10 Life-Altering Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner: Expert Advice That Works

Do you want to learn about easy things that can make your life better? Lots of people on the internet have shared the best advice that really improved their lives. They answered the question, “What simple tip or advice helped make your life so much better that you wish you did it earlier?”

Join me as we explore the top-voted responses and discover the simple yet powerful actions that have transformed people’s lives for the better.

1. Don’t Argue with Strangers on the Internet

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The top-voted comment was from Suven. He wrote that he stopped arguing with random strangers on the internet. Many people agreed, and they all said versions of what another commenter named Clay has expressed, “sometimes I’ll type out a comment for the catharsis and then just delete it and go on my way.” Pick your battles. 

2. Do One Chore A Day

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Rae shared that doing at least one chore a day is the trick for them. “Even if you don’t enjoy a task, completing it can have a surprisingly positive impact on your mental health. This is especially true for those struggling with depression and feelings of worthlessness. Overcoming the urge to give up and finishing a task can help combat these negative thoughts.”

Pescaro agreed with this and expressed that a “triple thirty” worked wonders for him. Every day he would spend thirty minutes on cleaning or chores, thirty minutes on exercise, and thirty minutes on self-improvement, which could be anything like practicing guitar. It helped him with his depression and anxiety. He also mentioned he did it immediately when coming home. 

3. View Things as A Potential Experience

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Zaz stated he started viewing things as potential opportunities for achievement. Before that, if he took a class, he was focused on the grade. He didn’t like the class if he couldn’t get a good grade. He wouldn’t start a book if he thought it might be too hard or too long.

Then he realized the purpose of classes, books, etc., was to learn, and those hard ones were likely the ones he learned the most from, even if he didn’t get the best grade. He saw a saying once: “It’s only a failure if you stop trying. Otherwise, it’s an experiment.” He loved it.

4. Move from Your Home State

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Jason responded that he moved away from the state he grew up in. He didn’t know how unhappy he was. “I had gotten used to being miserable, and now that I’m in a better area, I’m a completely different person.”

Another person confirmed this. He mentioned that so much background stress disappeared since he finally accepted that he was not meant to be where he was. He misses his family, but they stay in contact, and he has built a lovely family here. “Sometimes just getting out of a place that isn’t for you is the best course of action.”

5. Set Boundaries and Say No

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“Learning to set boundaries and say no,” one wrote.

Bec elaborated that it felt so wrong at first. People get so angry when you quit being a doormat. But she loves it now. Setting realistic boundaries and keeping with them is not rude or disrespectful. 

6. Daily Exercise

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Someone articulated the importance of daily exercise and how it doubled their energy.

Derian added, “And that’s just the benefit you get now. You have no idea the dividends you’ll collect on that as you age. The key to aging gracefully is in staying active.”

7. Stop Smoking

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“Quitting smoking,” somebody commented as one of the life-altering tips they wished they had known sooner.

I have to say I love the energy because people share how long they stopped smoking, like, “You’re amazing! I smoked 43 years and have been smoke-free for 71 days. Congrats to you!” and “Heck yeah! I quit after 10 years but 43?? Holy cow, that’s great you decided to quit!! Congrats, and enjoy all that delicious clean(er) air!”

8. Move Closer to Work

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Someone recognized that not everyone could afford this, but moving closer to work is their tip. Their commute went from “45 miserable minutes in traffic glaring in hatred at the tail lights in front of me to a pleasant 15-minute bike ride. I got an hour of free time every day and better health.”

A second added that they felt like accomplishing many things simultaneously since they exercised more, saved money, and stopped using a car. 

9. Stop Drinking

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Since quitting smoking was in the top ten, quitting drinking is here too. “Quitting drinking is the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental and physical health, and it’s done nothing but improve my relationships. The last year and a half have been the best I’ve ever had,” someone stated. 

The energy in the thread here was also amazing and motivating, like somebody sharing, “I’m on day 19.” Another responded with, “Congratulations, fellow newbie! Day 4 for me. We’ve got to start somewhere. Keep up the hard work!” 

10. Eat One Piece of Fruit A Day

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Rin advised that you should eat some fruit. The saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, ” but nobody told them how good it feels. They went their whole life without fruit, and now they make a point to eat one fruit daily. They feel healthier, and their mood is usually better. Their words, not mine. 

A person mentioned that the optimum they’ve heard from a department head of endocrinology (hormones and diabetes) is to eat five different colored fruits per day. If you can do that, you’re getting good nutrition and staying healthy.

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