The Most Iconic South Park Episodes Ever Made: How Does Your Favorite Rank?

I was searching through Reddit for a great and funny series. I came across this intriguing thread titled, “What is the best South Park episode?”

Here were some of the responses with the most upvotes.

Make Love, Not Warcraft (Season 10 Episode 8)

South Park Make Love Not Warcraft MSN
Image Credit: Bardel Entertainment South Park

Onen person wrote, “The scene where Cartman is on the intercom with his mom and he says “MOM. MOM BAFFROOM, BAFFROOM.” And she comes down with a bedpan.”

Someone supported this view, writing, “And Randy telling his boss to hold up he’s in the middle of a game.”

Dog Whisperer (Season 10 Episode 7)

One commenter wrote, “How has no one mentioned the Dog Whisperer episode? That one was hilarious and probably one of my favorite episodes”

This was supported by a user who wrote, “Yes, that one had me dying of laughter.”

Woodland Critter Christmas (Season 8, Episode 14)

Someone else wrote, “Woodland Critter Christmas was fantastic. Also, the one where they’re tripping on cat piss and the hallucinations are the heavy metal cartoon movie. Gold.”

Another person supported the answer saying, “You summoned the AntiChrist, Kyle? Santa is very disappointed in you.”

Imaginationland (Season 11 Episode 10)

Another user responded to the suggestion of Imaginationland, “I love when Butters fails to stop the terrorists from blowing up the gate and when he explains himself to the guy who brought them to imagination land.” 

LuridofArabia supported saying, “Say what you will about Mel Gibson, but that guy understands story structure.”

The Losing Edge (Season 9 Episode 5)

One person answered, “The one where Randy Marsh takes it upon himself to become the worst school baseball Dad in the state (believe it progresses to country) while the kids try to be the worst baseball team to get their summer back.”

This was supported by another user who wrote, “The losing edge is the episode that really made Randy’s character take on a life of its own. Randy really became the star of the series going forward.”

Creme Fraiche (Season 14 Episode 14)

One person wrote, “Not the * very best* episode of all time, but I’m personally partial to Creme Fraiche.”

This was supported by another user who wrote, “You gonna deglaze that pan?”, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna deglaze the mess out of this pan.” He concludes, “Solid episode.”

Fat Beard (Season 13 Episode 7)

Another person suggested Fat saying, “The way Cartman glorifies living as a Somalian pirate as a fun life of adventure and then actually trying to do it, along with the song, is comedic gold.”

This was supported by another person who wrote, “The fact that the episode came out so soon after the incident with Captain Philips is what puts it in my top 10.”

The Wheel of Fortune (Season 11 Episode 1)

One respondent said “The Wheel of Fortune” episode because they love the look the camera guy gives right before he says his answer too.

This was supported by another person who wrote, “The only reason daddy said that word was because he thought he was gonna win a lot of money, alright Stan?”

Casa Bonita (Season 7 Episode 11)

One person Casa Bonita and quoted his funny phrase, “This is the library, and this here is the bank. That over there is gonna be either a P.F. Chang’s or a Bennigan’s. Well, ma’am, I guess we better start repopulating the earth, huh?”

This was supported by a user who wrote, “I grew up in Colorado in the 80s and 90s, and I can vouch for every single sentiment in this episode – Casa Bonita was THE PLACE to be! Nothing was more exciting, maybe not even the amusement park. I still love it!”

Margaritaville (Season 13 Episode 3)

Someone wrote, “Margaritaville. This was the first political episode that I really, fully knew what was going on for and saw live. It will forever be my favorite because it really sold me on the show.”

They continued saying, “The squirrels, the chicken, the zero spending limit credit card, and of course, Stan just trying to return the stupid, wasteful thing his dad bought is just perfect. Aaaaaaaaand it’s gone! This line is for customers only; thank you!”

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