Free Pallets Near Me: 15 Best Places To Get Pallets

Do you need wood pallets? You can repurpose these pallets in so many ways. If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) hobbyist or a woodworker, you may have asked yourself several times: where can I find free pallets near me?

If you love to reuse or upcycle things to help the environment, or if you are into repurposing materials that were already left out of the house, you probably have heard of pallets. 

A pallet is a flat, rigid platform used to pile, secure and transport items in a fast and easy way. Most of the time, it becomes useless after its initial use, so people throw it or give it away to those who need it for their pallet projects and crafts.

You can usually obtain reusable pallets for free, but their usefulness has driven the demand. As DIY projects, these pallets have been transformed into garden furniture, shelving units, coffee tables, wine racks, benches, and other creative items. Some enterprising individuals have even started collecting and selling wooden pallets at a profit.

In most places, numerous businesses and individuals still dispose of unwanted wooden pallets in the dumpster, despite its demand.

15 Best Places To Get Free Pallets Near Me

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your backyard with a rustic pallet garden or build pallet furniture for your living room, there’s no need to shell out for expensive lumber when you can simply repurpose discarded pallets. But where exactly can you find them? 

Here are 15 places to get free pallets near me: 

1. Bars and Craft Beer Locations

Did you know you can get free used wood pallets from local bars and craft beer locations? Many of these establishments receive beer kegs on pallets and are often willing to give them away for free. It never hurts to call ahead and ask. 

Once you have your pallets, you can use them for various DIY projects. 

For example, you could use them to build a garden bed or a compost bin. You could also use them to make a raised planter for your deck or patio. The possibilities are endless! 

2. Pet Food Stores

Check out your local pet food stores. Many pet stores use wood pallets to store and transport pet food, and they’re usually happy to give them away for free. Call them ahead to let them know you’re coming, and bring a truck or trailer to haul them away. 

Just be sure to inspect the pallets before you take them, as some may be damaged or infested with insects.

3. Construction Sites

The next time you look for free pallets, forget the big box stores and head to your local construction site. Construction sites are a great source of free pallets, as they’re often used to hold materials during the building process. When the job is finished, the pallets are usually just thrown away.

To get started, drive by a construction site and see if any pallets are lying around. If so, politely ask the workers if you can take them off their hands. In most cases, they’ll be happy to oblige. Once you have your pallets, Clean them up and put them to use in your home or for your gardening.

4. Schools

It’s no secret that schools are always in need of funding. It seems like something always needs to be paid for, whether it’s new textbooks, repairing the roof, or hiring more staff. Even though schools have tight budgets, there are still ways to get free pallets. 

One way is to ask the school if they have any pallets they would be willing to donate or sell. Schools typically receive supplies on pallets and often have extras they would be happy to get rid of. 

5. Stationery Shops

If you’re tired of searching for free pallets near me, there’s a higher possibility that you haven’t yet explored your nearest stationery shops. Many stationary shops receive shipments of paper and other materials on pallets, and they’re often happy to give them away rather than pay to have them hauled off. 

Just call ahead and ask if they have any pallets available. You may need to pick them up yourself, but the savings are worth it!

6. Newspaper Companies

Newspaper companies receive large deliveries of paper daily and often have to palletize the paper to keep it organized and efficient. Once the paper is delivered, the pallets are usually discarded. 

However, if you ask them, many companies will happily give you the pallets for free (or for a meager cost). 

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7. Distribution Center

A distribution center is simply a warehouse where products and materials are stored until they are needed. However, businesses often use these warehouses to store inventory that is not currently required. 

As a result, businesses will often sell off their surplus inventory at a fraction of the cost, which makes distribution centers an ideal place to find low-priced pallets. Additionally, many distribution centers offer delivery services, which can further reduce the cost of acquiring pallets. 

8. Local Pallets Manufacturer

If you’re looking for low-cost pallets, your best bet is to find a local pallet recycling center. These businesses collect and recycle scrap wood pallets, selling them at a fraction of the cost of new pallets. 

You can often find recycled pallets for as little as $5 each, making them an affordable option for businesses and homeowners. In addition to saving money, buying recycled wood pallets is also good for the environment. 

9. Outside Businesses

You can get low-cost pallets from outside businesses, which is an incredible way to save money. Many businesses have pallets they no longer need and are often willing to give them away for free or at a low cost. 

