What Can I Pawn for $100: 15 Best Items To Pawn Today

Looking for some extra bucks? Do you need a few dollars for an investment and or a purchase? If you have some stuff lying around or unwanted things in your house, you might ask yourself: what can I pawn for $100?

Pawning is when you borrow money from a pawn shop in exchange for a valuable asset. With such collateral, a pawnbroker will give you short-term cash loans with no credit check based on the appraised value of the item you bring to the pawnshop. 

When you pawn your valuables, the pawnshop keeps them until your loan is fully repaid. You will receive your item back when you repay your loan on its maturity date; if not, you have a renewal option if you need to extend the repayment time. Otherwise, the pawnshop can sell your unredeemed goods if you don’t make a timely loan repayment.

If you’re pawning something extremely valuable, you might need to show proof of ownership. Pawn shops would want to ensure they are not receiving stolen property. 

Pawning is a great way to make extra cash. So, if you’re considering doing this in exchange for a few bucks, here’s everything you need to know about pawning for $100!

What Can I Pawn for $100?

Here’s a list of the top items you can pawn for $100:

1. Jewelry 

Jewelry made from precious metals, especially gold and silver, are favorites of pawnshop proprietors because they frequently increase in value. 

Customers can pawn expensive jewelry for a big sum of cash or a short-term loan, and you can sell the items again for a reasonable price. You can pawn jewelry, such as silver or gold rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc., starting from $100. 

2. Diamonds and Precious Gemstones 

Diamonds and stones retain their worth very well, much like precious metals. 

To maximize the value of these stones, they should be set in a unique or intricate design that enhances their beauty and appeal.

3. Watches 

The value of a watch is determined by various factors, such as the brand, condition, and rarity. Some popular watch brands that hold their value well include Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe. 

When pawning a watch, it is important to appraise it by a professional to ensure you get the best possible value.

4. Accessories 

Pawning accessories can provide a quick and easy way to get cash when needed while retaining the option to retrieve the items later. 

Accessories such as designer handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses can be valuable items to pawn. These items can retain their value well and often have a strong resale market. 

5. Firearms 

The most popular items in many pawn shops are weapons. This offer is ideal for individuals with outdated hunting weapons that they no longer use.

Prices for buying and selling guns vary. Rifles are typically the most expensive. An antique handgun, however, can also fetch very high sums. 

You can easily acquire a $100 to $500 loan depending on the condition and model of the firearms. 

6. Audio Devices 

Audio devices such as speakers, headphones, and microphones can be great items to pawn. High-end audio equipment retains its value well, and you may get a good price for your device. 

The amount you can get when pawning these items will depend on several factors, such as the device’s brand, condition, and age.

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7. Power Tools

Pawning power tools can be a quick and easy way to get cash in hand for unexpected expenses. They are commonly pawned items due to their high value and frequent use in various industries. Brands like DeWalt, Bosch, and Makita are often in high demand and can fetch a good value at pawn shops. 

Prices for these can range from $30 to $200

8. Musical Instruments 

High-quality, second-hand instruments for music, such as guitars and violins, could be used as pawn collateral for 40% to 60% of their original price. 

9. Mountain Bikes 

If you sell sporting goods like bikes, you can expect to receive 20% to 30% of the bike’s original price. 

Make sure to bring any accessories or equipment that came with the bike, such as a helmet or lock, to potentially increase its value.

10. Gaming Consoles 

Whether you have an older model or the latest release, gaming consoles are always in demand. Including accessories such as controllers and games can increase the value of your item. 

Depending on their condition, you should expect to pawn $100 – $400 for a gaming console. 

11. Collectibles 

Art pieces and collectibles might fetch $100 to $200 or more depending on their rarity, condition, and value. 

12. Tools and Equipment 

Tools and equipment can include various items such as gardening, culinary, and construction equipment. Used items start at $50, but the value can increase significantly for high-end or specialized equipment. 

Pawnshops can offer a quick appraisal and provide a loan amount based on the assessed value of the item, allowing you to get the cash you need without selling your valuable equipment outright.

13. Kitchen Appliances 

Depending on the brand, model, and condition, you can pawn blenders, mixers, toasters, and coffee makers for up to $100. 

Make sure to clean and maintain your appliances before pawning them to get the best value for your items.

14. Gym Equipment 

Pawning gym equipment is a great way to get quick cash. Depending on the type and condition, you can pawn your used treadmills, ellipticals, weight benches, and other fitness equipment for around $100 to $500.

15. Beddings 

You can pawn great quality beddings, such as mattresses, comforters, blankets, and sheets, between $20 to $100. So, if you have quality bedding that is no longer in use, you can easily turn them into cash by pawning them. 

Plus, by pawning your bedding, you can free up some storage space at home without selling them outright.

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What Are the Best Things to Pawn?


Jewelry is another item you can pawn for $100 to $500 as it is one of the most commonly pawned items due to its high value, convenience in storage, and speedy sale. 

