The Top 10 Epic Downfalls In History That Will Leave You Speechless

Ever found someone who rose to the peak of their career only to come down tumbling? Recently, I found a Reddit thread asking the question, “Who had the biggest fall from grace in history?”

From celebrities to politicians, these tales will leave you reeling. Buckle up and join us on this wild ride through the biggest falls from grace.

Philippe Petain 

One person wrote, “Philippe Petain was a national hero of France after World War I. He won the 9-month Battle of Verdun as a general and inspired hope and optimism at a time when it seemed like the war would never end.”

He continued, “Fast forward to World War II, and he became the head of state of Vichy France and was a puppet for the Nazis. At the end of the war, he was convicted of treason on all counts and originally sentenced to death before being reduced to life imprisonment by Charles de Gaulle.”

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby MSN

DrGutz answered, “When I was a child, Bill Cosby was so universally recognized as an icon of wholesome comedy that one of the most popular kid’s shows of my youth was literally just a cartoon about his childhood. Now the legacy of that little cartoon show is tainted with accusations of rape, the very subject of the show itself.”

Another commenter supported the answer saying, “I loved Bill growing up, and as an adult, I didn’t want to believe the accusations, but they kept piling up. It was hard to take in.”

Mary I of England

One user said, “Most people are talking about the last decade, but Mary I of England came to my mind first. Overcame huge threats and obstacles to her right to the throne, tried to force everyone to follow her religion… If they didn’t, they got burned alive. “

Another person supported this answer, “Yeah, honestly, Mary doesn’t get talked about enough. Reading [about] her life, it kind of feels like one big tragedy.”

David Farley

A user voted for David Farley, saying, “I submit predatory doctor and religious leader David Farley. Over 200 people accused him of sexual assault, including sex with minors.”

According to this person, he was accused of misconduct ranging from medical malpractice to sexual assault on girls and women of all ages.

Jimmy Savile

Jimicus answered, “Jimmy Savile if you allow for posthumous falls from grace. He worked as a coal miner during the Second World War. He was a professional wrestler for a while (lost every match), was a pioneer DJ (he essentially invented the job), and hosted a prime-time TV show.”

They continued, “In his spare time, he worked as a volunteer porter at his local hospital and ran marathons, raising millions of pounds for charities—attracting a slew of honors. That is, until a couple of years after he died. Turns out Jimmy had a thing for young girls. Quite a thing, as it happens—he made Bill Cosby look like the Angel Gabriel.” Another user supported the answer by saying, “his documentary made me feel something I can’t explain.”

Ian Watkins

One person answered, “Ian Watkins, former singer of the Welsh emo/rock band LostProphets. Massively successful band in the scene. Turns out he dealt meth to fans to abuse them and then rape their babies/toddlers. Yes, you read right.” 

“Not just young kids. Mentally handicapped adults, the elderly, and corpses. He was unbelievably vile,” another Redditor responded.

Phil Spector

Another answer was “Phil Spector.” “The guy was a revolutionary music producer, creating the Wall of Sound formula. He produced music for some of the top musicians in the 60s and 70s and retired very young to his mansion in the Hollywood Hills,” the commenter added.

He continued, “In 2003, he murdered actress Lana Clarkson, then spent the rest of his life in prison.”

Harvey Weinstein 

A commenter answered, “I’m sure there are worse people, but Harvey Weinstein went from being one of the most powerful people in the world to being completely reviled and losing everything.”

He continued, “This is the guy who had Meryl Streep and Oprah on speed dial and married a woman 1000x too attractive for him. He now uses a walker and has lost his fortune and his reputation.”


One person responded “Icarus” without an explanation, but seems like he was referring to the Greek mythology of Daedalus and his son Icarus who created wings made of wax and flew to the Sun.

This was supported by another user who said, “Winner. Pretty sure it’s the origin of the phrase “fall from grace.”

Henry VIII

SmunkTheLesser answered, “Henry VIII has to be up there. He was a famously handsome, pious, and noble young king, very in love with Katherine when they were married, and over time, he became the wife-killing tyrant we know today.”

Source: Reddit