Am I Stupid? Discover 14 Clues That Could Make You Wonder

We wish everyone could be clever and understand things well. However, in real life, we meet people who may not seem very smart.

Are you thinking of someone in particular while reading this? What red flags do you look for, and why do you find them interesting? Let’s explore 14 clear signs that might indicate someone isn’t very smart.

1. Being a Firm Believer in Astrology

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The best answer on the topic is when someone firmly believes in astrology, it’s a sign that they are stupid because everything is overlapping.

Another person disagrees and explains that people need to believe in something to make the world more understandable for themselves. People seek connections that make sense, so everyone has their own beliefs.

2. Never Having Read a Book

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When people proudly say they have never read a book, it can be a bit unbelievable. Another person adds that they don’t mind if someone is not well-informed, but anti-intellectuals are a different story.

A third expresses shock at people who claim they never have time to read books while spending hours playing Candy Crush.

3. When People Think They Are the Smartest

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This individual says that they often notice the stupidest people are the ones who believe they’re smarter than everybody else and make sure everyone knows it.

Other people share about the Dunning-Kruger Effect. It’s not about intelligence but the gap between someone’s actual competence at a task and their self-perceived competence. Even highly intelligent individuals can suffer from Dunning-Kruger in areas where they lack competence.

Highly competent people tend to underestimate their abilities because they constantly critique themselves, while the incompetent remain clueless.

4. If You Can’t Handle Me at My Worst You Don’t Deserve Me at My Best

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Someone answered the question what’s your red flag that someone is stupid with, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.” A second person agrees, adding that it translates to, “Let me be annoying and unreasonable to you, or I’ll find someone who will.

Another disagrees and stands up for the quote, saying, “I don’t understand why people are always knocking on this quote; it makes perfect sense to me.” Then adds that if you can’t be there for someone when they are struggling and need support, they get why they don’t want you around when they’re doing well.

5. Continuously Honking in a Traffic Jam

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This individual adds that it can be annoying and unnecessary when people in a traffic jam are continuously honking. They mention that honking excessively doesn’t help anyone move faster and just adds to the noise pollution and frustration for everyone around. 

Also, it shows impatience and a lack of consideration for others feeling stressed or stuck in the same situation.

6. Long Facebook Statuses That Start With “Some People”

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One individual points out that they can usually tell if someone might not be that smart by looking at their long-winded Facebook statuses that contain the phrase “some people.”

Another individual vents their frustration, saying it’s especially annoying when the status is extra stupid, like “Some people need to check themselves before they talk about others, kmt” (followed by many emoticons).

7. How Come Apes Don’t Turn Into Humans?

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Some shared, “If evolution is real, how come apes don’t turn into humans!?” is a question that shows a lack of knowledge.

Another version of this question that people often hear is, “If evolution is true, why are there still monkeys?” It’s important to note that evolution doesn’t mean apes suddenly turn into humans; rather, it’s a gradual process that leads to different species over long periods of time.

8. A Wrist Band That Improves Balance

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Some people wear bracelets and necklaces that claim to improve their balance. However, there’s no scientific evidence that they work. It’s more like a placebo effect, where they think it helps, but it might not do anything.

The same goes for magnetic bracelets. Some people believe they can help with certain health issues, but no solid proof exists to support those claims. It’s important to be cautious about such beliefs and rely on verified methods for health and well-being.

9. People Who Form Opinion With Limited Information

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Some people form strong opinions with very limited information. Researching and gathering enough facts is important before forming any strong opinion.

Another important point to remember is not to be afraid of being wrong. Making mistakes is a part of learning, and you can gain valuable insights by being open to new information and ideas. So, don’t hesitate to explore and learn along the way—that only makes you smarter.

10. Rocks Have Magical Powers

Woman rocks crystals back massage

People believe that rocks have magical powers. For example, a lady once came into this person’s workplace looking for amethyst, claiming she would put it in her dog’s water bowl to make them immune to fleas. 

Another lady spent a lot of money on “crystals” to make a throne for some spiritual reason. While it keeps things interesting, they can’t help but think they might just be a little misinformed. On a lighter note, someone joked about not underestimating the power of rock’n’roll.

11. Blindly Aligned in Political Discussions

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If someone identifies with a political party without supporting their views, it’s like they’ve just picked up what their parents believe and can’t think for themselves. Political discussions with them can be frustrating because they won’t budge from their beliefs. In this individual’s opinion, it’s like arguing with a brick wall. 

Another thing that bothers them is when people have no clue about the true ideologies of a party. They share their friend thinks he’s a Republican just because he drives an older Chevy Suburban, and it gets bad gas mileage. It’s kind of ridiculous, right?

12. Driving While Drunk

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People who think they are good at driving while drunk are not the smartest or safest. It’s irresponsible because driving under the influence puts not only their own life but also the lives of others at risk. It’s dangerous and can lead to serious accidents and harm to themselves and innocent people on the road.

13. Hating Pixar or Ghibli Movies Out of Principle

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When someone hates Pixar or Ghibli movies just because they think they are for “children,” it’s kind of silly. These movies are not just for kids; people of all ages love them. 

Pixar and Ghibli films often have deep and meaningful stories that can touch the hearts of adults too. Missing out on these fantastic movies because of their assumption is a bit close-minded and means they are not open to experiencing wonderful storytelling and animation.

14. Admit You Don’t Know Something

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Some people find it hard to admit when they don’t have the answer. They never say, “I don’t know.” The smarter you are, the more you realize how much you don’t know, and it’s okay to acknowledge that there are things you might not have all the answers to. Being open to learning and accepting that you don’t have all the answers is a sign of intelligence and humility.

“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool” – William Shakespeare.

Does this make you think of someone in particular, and why?

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