34 Best Jobs That Hire at 14: Make Money As A Teen Today

Are you finding it hard to look for suitable jobs for 14-year-olds? To help you find a job, we have rounded up the most important information and created this list of the top jobs that hire at 14.

Embarking on a journey of employment at a young age can be advantageous for teenagers and parents alike, fostering financial literacy and strong work values. However, the challenge lies in discovering suitable job opportunities that accommodate the busy lives of teens, balancing school and social commitments with newfound employment experience.

To navigate this challenge, one can explore various ways to search for jobs and uncover potential career opportunities. This may involve browsing online job listings or contacting prospective employers to inquire about available positions. Improving your resume writing or crafting an engaging cover letter can also capture attention and increase the chances of securing job opportunities.

Whether the objective is to gain valuable experience, earn additional income, or pursue a more permanent employment arrangement, numerous options exist for an ambitious job-seeker like yourself. Exploring career options and considering what aligns best with personal goals and circumstances can pave the way to a rewarding and fulfilling employment journey.

So, if you’re looking for a job, here are the best jobs that hire at 14.

Jobs That Hire at 14 – Online Surveys

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online survey platform where users can answer questions about products and services in exchange for cash and gift cards. Surveys typically take 5 to 20 minutes to complete and pay anywhere from $0.50 to $4 per survey. 

If you want to earn more, here are some helpful Survey Junkie hacks

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2. Rakuten 

Do you want to participate in surveys and get cashback while shopping at over 3,500 stores? Another popular online survey platform, Rakuten, allows users to earn rewards by answering questions about their shopping habits and preferences. 

Check out this survey and rewards site to save some shopping money by reading our full Rakuten review here. You must be at least 13 years old (or have your parent or guardian’s permission) to join Rakuten. 

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3. Pinecone Research 

Pinecone Research is a market research firm that pays users $3 for completing a 15-minute survey about new products and services. They can also give you free products for testing that you can later keep. 

Users must be 18 years old to join Pinecone Research, but if you have a parent willing to sign you up, this could be a great opportunity. 

4. Opinion Outpost 

Opinion Outpost is another popular online survey platform where users can earn rewards by answering questions about products and services they use regularly. 

Opinion Outpost pays its members through PayPal or gift cards, making it easy for teens to get paid quickly after completing surveys. 

Here’s our detailed Opinion Outpost review.


Jobs That Hire at 14 – Online Gaming

5. Mistplay

Mistplay provides a mobile gaming platform allowing users to gain rewards for playing their favorite games. 

In addition, users can redeem the points they’ve earned for gift cards or cash, making it an excellent option for young gamers who want to make money on the side. 

Learn more and earn more with our complete Mistplay review.

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6. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks allows you to take surveys, search the web, watch videos, and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash prizes (via PayPal). This is an excellent opportunity if you’re looking for something more passive than traditional online gaming jobs. 

Signing up with Swagbucks is completely free, and you can even get $5 for signing up with this link. Read our full Swagbucks review here.

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7. Gamehag

Gamehag rewards gamers for completing tasks in various video games. Tasks include achievements, daily quests, and weekly tournaments with real-world prizes like game consoles and cash awards up to $100

Teenager Counting Money
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8. Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play is a popular app that allows gamers to earn rewards while playing their favorite video games. 

Rewarded Play is free to join, and users can earn points by completing surveys, playing mini-games, and watching videos. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash prizes. 

Jobs That Hire at 14 – Neighborhood Jobs

9. Pet Sitting

Love animals? Consider taking on some pet sitting jobs online or around your neighborhood! This could mean anything from pet walking to feeding animals or administering medication as needed. 

Take a look at Rover, a popular pet sitting and walking app that may just suit you.


10. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the teenagers’ most classic part-time jobs. If you have a knack for working with children, this job may be perfect! You can find parents in your area who are looking for babysitters or even looking into enrolling with a local babysitting service. 

Check these top babysitting platforms for you!

11. Dog Walker

Like pet sitting, dog walking is another popular option among teens looking for part-time work in their neighborhood. This may involve helping clients take their dogs for walks during the day when they are not home. 

Check out our article about dog walking basics; it includes a list of useful apps and platforms for the task.

12. Lawn Mowing

If you’re looking for an outdoor job that requires minimal experience, try lawn mowing! 

This type of work usually involves using a lawn mower or weed whacker to cut grass or trim hedges in residential areas nearby. 

