11 Best Money & Personal Finance Podcasts In 2023

Are you looking for great personal finance resources? These best money & personal finance podcasts will teach you everything that you need to know to change your life and make smart money decisions. From making more money to investing your money, you will know it all!

Over the last couple of years, I have listened to days and days of podcasts. 

I love podcasts, as they provide free knowledge that has transformed my life.

These podcasts that I’ll share with you today, have shifted my entire relationship with money. 

They have changed my money management, one of the most high-income skills you can imagine. They enabled me to save more money. Plus, they helped me to make more money

Without these resources, I would never have discovered the path to financial freedom I am currently on. It changed my life.

I want to share these transforming resources with you today! 

The amazing thing about podcasts is that they are so low-barrier. You can just learn about money and personal finance on your car ride to work. Or during your workout. Or during your time working at the office. 

By listening to a podcast for 30 minutes a day, you can learn about finances and change your life. 

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and many people are listening to them. 

best personal finance podcast in 2020

11 Best Money And Personal Finance Podcasts

Here are the 11 best personal finance podcasts in alphabetical order, so you can start making great financial decisions. 

Afford Anything


Let’s kick this list of best personal finance podcasts!

Afford Anything is an amazing podcast where Paula Pant breaks down financial topics to make them practical and easy to understand. 

Paula goes into money strategies that you can implement to improve your life immediately. This includes building your own business, real estate, and investing. She interviews millionaires, early retirees, entrepreneurs, and many more. 

In addition, she records solo episodes where she talks about special topics or answers questions from her audience. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: every Sunday.

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BiggerPockets Money Show

best personal finance podcasts bigger pockets money

BiggerPockets is a popular real estate business that has a website, blog, and books. In the BiggerPockets Money Show, the hosts Mindy and Scott talk with people from all parts of their financial journey. 

The BiggerPockets Money Show will make sure that you have actionable advice. They talk about saving money, getting multiple income streams, investing for retirement, and more. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: twice per week.

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Choose FI

best personal finance podcasts choose fi

ChooseFI is a personal finance podcast hosted by Brad and Jonathan, where they talk about financial independence. 

Their goal is to help you reach financial independence and the freedom that comes with that. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: twice per week.

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Fairer Cents


Fairer Cents is a podcast hosted by Kara from Bravely and Tanja from Our Next Life. 

The Fairer Cents podcast is all about women, money, and getting ahead. 

They’re all about talking about the inequalities built into our system and having big important conversations right in their podcast. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: every other week. 

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FIRE Drill Podcast

best personal finance podcasts fire drill

FIRE Drill Podcast is hosted by two wonderful bloggers, J from Millennial Boss and Gwen from Fiery Millennials. 

Together they bring on a big variety of guests to talk about anything and everything financial independence. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: twice per week. 

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So Money Podcast


So Money is an award-winning podcast with host Farnoosh Torabi, a best-selling author, TV personality, and personal finance expert. 

Farnoosh shares everything personal financial, smart money decisions, entrepreneurship, and success. This podcast is for you if you’re looking for down-to-earth money advice. 

On the So Money podcast, you will learn from the top leaders in the industry. Including episodes with Tim Ferris (from the 4-Hour Work Week), Jillian Michaels, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, and many more!

You will learn about how they master their finances, wins, and failures in their lives. 

Every Friday, Farnoosh answers questions coming in from listeners. This can be about money, business, or anything in between. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New Episode: Every 2-3 days. 

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best personal finance podcast

Listen Money Matters

best personal finance podcasts listen money matters

Listen Money Matters is a podcast that gives actionable tips on investing and building wealth. 

Whether you want to pay off debt, start a side hustle, or get starting with real estate – this show has it!

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: every Monday.

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Mo’ Money Podcast


Mo’ Money with Jessica Moorhouse is one of the top personal podcasts out there. She interviews celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors, friends, or listeners. Over the years she has had some of the biggest names come on her show. 

Jessica dives into topics related to investing, side hustles, entrepreneurship, financial independence, early retirement, and more. 

In the Mo’ Money podcast, you will learn to earn more money, make smarter money choices, invest, and live a more fulfilled life all at the same time!

Favorite episodes 🎧

  • No-BS Financial Education for Women – Amanda Holden, Financial Educator & Speak
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Investing – Erin Lowry, Author of Broke Millennial Takes on Investing
  • How to Save Half Your Income Like a Pro – Desirae Odjick, Blogger at Half Banked

New episode: twice per week.

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The Money Nerds


The Money Nerds is a weekly podcast where host Whitney Hansen shares inspirational stories of people living their dream life, working towards financial independence, and improving their finances. 

In the Money Nerds podcast, you will learn all kinds of financial tips that you can directly implement in your life!

Favorite episodes 🎧 

New episode: varies.

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The Stacking Benjamins Show

best personal finance podcasts stacking benjamins

The Stacking Benjamins Show is an award-winning podcast and is all about sharing the latest financial trend. They combine their money knowledge with some humor to make it stick. 

The podcast shares all about investing, risk management, and much more. 

So if you have a question that has not been covered yet, be sure to reach out. They discuss reader questions in every episode. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Manifestation Babe

best personal finance podcasts manifestation babe

The Manifestation Babe podcast is not directly personal finance-related, but it’s my favorite podcast about manifesting money

I love how Kathrin talks about manifestation, getting into the right money mindset, and everything in between. 

Favorite episodes 🎧

New episode: varies.

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Find Your Freedom Podcast [Best New Podcast]

best personal finance podcast findyourfreedom

I couldn’t help but mention another great podcast, the best new podcast out there. The Find Your Freedom Podcast is all about finding your own way of navigating through life and living your best life possible.

Becky is an amazing host. She takes you through how to design a life you love, quit your jobs, and find your freedom!

Favorite episodes 🎧

Thanks to all these amazing people for sharing their knowledge with the world through their podcasts. I hope you found something inspiring that fits where you want to go in life currently.

I think you have enough to listen to for the upcoming days!

These 11 best personal finance podcasts will help you to save money, make money, and invest.

Let me know, what is your favorite podcast?

Enjoy the post? Save it for later! 📌

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