These 11 Surprising Comforting Facts Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Are you feeling anxious or stressed lately? Well, worry no more because I have stumbled upon a post asking for the most comforting facts.

As expected, there were a lot of responses. Want to know what people find the most comforting? Let me share with you the top-voted answers. Get ready to feel a little bit better about the world!

1. The Safety of Airplanes

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The top-voted response was, “If you make it to the airport without dying, you’ve already passed the deadliest part of plane travel.” Juliana admitted that this was strangely comforting for her to read. She will be saving this line mentally for her next plane trip.

2. Your Pet Will Forgive You

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One person said your pets would forgive you if you accidentally stepped on them. Another said they would almost immediately forgive you if you gave them treats. Bribery works well on most animals.

James said he could confirm our pets would forgive us. His dog has even moved past the forgiveness stage and actively seeks to be stepped on by standing behind everyone.

3. Petting Animals Is Good for You

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To stay on the topic, because animals are awesome… this person said petting animals lowers cortisol levels. If you don’t do it for yourself, you will now. Your pet will be happy to be of service to you. 

Many people repeated this jokingly, and I picked some fun answers and replies. “My bird is happy now,” a person said, “Cat purring boosts metabolism,” followed by a question, “Boosts mine, or theirs?” followed by another answering, “unclear.”

4. Illegal to Own One Guinea Pig

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Someone explained that owning just one guinea pig is illegal in Switzerland. You have to have at least two if you want to have any. Guinea pigs get lonely otherwise.

Vakia acknowledged this by mentioning she could confirm this. Recently one of two guinea pigs died of natural causes. The other one followed her within two days.

5. How Dogs Know When You Come Home

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One individual wrote that a dog estimates the time of your return home by how much of your smell is left in the house from your morning routine.

Another elaborated by saying that dogs learn that when your scent is at a certain weakness, that’s when you come home. That’s why many dogs prepare for their owners to come home. It’s proven that leaving out clothes that smell like you will confuse the dog, and they don’t know when you are arriving home anymore.

6. Bees Dance Because of Good Flowers

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Someone replied to the question about comforting facts to know that bees inform their friends about good flowers nearby by dancing.

Another gave an example of how they think it would go, “Hello, fellow bees! How’s the abdomen? Swollen with nectar, I trust?” 

7. Population of Tigers Is Growing

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Suven shared that India’s tiger population grew from 1,411 in 2006 to 2,967 tigers as per the 2018 census. Based on the best available information, tiger populations are stable or increasing in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia, and China. And added that much more work is still needed to protect this species if we are to secure its future in the wild.

Tod jokes that it’s most likely a higher number once you consider that this only counts the tigers that decided to respond to the census.

8. Ozone Layer Is Recovering Itself

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According to one, the most comforting fact they know is that the ozone layer is slowly repairing itself. Another agreed and expressed that this was the most comforting out of all.

Amy made it even more comforting by clarifying that it’s not just magically repairing itself. It’s repairing itself because humanity came together and worked to fix the problem.

9. Tarantulas Keep Tiny Frogs as Pets

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Somebody mentioned that tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets sometimes. I have to say that I don’t know if that is so comforting.

Another explained why they keep tiny frogs as pets, and it’s because the frogs eat ants and other insects that the tarantula can’t kill, which would otherwise eat the spider’s eggs. In turn, the frog gets a place to live and “the best bodyguard you can ask for.”

10. A Group of Bikers Looking Tough

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Kirby wrote that a group of bikers called Bikers Against Child Abuse supports child abuse victims in court by looking tough and giving the kids confidence to testify against their abusers. They are an international group.

Another individual shared that the group in her city does rape cases too. You call them or reach out on their Facebook page. They’ll always send someone or look around for someone to accompany you. “They couldn’t send a biker for me, but a couple of grandmas came instead. They didn’t look super tough, but they were wearing biker gear. Those grandmas got me through that trial, and I was 18 at that time! Being a little kid, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.” 

11. 1 Percent of the World’s Population

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Someone announced that if 99 percent of the world population finds you unattractive, there are still 78 million people in the world that find you attractive. That’s a lot of people.

Another clarified it even more by saying that 78 million would be more than twice the population of California. And to sound even more impressive, more than double the population of Canada. You handsome devil, you.

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