Discover 24 Unbelievable Ways to Get Free Shoes and Step into Savings

Who doesn’t love freebies? From free makeup samples to computer accessories, a smart and frugal shopper will always meet free stuff with a warm welcome more so if the item is a pair of free shoes. 

Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of sneakers? Good footwear can set you back quite a bit, especially if you like innovative designs and brand names like Nike, Adidas, Converse, Timberland, etc. Yet, the allure of freebies is universal. Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and shoes for men and women are no exception.

Thankfully, several sites offer free shoes for various reasons, from promotional giveaways to product testing. So, if you’re keen on saving cash and stepping out in style, watch for these golden opportunities.

However, nothing comes for free, right? Then, what will it take to get a new pair of running shoes? 

Explore the promotional sites of these shoe companies to understand why they offer free shoes and how you can qualify. Make sure to read the fine print. 

Ways To Get Free Shoes – Product Testing

Product testing is pretty straightforward. In this case, companies hand out their sports and casual shoes to selected individuals, who then wear them and provide feedback. It’s a win-win situation; they get valuable insights, and you get free shoes with cushioned insoles.

1. Adidas Product Testing

A titan in sportswear, Adidas invites enthusiasts to test their running shoes. Whether you’re a runner or a casual wearer, you have a chance! It’s simple—sign up for the Adidas product testing, answer some questions, get selected, receive shoes with cushioning, use them, and provide genuine feedback.


  • Anyone from the United States can apply.


  • Aged 18 or above
  • Internet access
  • A valid email address

Make Your Move: Adidas Product Testing

2. Under Armour

Do you feel like joining up with a big name in the athletic apparel scene? Under Armour is inviting you to the party. They value the words of fitness enthusiasts and everyday athletes, rewarding your efforts and insights with a chance to sport their latest footwear with padded insoles.

Generally, the brand tests its products through professional athletes, but you can also test your luck and become part of Under Armour’s product testing squad. All you need to do is apply and answer basic questions on your foot size, the sports you play, and the difficulty of sports activity.


  • Primarily targeting the USA, they occasionally venture across borders.


  • Your honest take on the comfort, fit, and shoe performance is what they’re after.
  • Return the gear post-testing, but sometimes, they let you keep those snazzy shoes.

Make Your Move: Under Armour Product Testing

3. Nike Product Testing

Nike offers a chance to get free athletic shoes through their product testing program, accessible via the Voice of the Athlete site. Eligible participants receive new or existing shoe models to test for a period ranging from one to a few months. 

Testers are expected to wear the shoes, engage in various activities, like basketball, driving, and running, and provide honest feedback on the free Nike shoes’ performance and durability.

Location: Worldwide (but with select countries).

Image Credit: KateNovikova on Depositphotos


  • Applicants must apply online and select the appropriate age category: 18 and older, 13-17 (with parental consent), or 12 and under (with a parent completing the application).
  • Participants must be committed to testing and reviewing the products within the given timeframe.
  • Shoes must be returned to Nike after the testing period.

Make Your Move: Nike Product Testing

4. Brooks Running

If you’re active and want free sports shoes, consider joining the Brooks Running product testing program. Brooks Running is dedicated to creating top-notch running shoes and has an intensive three-step in-house testing program to see how its shoes fare in different conditions and tough situations. They use professional runners to aid their testing process. 

However, the brand also needs individuals like you to test them in real-life situations. If accepted, you’ll receive free runner gear to test and provide feedback on, helping Brooks understand how their shoes move and perform with you.


  • Open to participants in various places, but availability may vary.


  • Proof of daily moderate activity is required, which can be recorded from a fitness tracker.

Make Your Move: Brooks Product Testing

5. Saucony Product Testing

Saucony’s product testing program is a hidden gem for shoe and apparel enthusiasts. After filling in your basic details and answering a short list of questions, e.g., ‘Do you wear orthotics?’, ‘Do you ever wear spikes/racing flats?’ and other similar questions, you could be on your way to becoming the next Saucony product tester AND gaining a pair of free running shoes.


  • Online, accessible anywhere in the USA.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in the USA
  • Have a valid email address
  • Commit to providing thorough and honest feedback

Make Your Move: Saucony Product Testing

6. Reebok Product Testing

Reebok takes a different approach to product testing, in which they ask you to fill out a questionnaire and take a test first. If you pass this test, you will only be considered for product testing. Afterward, you will be given free shoes to test, generally between two and four weeks, and then provide detailed feedback to Reebok. 

You can expect questions on what kind of products you’d like to test, regarding unisex shoes, and plenty of details about your feet, such as foot size and width. It may seem a lot, but the test and questionnaire are straightforward and a breeze. In no time, you will be testing a fashionable Reebok shoe for free!


  • Open to residents of the USA


  • US resident
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Provide accurate body measurements
  • Complete an online profile
  • Commit to a detailed evaluation of the product

Make Your Move: Reebok Product Testing

7. Columbia Global Performance Testing

Looking to score some free shoes? Introducing Columbia Global Performance Testing Program. It’s not limited to footwear; you can snag various products from Columbia’s extensive clothing lines. 