13. Gas Station Attendant

Are you comfortable working with customers? If so, consider applying at a local gas station as an attendant. 

Duties may include collecting customer payments (or operating cash registers), restocking shelves with items like snacks and drinks, cleaning bathrooms and public areas throughout the store, and more. 

Jobs That Hire at 14 – Services

14. Fiverr 

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer their services at fixed rates starting at $5 per job – hence why it’s called “Fiverr.” If you have the skill they need, you can get hired in this place at 14.


15. Upwork

Upwork also provides freelance opportunities in many fields, including digital marketing, web development, and customer service – all of which can be done remotely from anywhere in the world by any age group.

16. SameSpeak. 

SameSpeak provides English language tutoring services to students all over the world. 

As a tutor, you sign up and create your profile, setting the hourly rate you will charge and when you are available. 

17. Voices.com

If you are interested in voice acting or singing, Voices.com is an excellent resource for finding paying gigs in both areas. The site offers a wide range of opportunities, from recording audiobooks to creating commercials for radio or TV spots. 

18. Skratch Gig App

Skratch Gig App offers teens ages 13-17 access to odd jobs such as pet sitting, babysitting, yard work, house cleaning, event setting up/tearing down, and much more.

19. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

MTurk is Amazon’s massive crowdsourcing platform where people worldwide can sign up as workers and complete tasks in exchange for small payments (generally under $5). 

Tasks range from data entry projects to advanced research studies. 

Jobs That Hire at 14 – Retail

20. AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters is an excellent place for teens to work in retail. 

As one of the world’s largest movie theater chains, AMC offers many opportunities for teens interested in working in a theater setting. 

21. Giant Food

Aspiring entrepreneurs as young as 14 can apply for positions at Giant Food, allowing them to gain invaluable job experience, build their skill set, and make connections in the industry.

22. Publix 

Publix is another popular grocery store chain in the US. They offer several entry-level positions, including baggers, cashiers, stockers, and more. 

23. Kroger

Kroger is another large grocery store chain in the US. They offer entry-level positions such as baggers and cashiers, which can be excellent places for teens starting their careers.

Young Woman Holding A Box Of Lemons At A Grocery
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Jobs That Hire at 14 – Restaurants

24. McDonald’s 

McDonald’s is always hiring new employees, so it’s no surprise that they accept applications from people who are only 14 years old. 

25. Baskin Robbins 

Ice cream lovers rejoice! Baskin Robbins is among those few restaurants hiring individuals as young as 14. 

Most jobs available to 14-year-olds involve working behind the counter, taking orders, and scooping ice cream. 

26. Chick-fil-A 

Chick-fil-A is another restaurant chain that hires 14-year-olds to work in their stores. 

Most often, these positions require employees to work inside the restaurant in various roles, such as taking orders at the register or working on the food assembly line. 

27. Culver’s 

Culver’s is another restaurant chain that hires 14-year-olds. 

Eligible applicants must be willing to take customer orders, prepare food items (including burgers, fries, etc.), clean up after customers, and maintain a safe environment for in-store operations.

28. Rita’s Italian Ice

Working at Rita’s Italian Ice can be great for a 14-year-old. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn responsibility and teamwork, but you’ll also get to interact with customers. 

Jobs That Hire at 14 – Odd Jobs

29. Distributing Flyers

Many businesses hire teens to distribute flyers or coupons around their local area. This job is usually done on foot, but some companies may even pay for your transportation if it’s necessary. 

30. Car Wash

If your parents own a car wash or know someone who does, this could be a great option! Car washes usually need people to help wash cars and do other duties like paying customers, filling machines with soap or detergent, etc. 

31. Cleaning 

Another great option is cleaning houses or apartments. Many people need someone to come and clean their place now and then, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? You’ll get paid well and learn valuable skills that could help you when applying for other jobs.  

32. Lifeguard

Becoming a lifeguard is another great way to make money at 14. You need certification from your local swimming pool or beach association (usually available online), and then you’re ready to start saving lives.

33. Starting a Product Business

Starting your own product business can be an exciting gig at any age, but it can be especially rewarding for a 14-year-old. A small startup product business allows them to explore their creative side, take ownership of a project, learn a few quick lessons about investing, and make some extra cash. 

