The 10 Most Bone-Chilling Horror Movies of All Times – Watch at Your Own Risk

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I was just looking through the internet, and I found a cool conversation called “The scariest movie you’ve ever watched.” Here are some of the best responses. SPOORLOOS (aka THE VANISHING) (1988) SaulGudbro wrote, ”SPOORLOOS (aka THE VANISHING). Go into it blind. Do not read anything about it. I did that, and it really freaked me out and stuck with me for a long time.” Someone else supported the answer saying, “That film is so disturbing and strange. I loved it.” Hereditary One person wrote, “I’ll defend Hereditary … Read more

10 Comedy Movies So Funny, You’ll Need Tissues for Your Tears of Laughter

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I was looking through the internet when I found a cool discussion. It asked, “What’s the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?” Here are the most popular answers with the most likes. My Cousin Vinny One user commented, “My Cousin Vinny. It’s smart, it’s hilarious, and it’s got some superb acting in it.” This was supported by another commenter who said, “It really is surprisingly timeless as well. I watch it every few years, and it is still a 10/10.” Yet another user had this to say about the … Read more

Bride’s Unexpected Verbal Assault on Her Maid of Honor, When She Made a Gesture Toward the Groom

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Weddings are special times in a person’s life, and they can make people show their nicest and not-so-nice sides. They are a rollercoaster of emotions, stress, and expectations, where friendships are tested, and love takes center stage. A dedicated Maid of Honor was embroiled in a whirlwind of emotions and drama, all because of one seemingly trivial mistake. Let’s dive into this story and examine the dynamics at play. The Maid of Honor is a Supporting Friend At first glance, our Maid of Honor epitomizes a supportive friend. … Read more

The Top 10 Saddest Songs of All Time – Be Prepared for #1 To Hit You Hard

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I was looking on the internet for awesome music to listen to when I found a cool discussion titled, “What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?” Here are some of the top answers with the most likes. “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron Someone wrote, “No matter where I am, if I’m happy, who I’m with, etc., I’ll bawl my eyes out if that song plays. It’s so painful and true because one day they’re there, and they’re your everything, and then they start slipping…” They continued, … Read more

10 Movies Like Inglorious Basterds That Will Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat

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I was scrolling through the front page of the internet, and I came across this interesting thread titled, “I enjoy Inglorious Basterds because even though it’s not supposed to be funny, it’s actually really funny most of the time. Are there any other movies like that?” Here were some of the responses with the most upvotes. 1. In Bruges (2008) One person responded, “Anyone who thinks “In Bruges” (2008) would qualify? There are serious things (someone please give me a better word) dealt with in the movie, but … Read more

Father Gets Accused of “White Privilege” When He Calls Towing Company On Illegally Parked Cars

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Parking, a seemingly mundane aspect of daily life, can sometimes become the battleground for problems.  Once, a dad had to carry his son in the rain because some cars were parked where they shouldn’t be. They decided to do something about it and called a tow truck. Let me tell you the whole story. They Had a Long Day After a long day of running errands with his wife and 8-month-old son, a father found himself in a predicament – no parking spots in their apartment complex’s private … Read more

Relentless Boss Called 21 Calls While She Knows Employee’s Daughter Is Getting Hospitalized

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We’ve all heard stories about demanding bosses, but what happens when their behavior turns into harassment, especially during a family emergency? An employee tells a story that makes you wonder because their boss called them more than 21 times when they were in the hospital. Let me explain what happened. Their Child Had A Life-Threatening Emergency An assistant manager for a major chain found themselves in a challenging and emotionally charged situation when their child experienced a life-threatening emergency.  They Called Their Boss, Waiting On The Ambulance They … Read more

The Most Iconic South Park Episodes Ever Made: How Does Your Favorite Rank?

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I was looking on Reddit for a really funny TV show. I found this interesting discussion called, “Which South Park episode is the best?” Here were some of the responses with the most upvotes. Make Love, Not Warcraft (Season 10 Episode 8) Onen person wrote, “The scene where Cartman is on the intercom with his mom and he says “MOM. MOM BAFFROOM, BAFFROOM.” And she comes down with a bedpan.” Someone supported this view, writing, “And Randy telling his boss to hold up he’s in the middle of … Read more

When Her Deadbad Dad Called To Brag He Never Paid Child Support, She Wants to Hold Him Accountable

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Not long ago, a girl turned 18, a big deal. Her dad, who hadn’t been around much, called out of the blue. What he said was surprising – he seemed glad she was an adult now, hinting he didn’t have to give money for her anymore. Determined to hold him accountable for the years of unpaid child support, she found her voice and spoke out. Here’s what she had to say. She Just Started College What happened is that the young woman just turned 18 and went to … Read more