To get into this program, you must apply, fill out an easy questionnaire, and wait to get accepted. Don’t miss out on this golden ticket to quality gear without spending a dime.


  • Open globally
Woman Holding A Paper Cup While Typing On Laptop
Image credit: AndrewLozovyi via DepositPhotos


  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a reliable internet connection
  • Provide detailed and objective feedback within the required time frame

Make Your Move: Columbia Global Performance Testing

8. ASICS FrontRunner & Roadtester

ASICS, a top brand for running shoes, has an amazing chance for people who love running: the ASICS Roadtester Program.

While it doesn’t currently cater to United States residents, they have exciting opportunities for those living in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The brand is particularly interested in your feedback on their shoe’s cushioning and arch support.


  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom


  • You must be an avid runner enthusiastic about ASICS products.

Make Your Move: ASICS FrontRunner & Roadtester

9. Puma Beta Testing

Puma, a renowned athletic brand, also allows you to test their products, including running shoes and trainers. While they don’t offer this opportunity as frequently as other companies, it’s still worth considering, especially if you want to try the self-lacing sneakers.

You read that right. This footwear brand is selecting testers to wear and give feedback on their innovative self-lacing sneakers ahead of their launch next year. 

Like with other companies, all you need to do is apply, fill out a questionnaire, and wait. If shortlisted, Puma will invite you to a Skype interview, and if you pass, you’ll get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test out a pair of Fi trainers for free!


  • US, UK, Denmark, Germany, Hongkong (China), India, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.


  • After the testing period, you’ll be asked to return the shoes.

Make Your Move: Puma Beta Testing

10. Mizuno Wear Tester

Mizuno Wear Tester is primarily geared towards runners, so if you love hitting the pavement or trails, this is for you. They want to understand your running habits and preferences to create better running gear—this is where you’ll step in. You can expect top-notch cushioning and insole comfort with Mizuno athletic shoes.


  • Available in the US but might have similar initiatives in other regions. Visiting their official website or visiting a store is always a good idea.


  • At least 18 years of age
  • Ready to provide in-depth feedback about the product
  • Use the shoes regularly during the testing period

Make Your Move: Mizuno Wear Tester

11. Red Wing Shoes Product Testers

If you don’t mind getting your boots dirty, Red Wing Shoes might have a great opportunity for you. They’re looking for product testers willing to put their shoes through some tough trials. To test out Red Wing boots, apply on their website, fill out a questionnaire, and get ready to wear those rugged boots anywhere, even on rough mountain terrain.

Please be aware that Red Wing specifically seeks product testers in Men’s sizes 9, 11, and 13 with medium width and Women’s sizes 8m and 10m.


  • Testers must reside within a 60-mile radius of the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN market.


  • You should be open to wearing Red Wing boots in challenging and dirty environments.
  • You must be willing to test the boots thoroughly and provide detailed feedback on their durability, comfort, and performance.

Make Your Move: Red Wing Shoes Product Testers

12. New Balance Wear Test Program

New Balance wants to keep stepping up its game and needs your help. The New Balance Wear Test Program allows participants to put running shoes and athletic wear to the test. Just apply, tell them about yourself, and wait to get selected. 

New Balance values authentic feedback and could reward you with fresh kicks on the house!


  • Primarily the USA. However, they have some global programs, so watch out.
Dr. Martens shoes MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/


  • Must be willing to provide detailed feedback on wear and comfort
  • Return the shoes at the end of the test period (but sometimes there’s a pleasant surprise!)

Make Your Move: New Balance Wear Test Program

Ways To Get Free Shoes – Other Ways To Score Free Shoes

13. Participate in Paid Surveys for Free Shoes

Do you want to get free shoes without paying anything? You can do that by taking surveys on different websites. You’ll not only get gift cards for shoes but also have a chance to get branded shoes from popular stores.

  • Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars offers an excellent opportunity to earn rewards that can be traded for free shoes. Complete simple online tasks on their website or app, like taking surveys, and receive payouts of up to $4. Most surveys take only around 10 minutes to complete.

Try Inbox Dollars Today >>

Play games, complete registration offers, read emails and watch videos for even more incentives. The more you participate, the faster you’ll accumulate points to get those free shoes.

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another great platform that pays you for various tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, answering questions, and browsing the web. You can use your earned points to purchase shoes from retailers like Nike, Amazon, eBay, T.J. Maxx, and Burlington. Or, if you prefer, you can just get the cash.

Try Swagbucks Today >>

  • PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a twin to Swagbucks but equally handy. Collect points, snatch up gift cards from Adidas, Nike, you name it. Dive in, it’s free.12 Dreaming about those Air Jordans? Start clicking, and they might just land on your doorstep. 


14. Win a Contest or Work at Vans

There are many ways to get free Vans footwear. If you want more than just athletic shoes, you can work at the company where you get a free pair, three logo t-shirts upon being hired, and, after that, free yearly kicks and a 50% employee discount. 

By joining their customer loyalty program, you can access exclusive apparel, promotions, and unique experiences, including the chance to get your hands on free slip-on shoes or lace-up boots.

