10 Movies Like Inglorious Basterds That Will Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat

I was scrolling through the front page of the internet, and I came across this interesting thread titled, “I like Inglorious Basterds because despite not being a comedy, it’s very, very funny most of the time. Is there anything else like that?”

Here were some of the responses with the most upvotes.

1. In Bruges (2008)

One person responded, “Anyone who thinks “In Bruges” (2008) would qualify? There are serious things (someone please give me a better word) dealt with in the movie, but it’s definitely a dark comedy.”

This was supported by another person who wrote, “oh absolutely, it would qualify. Every time I watch it, I burst out laughing throughout. Another one to watch is McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths.”

2. Breaking Bad (2008)

Breaking Bad TV Show MSN

Another person wrote, “always found Breaking Bad to be very comedic.” This was supported by a user who wrote, “Though it does help that half the cast are comedians.”

One commenter supported the answer saying, “I thought this too, rewatching it at the moment, mainly because of the memes, I think to be honest.”

3. Dr. Strangelove (1964)

Galoka answered, “For a serious movie with laughs, try Dr. Strangelove.” Though he didn’t expound on the reason, his answer was supported by other users.

One of them wrote, “It’s hardly serious. Just because war and nuclear annihilation are serious subjects doesn’t mean they can’t be themes of a full-blown comedy.”

4. Goodfellas (1990)

Someone wrote, “I laugh uncontrollably at Goodfellas every single time even if I shouldn’t. The situation with Spider.”

This was supported by another user who wrote, “Now go home and get your shine box.”

5. The Sopranos (1999)

Someone replied, “Not a movie, but “The Sopranos” is like this in that it’s technically a drama and obviously has an incredible storyline associated with it, but honestly, it’s absolutely hilarious throughout a lot of the show as well.”

Another user added, “Not a movie, but The Sopranos is like this. It’s a comedy dressed as a drama.”

6. Slither (2006)

Dookieconductor wrote, “Slither comes to mind. The director said he didn’t wanna make a comedy, but rather it was just fun.” We agree that the film directed by James Gunn was quite hilarious.

Another user supported the answer by saying, “Slither is another great one. Not sure if it’s labeled as a comedy, but there are definitely funny parts. A lot of Tarantino movies are like this. I think it’s his way of keeping the audience’s attention and keeping it fun without it being a comedy.” 

7. Death of Stalin (2017)

A Reddit user by the name ShipEliza wrote, “Also, The Death of Stalin is a comedy but deals with a ton of really unfunny things.”

Someone supported this answer by saying, “I second Death of Stalin if you liked Inglorious Basterds.” But another person thought otherwise, writing, “I personally didn’t really like it, but each on their own.”

8. The Lobster (2015)

Another person responded, “I think all Yorgos Lanthimos films would qualify, but especially The Lobster and Killing of a Sacred Deer.”

JRadiantHeart said, “Thanks. I’ve got to delve into his work.”

9. Snatch (2000)

One user chose this film, saying, “Snatch is one of my favorite movies; so funny and great! I saw [it] a while ago— I think it was Patton Oswalt on a podcast that had a really interesting take that directors like Guy Ritchie got their start because of Tarantino.”

They continued, “He called it the Tarantino Boom after he exploded into the film industry. Studios were looking for something like that and felt that Guy Ritchie had a similar vibe, and his first  movie, which I think is unreal, was The Snatch.”

10. The Lighthouse (2019)

Another person recommended this film saying, “The Lighthouse (2019). A super weird and fascinating take on the Prometheus myth. Odd and eerie, but I thought it was hilarious. Highly enjoyable and very strange but hilarious.”

Someone else supported the answer saying, “Man, couldn’t tell you why it made me laugh so much. Maybe it’s my Britishness, but we’re hardly the only ones who appreciate dark humor. The poetry of some of the dialogue, the freaky weird stuff that just kept escalating, then the tension broke with some truly deadpan comedic line… I couldn’t get enough.”

Source: Reddit