You can usually find these pallets near the dumpsters or the back of the parking lot. Just be sure to ask permission before taking them. 

10. Craigslist

Who knew Craigslist would be such a treasure trove for pallets? With a bit of searching, you can find leftover pallets of all shapes and sizes, perfect for whatever project you have. And best of all, they’re usually free! 

Just be sure to check the condition of the pallets before you take them, as some may be in better shape than others. 

11. Facebook

It’s easy to find free pallets on Facebook Marketplace. Type in “pallets” and your location, and you’ll probably find a few listings. Once you’ve found a promising listing, message the seller to ask if they have any pallets they’re willing to give away.

If they do, arrange a time to pick them up. You may need to disassemble the pallets yourself, but it’s well worth the effort since you’ll get them for free! Always wear gloves and long sleeves to protect yourself from splinters. 

12. Kamps Pallet 

Kamps Pallet is one of the leading providers of wooden pallets and other material handling and transporting solutions. Their pallets are made from high-quality lumber and are built to last. 

You can find just about any type of pallet you need at Kamps Pallet, whether you’re looking for new or used pallets, standard or custom pallet sizes, or even heat-treated wood pallets for export.

13. PalletOne

PalletOne often has free or low-cost pallets available. You can find their contact information on their website. Once you’re in touch with them, ask about their current availability and pricing. 

PalletOne is an excellent resource for individuals and businesses looking for quality pallets at a reasonable price.

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14. RecycleNet

RecycleNet is a national network of recycling facilities that accept reclaimed pallets. To find a facility near you, enter your zip code on the RecycleNet website. Once you find a facility, you can contact them to arrange pick-up or drop-off. 

Many facilities also have programs allowing you to trade old pallets for new ones. So if you’re looking for a way to save money and reduce waste, consider checking out RecycleNet the next time you need refurbished pallets.

15. National Wooden Pallet Container and Association

The National Wooden Pallet Container Association (NWPCA) is one place to start your search. This organization represents over 800 companies that manufacture and distribute wooden pallets. NWPCA is also engaged in woodworking projects, so they’re an excellent resource for finding affordable pallets in your area. 

Useful Tips When Getting Free Pallets

Acquiring free pallets can be likened to a treasure hunt of sorts. It requires a little insider knowledge, timing, patience, and, most importantly, safety precautions. 

  • First and foremost, it’s important to know when and where to look for free pallets. Check in with local businesses that receive shipments regularly – they’re likely to have pallets they’re willing to give away. Make sure to call ahead and ask about their schedule; you don’t want to show up during their closed hours! 
  • Once you’ve found a potential source, it’s time to start thinking about safety. Always inspect the wood for nails or a splinter before moving or dismantling the pallet. Keep an eye out for any pallet that looks like it might fall apart – you don’t want a wood pallet hitting you on the head. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves to avoid getting splinters. 
  • Be aware of scams. Some companies will advertise free pallets only to charge you an exorbitant delivery fee. To avoid this, always pick them up yourself or find a company that delivers for free. 
  • Once you’ve acquired your pallets, the possibilities are endless! Get creative and put them to good use – build furniture, create art, or use them as firewood. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Free Pallets Near Me

Where Can I Get Free Pallets Near Me?

The best place to start your search is with local businesses that receive shipments regularly. They’re likely to have pallets they’re willing to give away. You can also check with your local recycling facility or the National Wooden Pallet Container Association. 

These are some of the places where you’re sure to find free pallets near me.

Can You Get Free Pallets From Walmart?

Yes, you can get free reconditioned pallets from Walmart. However, you’ll need to call ahead and ask about their schedule. You don’t want to show up when they’re closed or busy!

Will Home Depot Give Away Pallets?

Home Depot does not typically give away pallets. However, you can check with your local Home Depot to see if they have any repurposed pallets available for purchase.

What Can You Use Instead of Pallets?

Many pallet alternatives include hardwood, softwood, plywood, firewood, fumigated new wood, euro pallet, free wood, skids, wooden crates, and pallet boxes. You can also use recycled materials such as cardboard or plastic pallets.

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Conclusion – Free Pallets Near Me

There are many pallet ideas you can think of, so it’s not surprising that many people doing creative and DIY projects want to snag a few of these versatile materials!

This article’s leads and other tips about wooden pallets can also be applied when searching for free lumber. Try one of these options in your search for free pallets.

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