Gen X’ers Reveal Unglamorous Grown-Up Stuff They Secretly Adore. And That Younger Folks Would Not Enjoy

People from Generation X happily talk about the simple things they enjoy as grown-ups, things they really like but younger people might not find as interesting.

It’s a unique perspective that provides insight into the changing dynamics of adulthood across generations. Here are 12 less celebrated yet deeply valued aspects of growing up that may leave younger folks scratching their heads.

1. Rediscovering the Joy of Costco Shopping

Young Woman Holding A Box Of Lemons At A Grocery
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As a teenager, when Thomas’s parents told him they were heading to Costco, he found it incredibly dull. However, as an adult, he now can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

Chi also shares this habit, and what’s even more absurd is that she goes super early. It’s as if she’s thrilled to be among the first customers in the store.

2. Having The Car Washed

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This person is genuinely excited about heading out front and washing their car before the sun goes down. They take much pleasure in that. 

Another person agrees and considers it sweet, having washed and waxed their car in the morning, leaving them to relax the rest of the day.

3. Exploring Local Grocery Stores

Two Woman Shopping Hate Look
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Stelle mentioned planning an excursion with a friend to explore a new grocery store opened in her neighborhood. She’s heard it’s quite impressive.

On the other hand, Miranda takes her curiosity a step further when traveling abroad. She delights in visiting local grocery stores and markets to discover unique items different from those found at home. She finds this experience genuinely fascinating.

4. Embracing Domestic Bliss

Man Unloading Washing Machine Doing the Laundry MSN
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This woman shared she stayed home last night and did her laundry. If you had told her 20 years ago that she would have been happy about staying home and doing laundry on a Saturday night, she would have looked at you like you had two heads. 

Now, she finds comfort in these moments of solitude, appreciating the simple joys of domesticity that come with age and experience.

5. The Unexpected Joy of Socks

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This individual expresses that one hasn’t truly felt the satisfaction and excitement of receiving a fine pair of socks for Christmas or a birthday. It’s the same feeling as the joy of acquiring a high-quality pillow or luxuriously soft bed sheets.

Another individual shares their experience, stating that they requested and received fuzzy socks for Christmas last year, which brought them much happiness. They anticipate a similar feeling when the weather turns cold, particularly because they have hardwood floors.

6.  A Return to Homemade Meals

Reuben Sandwich Baguette Bread with Cheese Meat Food MSN
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The unexpecting aspect of adulthood is preparing a batch of soup for lunch and actually enjoying it. It’s a milestone in adulthood when you take pride in your cooking and aspire to create dishes from scratch.

The best part is when it tastes good, and you can make more in the future. 

7. Finding the Perfect Garbage Bags

Woman Selling Items Online Using Tablet
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This one person shares their excitement, saying they found their preferred garbage bags at the store today. They bought all three packages available because they felt frustrated that the bags were out of stock during their previous visits, forcing them to use a different brand.

Miranda empathizes with her sentiment that she dislikes switching to different garbage bags. She adds she never expected to say those words, but preferences can change over time.

8. The Quest for Fresh Burritos at the Gas Station

Shell Gas Station At Night
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Harvey shares that they serve fresh burritos on Friday at the gas station near his workplace. They are a limited quantity, and it’s a personal victory if Harvey arrives early enough to secure one. 

The anticipation of those delicious burritos makes Fridays at the office a little brighter for him.

9. Savoring Life’s Daily Delights

Customer Paying For Coffee With Credit Card MSN
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Meet Ner, a guy with an urgent appetite for discovering new culinary experiences. For him, indulging in a delicious cup of coffee is a treat, and when it becomes a daily ritual, it transforms into something truly wonderful. 

His passion for savoring life’s simple pleasures, one cup at a time, is truly inspiring.

10. Embracing Productivity for Weekend Rest

Young woman watching TV MSN
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Devoting the weekdays to tackling errands and chores ensuring that the weekend remains free for pure relaxation and leisure, is a lifestyle this man wholeheartedly embraces. The sense of accomplishment that comes from completing tasks during the week paves the way for enjoyment over the weekend. 

It’s a great sense of fulfillment, knowing that all responsibilities have been addressed and the impending days off can be dedicated to doing nothing. This experience never fails to bring immense satisfaction.

11. Rediscovering Cleaning Pet Hairs

Woman Girl Petting Dog Hugging on the Couch MSN
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Trixy expresses her joy over purchasing a Dyson vacuum cleaner renowned for its exceptional pet hair cleaning capabilities. 

Unfortunately, she had to part with it due to her divorce. Still, saving for a replacement brings her a sense of anticipation and the promise of regaining the convenience and cleanliness she once enjoyed. She never thought she would be so excited for a vacuum cleaner. 

12. Home Comfort Upgraded

Woman Lying on Bed in Bathrobe with Towel on head Smiling Happy MSN
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There was this person who upgraded their shower. It was one of the most satisfying experiences they’ve had in the past year. 

It’s transformed their daily routine into a luxurious and refreshing escape, similar to the showers in high-end hotels. This upgrade’s sheer pleasure lies in its daily indulgence, turning a mundane task into a delightful experience.

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