Can You Handle the Pressure? 10 Jobs Where One Mistake Can End It All

Jobs come with tasks and responsibilities, and there are roles that demand more attention and focus than others. If you take on this position, will you survive the daily pressure of the tasks?

Here are some high-stake professions that demand perfection and precision in their error-free work performances. 

1. Safety Harness Personnel

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The most upvoted comment is about the person who checks the safety harness for activities like bungee jumping and mountain climbing. One of the users shared a story of a friend going on rock climbing and the personnel messing up and not securing her harness. He said, “I watched her fall from the very top. Two weeks in the hospital. Two months in rehab. It was awful.” 

Another reacted to this by confirming, “Dude, that’s BAD. I’m an avid climber, and our safety checks are gospel. Very surprising to hear [about that terrible] mess up, especially for what sounds like someone who went in for their first fun day of climbing.”

2. Radio Tower Repair Man

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Another risky job is the role that radio tower repairmen play. One wrong step can make you tumble down to your death. The harness can also get knotted and twisted, which can cause you more damage than good. 

A commenter shared, “My brother fell off one of the towers while working on it, his harness luckily caught him, and they got him down, and he was immediately fired.” The good thing is that he survived and can always look for a new job

3. Air Traffic Control

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When you’re responsible for a lot of lives, it can definitely put a huge pressure on you. This is the case with air traffic controllers. One of the users shared that “the profession was ranked as the most stressful job in the world a few years back based on the number of decisions per minute.”

Another person mentioned, “My uncle was an air traffic controller until the mandatory retirement, got his start in the Air Force as a controller in Da Nang during Vietnam War. He has this unnatural calm about him and is the kind of guy you would want with you when things hit the fan.”

4. Astronaut

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When you work somewhere as an astronaut, you can easily get lost, drift away, and die. It can definitely put a lot of pressure on you and your survival instinct. Running out of oxygen is a horrifying thought.

Someone in the thread also said, “Oh lord, imagine drifting away from earth like there is no return. Scary stuff. I always wanted to drift forever but through the American Southwest.”

5. Anesthesiologist

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While the medical field seems littered with professions that scream life and death, the anesthesiologist takes the cake. 

Many people in the thread believe that when an anesthesiologist makes a mistake, it can be final. One particular person said, “People really underestimate the responsibilities of an anesthesiologist. One mistake could literally [mean the end]. Or wake you up at a really bad time.”

6. Engineer

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Any profession that relies heavily on math is crucial. One wrong computation made by engineers when constructing something can be catastrophic. 

An individual shared, “My ex made a small miscalculation on an industrial part he was engineering for like a big crane and cost his company hundreds of thousands of dollars and they had to shut down. The part was for a high-precision valve where even a fraction of a millimeter is the difference between something perfect and absolutely useless.” Imagine so many people losing their livelihood because of one mathematical error. 

7. Blood Bank Workers

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You may think that blood banks are just storage for needed blood, but one clerical error can actually cause a horrible death. 

One commented, “There seems to be plenty of error-checking in place to catch mess-ups, though… both checking to make sure that the blood is labeled correctly and that it is safe to use.”

8. Pediatric Pharmacist

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Any health-related profession that involves children requires a meticulous mind, but a pediatric pharmacist is particularly nerve-wracking because of how easily kids are affected by medicines. 

One user believes it’s not about pressure and said, “Do a good job, and the family remembers the final week with the baby at home. Do a bad job and, voila, you just cut quality of life in half.”

9. Lineman

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Another obvious addition to this list is the lineman. Even if you mess up one time, you’re dead.

Someone in the thread shared a story when he saw a lineman get knocked down 15 feet back when working while a thunderstorm was rolling. He added, “he just got up, dusted himself off, and said that was weird.”

10. Brain Surgeon

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Finally, the brain surgeon is the last on the list. The brain is the most fascinating part of a human’s body, and even experts have yet to determine how to maximize its usage. Some users disagree that while it may be difficult, it is not a high-pressured job. 

One commenter said, “Brain surgeon here. Errors are made with relative frequency, but knowing how to properly address them is very important and can be the difference between a good and poor outcome.”

Did this article make you think of more jobs where you can’t make mistakes?

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