These 10 Foods Are Even More Loved Than Pizza—You Have to Try Them All

Whether you’re into a New York slice or the controversial Chicago deep-dish pizza, pizza is a favorite worldwide. But here are the 10 top-voted dishes that many believed are more universally loved than a pizza. 

1. Potato

The best-voted response is potato, which many agreed to be incredibly versatile and should not be limited to fries. One individual raved about it and said, “yeah, man.., you can boil ’em, mash ’em, even stick ’em in a stew!” 

Someone seconded this, “eat them now or let them ferment so I can drink them later.” You can treat potatoes in many ways and still end up happy with them. 

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2. Bread

Bread comes second to potatoes, and several Reddit users suggested pairing it with other food options, including tomato sauce, cheese, and even pineapple! One commenter believes the OG bread will still be the superior choice, sharing that “good warm fresh crispy bread needs nothing other than some high-quality whipped butter.” 

Some individuals are against it, though, saying that bread is just an unfinished pizza that needs upgrades through toppings, which makes sense. One user noted, “this is a Western answer IMO rice consumption is much greater than wheat consumption in many eastern or African cultures,” which leads us to the next food on the list. 

3. Rice

Rice is the next well-loved food on the list one person mentioned something from National Geographic that it is a staple food for around 3.5 billion people worldwide. Another remarked that the reason for that is because it is a cheap food that provides calories for the human body, which is quite true.

Meanwhile, someone suggested that food that is “loved” and “necessary to survive” differ. One of the commenters also quoted Mitch Hedberg, saying, “rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.” 

4. Ice Cream

Ice cream is another food option many believe should be on the list. Someone claimed that even though around 70% of the world is lactose intolerant, many would still brave the effects of cheese on their bodies.

Someone even confirmed that he doesn’t mind still eating ice cream and shared that “lactose intolerance is probably the most ignored health condition.”

5. Pasta

The next food on the list is a nod to all Italians. Pasta is comfort food for many people, and someone shared that he always craves pasta and elaborated that “just plain, well-salted pasta. Elbows, bowties, and ziti are the choicest shape options. Don’t ask—they just hit differently.”

Another commenter disagreed, though, and believes that while some may be true in the U.S., the rest of the world will probably say no. 

6. Tacos

Tacos are another option suggested to be more well-loved than pizza, but this was disagreed on by a user sharing that as an African, he only ever had it once in his 22 years of life while he enjoys a slice of pizza once a week. He even claimed that there are no Mexican restaurants in his country, making tacos rare.

Many quickly empathized with him, and one particularly said, “we need to get this person a taco stat.” Another person even shared that he’s moving to Africa and starting his own taco chain!

7. Chocolate

The next item on the list is chocolate. A commenter expressed that a good quality, 100% cacao may even be better than a great cup of coffee you brewed since it has “deeper, more generous, and more subtle flavors.” Someone agreed and remarked how insane it is that many people he met hated chocolate. 

Other users disagreed, where one described chocolates as too sweet, and another recommended that pairing them with other ingredients would only be the way to make it work. 

8. Burger

Burgers are the next food in line, available worldwide. Not to mention there are countless types of burgers!

Many people who don’t like pizza are fond of burgers instead. One user even claims to eat one at least once a week. 

9. Cheese

Cheese is another well-loved food that one of the commenters shared, “I can’t eat cheese, but you don’t see that stopping me.”

It might be a big no for lactose intolerant people, but many are blatantly disregarding possible digestive issues just to eat cheese, perhaps because it’s good.

10. A Second Pizza

And last but not least, a second pizza. Many users jokingly considered this an actual option and called it The Joey Special (based on an inside joke from the TV show FRIENDS). 

Source: Reddit

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