Here’s the kicker: you’ll also earn points as part of the Vans Family program by doing simple things like confirming your email, referring friends to their program, and buying Vans products. These points can later fetch you other cool stuff.

15. Check out the Ads for Free Shoes

Looking for a new pair of kicks without burning a hole in your pocket? You’d be surprised by how you can score free shoes, or at least almost-free ones, with just a bit of online savvy. 

Craigslist is your go-to place. It’s the same site where you once searched for a second-hand couch. Other marketplace apps like Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, and OfferUp can also be treasure troves. 

While some folks are giving shoes away (maybe they never fit right or got worn), others might be open to swaps. That’s right; an old pair of yours could get you a “new” pair from someone else.

Requirements? Mostly, it’s about patience. Search, browse, and set up some alerts. And always, always communicate upfront with the seller (or giver). Remember to meet in public places to pick up the shoes; safety first. 

16. Earn Free Footlocker Gift Cards

Join Foot Locker’s VIP Program and immediately get a $10 discount on your next purchase over $50. For those who shop more, spending $300 within a year upgrades you to Platinum Member status. As a Platinum Member, every purchase earns you gift cards: $10 for a $100 spend, $15 for $150, and $20 for $200. 

Stylish Wealthy Woman MSN
Image Credit: ArturVerkhovetskiy/Depositphotos.

These gift cards add up; before you know it, you can redeem them for a free pair of shoes. Simply put, the more you shop at Foot Locker, the closer you get to a free pair. Sign up, shop, earn, and enjoy your rewards.

Ways To Get Free Shoes – Free Shoes for Healthcare and Other Essential Workers

If you are a healthcare worker, there’s good news! You can receive free slip-resistant shoes from renowned brands like Crocs, Brooks, and Kizik. These brands have initiated programs to support frontline workers by offering comfortable, durable footwear with arch support.

17. Kizik 

Kizik offers hands-free shoes that are comfortable, easy to wear, and remove without using your hands. During the pandemic, Kizik generously donated 1,000 pairs of shoes to healthcare professionals. These shoes are designed for convenience, making them perfect for busy healthcare workers who are always on the move.

18. Crocs

Crocs, a favorite among healthcare workers for their unmatched comfort, has a special giveaway program exclusively for them. Healthcare professionals can receive a free pair of classic, comfortable, easy-to-clean Crocs shoes through this program. Head to Crocs’ dedicated page for healthcare workers to check your eligibility and request your pair.

19. Brooks

Brooks, a leading athletic brand, has supported healthcare staff across Europe. The company has launched the Brooks Community Heroes Ambassador Program with free membership and a 25% discount on items for eligible nurses, first responders, and the military.

20. Amazon

If you work at an Amazon warehouse, great news for you. Regardless of their role or location, Amazon offers its warehouse employees free shoes, ensuring everyone has safe and comfortable footwear. Simply log into the employee benefits portal and follow the instructions to claim yours. 

Ways To Get Free Shoes – Free Shoes for Low-Income Kids

21. Shoes For All

Shoes For All, founded by Dr. Mary Carlson in 2010, provides free shoes to low-income families, partnering with Walkabout Shelter for runaway children. Their program has already donated shoes to over two million children in need throughout the United States.

22. Soles4Souls

Soles4Souls is a global organization fighting poverty by collecting and distributing shoes and clothing. They offer free shoes to kids in low-income families, providing the comfort and dignity that everyone deserves.

23. Laces of Love

Based in Southwest Florida, Laces of Love has provided shoes to over 200,000 children. The organization works closely with teachers and schools to identify students who need shoes, ensuring that no child goes without. Teachers can also request shoes for their students directly through the program.

24. My New Red Shoes

My New Red Shoes offers low-income and homeless children shoes and clothing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization believes every child should feel valued and acknowledged, and they work tirelessly to provide for those in need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Ways To Get Free Shoes 

Is There a Free Shoe App?

There isn’t a specific app dedicated solely to distributing free shoes. However, various shopping and brand-specific apps occasionally offer free shoes through promotions, giveaways, or loyalty rewards. Always check the terms and conditions of each app for details.

Does Nike Give Free Shoes?

Nike does not regularly give away free shoes to the general public. However, they have product testing programs where selected participants receive free products, including shoes, for testing and feedback. You can apply for Nike product testing on their official website.

How Can I Get Free Shoes From Foot Locker?

Foot Locker doesn’t directly offer free shoes. Nonetheless, they run periodic contests, promotions, and reward programs where customers can win free shoes or gift cards. Joining and following their VIP program on social media can inform you about these opportunities.

Conclusion – Ways To Get Free Shoes

Are you excited to try getting free shoes using this list? Think of the money you will save.  Moreover, aren’t you glad that participating in these product testing programs will allow you to wear top-of-the-line footwear from famous brands?

Do more research if you want to come across the most suitable shoe testing program for you. 

So don’t cut corners. Apply only to your favorite brand or the first company that caught your eye. Some of these programs may have stringent requirements, but just hang on, present your best self, and wait for these free shoes to walk your way.

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