34. Delivery 

In many local areas or communities, some programs offer delivery job opportunities to teenagers as young as 14. These initiatives assign young workers delivery routes within their neighborhoods, providing them with bicycles or electric scooters to navigate their designated areas. 

By participating in these programs, young individuals can earn income while developing essential skills such as time management, navigating local streets, and ensuring prompt and accurate deliveries.

Young Adult With Glasses Sitting On A Gaming Chair Holding A Game Controller
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Laws About Working at 14 

Working at 14 is possible for some jobs, but there are labor laws to consider when you do so. 

What Labor Laws Apply To Me At 14?

If you are 14 and looking for work, the United States Department of Labor has Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) laws to protect young workers from unfair labor practices. The minimum age for employment is 14. 

However, special exceptions include babysitting, delivering newspapers, and working at your parent’s business (as long as it isn’t hazardous or a manufacturing job). These jobs don’t require any particular age, so even if you’re under 14, you can apply and work freely. 

How Many Hours Can I Work at 14?

As outlined by the FLSA, workers aged 14 and 15 are limited to no more than 3 hours per day on school days, 8 hours on non-school days, with a total of 18 hours in any given school week and 40 hours maximum for when school is not in session. 

Also, these young workers must clock out by 7 p.m., except from June 1 through Labor Day, when they can work until 9 p.m. 

What Is My Expected Hourly Income At 14?

The FLSA also mandates that these minors can be paid a minimum wage of just $4.25 per hour for the first 90 days of work. After that, they must be paid at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Although many states require more than this amount, you should check your state laws, too. 

But be aware that 2 states, Georgia and Wyoming, don’t have a higher minimum wage, so workers there should be paid at least $7.25/hour as stipulated in the FLSA.

How to Find Jobs That Hire at 14?

Starting a job at 14 can be an exciting experience, but you’ll need to know how and where to look! 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to find suitable job opportunities:

  • First, make sure you have a knack for finding jobs online. Ensure your resume and cover letter is ready to dispatch to a potential employer. 
  • If you don’t have a resume, take your time crafting one, include all the elements that will make it stand out from your competitors, and finally, upload your resume on your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Play with keyword search results to narrow down the best available job listings. Here’s the hack; try different job search resources like:
    • Job title
    • Job openings
    • Job search hiring
    • Jobs available
    • Jobs online
    • Career fair
    • Searching for a job
    • Looking for a new job
    • Jobs in your area
    • Jobs find 
  • Start working on your communication skills to hone the interview questions and eventually get that hot seat of your job.
  • Consider checking out employment websites, online job boards, job search engines, and freelance platforms such as Upwork, FlexJobs, Fiverr, etc. And make sure you have alerts turned on to take advantage of your dream job opportunity.
  • Networking and seeking referrals can also be beneficial when trying to secure a job. Contact friends, family, or acquaintances with connections in your desired industry. Referrals from trusted individuals can give you an advantage and increase your chances of being noticed by hiring managers. 
  • The most important thing is to be patient and persistent in your efforts–you might be surprised by what hidden gems you discover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Jobs That Hire at 14 

What Is the Best Job for a 14-Year-Old?

The best job for a 14-year-old depends on the individual’s interests and skill set. Some common options include babysitting, lawn mowing, pet sitting, delivering newspapers, or tutoring. Consider your interests and abilities when choosing a job to ensure it aligns with your goals and provides a positive experience.

What Jobs Can You Get at the Age of 14?

At 14, you can take on babysitting, pet sitting, lawn mowing, working in theater production, delivering newspapers, tutoring or teaching other students, and more.

What Age Does Publix Hire?

Publix generally hires workers aged 16 and older. However, they sometimes hire 14- and 15-year-olds for certain positions like baggers and courtesy clerks. 

Be sure to check with your local Publix store for more information.

Conclusion – Jobs That Hire at 14

Job hunting at 14 may seem challenging, but knowing the relevant information about labor laws, employment requirements, and work limitations will ease your transition into the workforce. Aside from earning your own money, the job experience will serve you well in your future profession, on top of developing a sense of responsibility and financial independence.

As for the actual job opportunities, so many jobs are available for you at 14. You just have to know where to look and how to distinguish suitable gigs from dubious ones. Identify your strengths and limitations as a worker, look for job vacancies, weigh your options, and get hired!

Remember, finding a job is a step towards building your career. Consider your long-term goals and the potential career path you wish to pursue. While your first job may not be your dream job, it can provide valuable experience and growth opportunities.

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