How To Make 500k a Year – 15 Best Jobs To Pursue & Make Good Money

Who wouldn’t want a job that pays a lot of money? If you find a job that pays six figures, you’ll have a good amount of cash. What type of job pays that much? There are many ways to land the job you truly desire. Keep reading to learn how to make $500,000 a year.

Lucrative jobs exist in almost every industry. You can get paid and start earning those big bucks! 

15 Jobs That Make 500K a Year 

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This article explores 15 high-paying jobs in the market and what it takes to land them. We also included a list of profitable side hustles for those not yet ready to take the leap. 

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are ranked first among the company executives. Their job roles include leadership and strategic planning. They make the company’s strategies and increase profits, which is a challenging full-time job, as the decisions made by the CEO are passed on to other departments to ensure proper execution. 

Average Annual Salary: $798,373 

2. Neurosurgeon 

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Neurosurgeons are responsible for performing surgeries related to brain disorders. These can include benign cysts, tumors, or aneurysms. 

Some neurosurgeons only treat children, while others handle both cases.

Average Annual Salary: $644,001 

3. Hedge Fund Manager 

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Hedge fund managers oversee the trading of bonds, stocks, and other finances. They work with traders and market analysts to help investors generate profits. 

A hedge fund manager determines whether the security should be bought or sold. 

Average Annual Salary: $541,382 

4. Orthopedic Surgeon

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Orthopedic surgeons specialize in issues related to bones, muscles, joints, and tendons. They diagnose injuries and suggest options such as surgery. 

Orthopedic surgeons also work with neuro-, vascular-, and cardiothoracic surgeons to assist them with their operations. 

Average Annual Salary: $513,430 

5. Plastic Surgeon 

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Plastic surgeons are experts in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, a demanding field in terms of skills and experience. 

A career as a surgeon requires patience, as you often have to deal with high-pressure situations. The salary reflects the difficulty level of the job, earning you around mid-6 figures

Even as a starter, you can get up to $350,000 annually and increase your salary with time. 

Average Annual Salary: $457,407 

6. Cardiologist 

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Cardiologists are heart specialists. They are specialized in cardiovascular diseases, cardiac arrhythmias, and perfusion. 

Moreover, a cardiologist can help manage congestive heart failure, angina, and other chronic conditions. 

Average Annual Salary: $449,592 

7. Anesthesiologist 

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As the name suggests, anesthesiologists are professionals who specialize in anesthesia. They usually work with surgeons to decide what anesthesia suits the patient best. 

The anesthesiologist also ensures the patients are safe and comfortable after the operation. 

Average Annual Salary: $409,200 

8. Gastroenterologist 

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Gastroenterologists specialize in gastrointestinal systems. They diagnose and treat diseases or problems related to the stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, gallbladder, and pancreatic ducts. 

One thing that makes a gastroenterologist successful is how comfortably he talks with his patients about sensitive topics. 

Average Annual Salary: $406,000 

9. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

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The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for managing the company’s finances, which includes directing investments, overseeing financial options, and managing debts

As a CFO, you need many years of experience in finance and strong analytical skills. 

Average Annual Salary: $393,337 

10. Dermatologist 

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Dermatologists are skin specialists. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating all kinds of skin diseases. 

More significantly, skin care and even cosmetic surgery have become imperative for an increasing number of people nowadays. 

Average Annual Salary: $258,095 

11. Oncologist 

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Oncologists are the ones who treat cancer patients. They diagnose and treat people with leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, tumors, and other cancerous growths. 

Oncologists not only treat people but give them a chance to live again. In most cases, they recognize early signs and treat the problem immediately. 

Being an oncologist is no part-time gig because you must focus on helping your patients more than full-time.

Average Annual Salary: $251,446 

12. Lawyer 

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Corporate lawyers make a lot of money. They are responsible for contract dealings, business acquisition issues, and drafting documents. The job also doesn’t require much effort after completing the qualification process. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the amount below is the median salary of U.S. lawyers. The top 1% of corporate lawyers earn $500,000 or more yearly. 

While their income depends on their location, specialization, and experience, it also rests on the payment arrangements with the client: hourly fee, flat fee, retainer fee, and, especially, contingent fees, which can give the lawyer 25-30% of any monetary judgment or settlement.

Average Annual Salary: $127,990

13. Professional Athlete 

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Professional athletes, such as footballers, basketball players, cricketers, etc., get a very handsome salary for their services. 

To earn $500K as an athlete, you must ensure you are at the top of your game, requiring intense workouts and training. You can easily get rich if you make it in the professional world of sports.

Average Annual Salary: $112,955 

14. Investment Banker 

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Investment bankers are stock market experts. They work in financial markets to understand the right trading methods. Most investment banker jobs include many benefits, such as a company car and exclusive club memberships. 

Most importantly, their knowledge, expertise, and experience in the stock market can also guide them in their own investments, bringing them dividends and other perks on top of their salaries. This passive income can increase their earning capacity tenfold or more. 

Average Annual Salary: $67,152 

15. Entrepreneur 

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Entrepreneurs are the ones who start their own new companies. They introduce a new product or service to the world. 

To be a successful entrepreneur, make sure that the product or service you provide solves a problem or fulfills a need for it to become a habit-forming product. These are some ways to make money in the world as you make money selling your products or services to the world.

Examples of entrepreneurs are full-time bloggers, those who sell products, or those who sell services.

If and when the business takes off, which depends on many factors, the basic income listed below can balloon to 500K or more.

Average Annual Salary: $62,677 

Conclusion – How to Make 500K a Year?

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It is possible to make $500,000 annually since many jobs across different industries pay that much. 

From being a specialist in the medical field to making sports feats as a professional athlete, these jobs’ common denominator is hard work, investment in time and effort, and perseverance in acquiring the necessary skill sets and experience. 

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