your groceries.

10. Having Dental Work Done

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One person talks about how expensive dental work can be. Another person shared their experience, saying they have a problem called bruxism and TMJ. They take good care of their teeth, go for regular cleanings, and don’t have any cavities, but still, they’re losing teeth, which is really sad. 

They made a comment, saying that they could easily get dental implants or other treatments for the nerve damage if they were rich. Their comment showed how money can affect getting the dental care you need.

11. Having Options and Choices in Your Life

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A user talks about how having money can make life easier. They mention that having financial resources gives you the freedom to solve problems and choose different paths in life.

Another person agrees and adds that money doesn’t guarantee happiness but offers more opportunities and options. This conversation showed that having financial stability gives you the power to face life’s challenges with flexibility and confidence.

12. Having Your Health Checks When Needed

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Someone in the discussion comments about rich people in the United States. They have a special advantage because they can go to the doctor whenever needed, even for regular check-ups or emergencies, and they don’t have to worry about how much it will cost. The situation is different for other people who might not have enough money to pay for medical care. It shows that having money can make a big difference in taking care of your health and staying well.

Does this article make you think of something you are thankful for that you don’t have to worry about anymore? 

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