The Top 10 Things Millennials and Gen Z Are Tired of Hearing: Stop Saying These Things

If you’ve ever felt judged or misunderstood by someone from the “boomer” generation, you’re not alone.

Millennials and Generation Z members share things they wished others (specifically, older fellows) would stop telling them.

Here are the top-rated answers.

1. “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet”

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When the twenty-somethings of today were growing up, there was a lot of discourse on the dangers of social media. As online networking was in its early stages, concerned parents assumed that their children were too gullible to be exposed to the Internet without guidance, so they were warned not to take information at face value.

The irony is that, now, youngsters are more likely to fact-check dubious headlines, while those who pegged them as “naive” tend to be susceptible to fake news. Someone shared how exasperated they felt every time an older relative would rely on Facebook as a primary news source.

2. “You kids and your darn phones”

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Millennials may be characterized as phone addicts, but they actually have much in common with the older generation calling them out for their frequent phone usage.

In fact, a 40-year-old in the discussion said, “My generation was also always on our phones. It’s just that these phones were attached to the wall, but nonetheless, teenagers used to spend several hours every evening talking with their friends.” Although communication methods have drastically shifted, people have always found it essential to socialize and connect with others—that goes for all age groups.

3. “Back in my time, Things Were so much better”

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If you’re someone who loves to reminisce about the “good old days,” you might want to think twice about what society was like back then. Before, social inequality was much more prominent. Certain groups of people were subjected to unfair treatment. It’s also worth noting that life is now easier and more convenient for the average person.

Modern home developments have provided us with comforts like indoor plumbing and insulation, which were not accessible to everyone who grew up in the 1950s. Holding on to precious memories is fine, but these can get clouded by nostalgia.

4. “You need to stop being so sensitive”

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It’s evident that the current generation is deeply in touch with their emotional side—but that doesn’t mean things have changed for the worse. Rather, they have learned that it’s okay to show vulnerability.

Also, since it’s commonly accepted to speak up in uncomfortable situations, people have become mindful of respecting personal boundaries.

5. “How come nobody talks anymore?”

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Back then, if you wanted to spend time with someone, you would have face-to-face conversations with them.

With the dawn of platforms like Twitter and Instagram, people can stay updated on what their friends are doing without having to meet in person.

6. “So, why aren’t you married?”

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Millennials value independence and exploring life in holistic ways. They will deliberately choose self-improvement and growth in other areas (e.g., career goals) instead of rushing into high-stakes responsibilities, like building a family, just to fulfill some arbitrary expectation. 

So, to the worried parents out there, trust that your son or daughter knows what’s best for them; after all, anyone can manifest a loving relationship once they are fully ready for it.

7. “When I was your age, we never”

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It may not be apparent on the surface, but young adults and those from previous generations have less of a cultural gap than you may think.

Someone said, “Trends change, but fundamentally teens are the same now as they were back then.”

8. “Just start saving! You’ll be able to buy a house in no time”

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In past decades, we have seen financial crises worldwide, causing severe inflation in many industries.

Compared to yesteryears, the difference in housing market prices is outrageous. With all the rising expenses, frugal living is no easy feat.

9. “Why can’t you fix anything yourself?” *5 minutes later* “Can you fix my computer?”

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Older people may treat millennials like bumbling fools when it comes to anything requiring a screwdriver, but once their web browser crashes, suddenly, the kids have all the answers.

One person said on behalf of their age group: “We can do plenty. We just have a different skill set!” While parents were replacing car tires and repairing appliances, their children were adapting to the technological advances of the 2010s.

10. “Young people nowadays only want to drink and go to parties”

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Grandparents say this as if the current generation has taken an unfavorable turn, but they actually share similarities with today’s adolescents.

Sure, the nightlife scene may look different, but remember the hippie culture of the ’60s and ’70s?

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