In particular, pawn brokers will always welcome gold jewelry and similar items made with precious metals and gemstones. 


If a bike is worth less than $200, pawn shops normally offer 20% to 30% of its value. You may be eligible for a bigger sum if your bike costs more than $300. Check for technical issues before pawning it. 

For presentational reasons, it’s also a good idea to clean it.


Collectibles can be challenging because some are worth much more than others; before visiting a pawnshop, research by looking up values on WorthPoint or verifying sold prices on eBay. 

Some collectors’ goods are worth significantly more than $500, so it’s good to know the item’s value before you visit a pawn shop. 

Tips To Get the Best Value at the Pawn Shop

We understand that pawning can be difficult, so consider these tips to make money:

  • Locate the Ideal Pawn Shop

See what other people have said about working with local pawn shops by doing online research. Next, pick a trustworthy retailer and broker you can deal with.

Be aware that certain pawn shops specialize in particular merchandise. Find a pawn store with experience buying and selling antiques, for instance, if you have an antique.

  • Pawn It Directly 

When you sell an item directly to a pawn shop instead of using it as collateral for a loan, many will offer you more money. Pawnbrokers do this because they won’t have to keep it for the duration of the loan and instead can sell it right away (after complying with any legal deadlines).

Start thinking about what you’re willing to part with to receive the best price when deciding what to bring to the pawn shop.

  • Be Prepared to Back Up Your Assertions

For instance, if you bring in a priceless piece of jewelry, think about having a qualified jeweler provide an evaluation so you can show how much the item is worth. Make sure the item has brand-new batteries inside if it runs on batteries so you can demonstrate that it functions. 

It is generally beneficial to bring things in their original packaging.

  • Bring Quality Items In

You shouldn’t bring in your worst if you’re attempting to convince someone to buy something. Sell goods you know are valuable and that others want rather than attempting to sell things you don’t have value for. They only want things they are confident they can sell, so think like a shop owner. 

You might anticipate receiving about 3/4 of the market value for fine watches like Rolex or weapons. Appliances, video game systems, and inexpensive tools won’t produce much. Fur coats are one example of an item that has lost value over time and is typically not worth the effort for pawn shop proprietors.

  • Tell a Compelling Tale About Each Item

You’re more likely to acquire a decent loan on your pawned item if there is an emotional connection. You’ll get a good return on it if you have a great item and are in a difficult financial circumstance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – What Can I Pawn for $100?

What Will Pawn Shops Pay the Most For?

If you need money, look out for precious metals (e.g., gold, silver, platinum, etc.), diamonds and gemstones, power tools, and guns since pawn shops pay the most for these. 

Get top-dollar from pawn stores when you have jewellery, a Glock, or some handguns.

How Much Can You Pawn a TV For?

When it comes to pawning or selling televisions, the money you can get will likely depend on the screen size and the brand. It’s important to remember that this will only apply if the TV you’re looking to pawn or sell is relatively new (less than 2 years old). The pawn shop will consider these factors when determining a fair offer price. 

For instance, vintage TVs are significantly more valuable. A 55-inch Smart TV should cost roughly $649. However, a 32-inch flat-screen television is available for $138 nowadays. 

The pawnshop staff will evaluate your item and offer you a price according to your TV’s features and condition. 

What Household Items Can I Pawn?

If you need cash fast, are looking for a new home, or want to refurbish and redesign your current place, you must pawn your excess possessions immediately! Here are a few household items that make a great buy and sell at pawn shops:

  • Decorations such as lamps, artwork, and showpieces
  • Children’s clothes – Children’s clothes are some of the fastest-selling items.
  • Furniture – Used furniture is a great sell because many want secondhand furniture.
  • Electronics – You can always sell your home appliances and kitchen appliances.
  • Baby items – Stuff for babies is expensive, so many people rely on pawn shops for their purchases.

What Will a Pawn Shop Not Buy?

Usually, pawn shops won’t accept products that are obvious copies. They rarely take books unless valuable, such as a first edition or a signed copy of a well-known book. 

There is a good chance that pawn shops won’t be interested in buying used video games and DVDs from consumers because they are sold at such low prices in retail establishments and other thrift stores. 

Pawn shops never accept stolen goods. It is preferable to avoid selling anything to a pawn shop if you are not the legal owner, as pawn shops work with local police authorities and require you to produce your ID and fingerprints.

Conclusion – What Can I Pawn for $100?

A pawnshop is convenient when you need fast cash since they pay good money for your used marketable items. 

With a collateral loan, you can get your money quickly without waiting for a buyer, like when selling online on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other online selling platforms. Go to your local pawn shop if you have electronic tools or used items with value that you can pawn and get instant cash for yourself.

Making $100 from pawning an item can be easy as you most likely have valuable stuff lying around the house that you can afford to part with, such as jewelry, bikes, collectibles, gadgets, and tools that are in good condition. You can also get your item back if and when you have enough money to redeem it with interest. 

Get cash from your personal property now, and may you get the best deal for your pawned stuff!

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