15 Men Speak Out on Marriage Regrets They Can’t Forget

Many men would often joke around, saying marriage is a shackle you wouldn’t want to put on. It’s because, after some time, many actually regret getting married in the first place. Not all men think the same, but everyone has regrets about their marriage that they can’t help but just accept. 

Here are 15 regrets men shared about their marriages they can never forget. 

1. Marrying the Wrong Person

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The biggest regret you can have in marriage is choosing the wrong person. It’s good if you realized this early, but if not, you’ll be wasting years of your life arguing with the wrong person. 

Before getting married, look for red flags when you’re just dating to avoid regrets. If your date is showing signs of disrespect or controlling behavior, it might be better to swipe left and carry on. 

2. Not Changing for the Better as Soon as Possible

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Everybody has bad habits and unhealthy attitudes that can be improved. Getting married can be life-altering, and it can also be a brand-new start. Not everyone can easily change, but not making an effort to do so can be a regret in the future. 

How long will your partner be able to put up with you? Will you wait for your partners to tell you it’s over before changing? 

3. Not Putting in Enough Effort in the Marriage

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Marriage requires your full effort. When your partner feels like you’re not trying hard enough, it becomes a recipe for disaster. Not putting in the effort expected from you can lead to divorce and regrets. 

Nothing’s sooner than right now, so put more effort into your marriage by talking to your partner and spending more time together. Identify each other’s love language and learn to appreciate your partner better. 

4. Not Divorcing Sooner

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A popular regret for many divorcees is not divorcing sooner. You try to hold out for years even with all the red flags, and you may have stayed longer than you should. Not divorcing sooner will just prolong your agony and waste your time in a relationship that you can’t salvage anymore.

5. Losing Independence

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Men often joke that marriage is like a noose on their independence. They said they stop doing the things they enjoy and start getting restricted on some things and maybe you experience this too. 

The truth is that in marriage, all your decisions are not just yours anymore. You have to ask your partner first before making important choices. If you don’t want anyone to have a say in your decisions, it means you’re not ready for marriage yet. And if you’re married now, it’s not surprising that you regret it. 

6. Not Pushing to Meet Her Family Sooner

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Meeting your partner’s family will give you more idea as to why your partner is the way he or she is. Men commonly do not push to meet their partner’s family sooner for fear of seeming too serious. And later on, this causes regret. Going through their family history will help you understand your partner better. 

7. Getting Married Too Young

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Young people tend to be more impulsive and bold. Getting married too young can be a cause of great regret for men. When you get married too young, you will miss out on fun experiences that men at that age enjoy. You might not be financially stable yet to raise your own family. 

Don’t commit to something long-lasting when you’re still young. Your lack of life experiences will make it difficult for you to deal with the challenges that come with a married life. 

8. Everything – Getting Married and Then Divorcing After

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Some men have become pessimistic and regret everything in their marriages. It might be because of frustrations or depression, but everything from getting married to getting divorced may be great regrets in life. 

Many divorced men may regret everything due to their hasty decision-making. The stress of getting married may have affected you so much that you’ve made drastic decisions you’re guaranteed to regret. 

9. Getting Married When Not Yet Financially Stable

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Marriage is not just about romance but also stability, and men always have this instinct to provide. When you build a family when you’re not yet financially stable, you will regret it. The regret is not because of the marriage per se but of the expenses you won’t afford. 

10. Not Getting Married Sooner

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Some guys regret not getting married sooner. And no, it’s not because they’re trying to be romantic or sweet. Some think about the tax savings they can get. Of course, this is only possible if you already have a good job before getting married. 

11. Believing All Promises Will Be Kept

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Men can also be gullible when it comes to love. They can be blind at times. Some guys admit that their biggest regret is in actually believing in their partners and all the promises they made. 

If you’re susceptible to people you love, you always hope they’ll change and keep their promises, which always results in disappointment. Learn to recognize when a person’s lying to you and when you need to say it’s enough. 

12. The Way of Handling Infidelity

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Many men see infidelity as a deal-breaker, while others are more forgiving of it. Some men claim to regret handling the infidelity of their partners. To easily move on with the hurt, you tend to just accept their reasons for cheating and bury the pain. You forget that on top of promising not to do it again, you must also set clear boundaries in your relationship. 

Infidelity is painful, and while you may not regret forgiving your partner, make sure to make the necessary changes in your relationship so that it will never happen again. 

13. Lack of Intimacy in the Marriage

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After marriage, many men claim to notice a lack of intimacy from their partners. Some blame it on the marriage itself and are at peace with it. Others regret not doing something about it early on. Whether it’s due to pregnancy or busy schedules, you can do something about it. And it all starts with having an honest conversation with your wife. 

14. Getting Influenced by Families and Society to Get Married

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Peer and societal pressure can be suffocating, and these can push you into getting married at the wrong time. Some men regret letting these forces affect their choices. 

While many are fine with the marriage, their regrets come from how the marriage came to be. They regret that instead of wanting marriage, they get married out of pressure from the family to finally settle down. 

15. Getting Married So Quickly

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Love is a whirlwind, and the high number of couples running to Las Vegas for a quick chapel wedding is proof. Some men regret getting swayed by this whirlwind and not taking the time to know their partners. If it’s a long-term commitment, you will need time to think about it. 

Having more time to ponder the pros and cons of getting married will lessen the chances of regretting the marriage. This means you will also have the time to consider all aspects and possible changes that will happen. 

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