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Spend Bill Gates’ Money: Can You Do It?

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What would you do with $100 billion? Spend Bill Gates’ money and find out all the fun things you could do!

When you’re trying to grow your own net worth beyond anything you imagine, it’s fun to think about what you can do with it. Go on a world trip? Buy your dream house? Retire early

For a $100 billion net worth, it’s even more fun to think about what you can do with it. We’re not the only ones who are thinking about that. Today, let’s spend Bill Gates’ money!

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What Is Spend Bill Gates Money?

There is this website where you can do all kinds of fun things. I warn you, you can spend hours on the website (that’s what I did last Sunday..).

A couple of my favorites:

Printing Money – visualizes your average salary compared to a Fortune 500 CEO’s salary, Twitter revenue compared to Amazon revenue, or the US deficit increase. 

Life Stats – shows stats about things that happened since you were born. For example, for me it shows:

  • You’ve spent 3,141 days of your life asleep
  • There are 2,090,892,679 more people of Earth than when you were born
  • There is 15% more CO2 in the atmosphere than when you were born
  • The S&P 500 is up 610% in your lifetime (I guess I should have started investing earlier)
  • The moon is 98 cm further away than when you were born
  • The number of humans living in extreme poverty decreased by 71%
  • Life expectancy went up 8 years for all people

This is wild. I assume when you’re born earlier than me (1994), your stats will be more mindblowing. 

My absolute favorite: Spend Bill Gates’ Money – it’s basically a Bill Gates money game. You can spend $100,000,000,000 (that’s billion) on anything you like. NBA teams, cruise ships, skyscrapers, formula 1 cars, mansions, yachts, gold bars, puppies, or big macs. Spending the money from one of the richest people in the world is super fun!

Even with all these options, it’s still really freaking hard to spend $100 billion. You’re up for the game? Check how I did. 

Spend Bill Gates' Money - Can You Do It
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How I Would Spend Bill Gates’ Money:

  • I got one puppy, let’s get this party started! (Cost: $1,500).
  • On top of that, I got 3 designer handbags. Let’s forget about the clothing ban, when I have $100 billion I can spend $5,500 on a handbag. (Cost: $16,500)
  • If I’m gonna be a billionaire, I guess I got to live up to the expectations. I decided to get one cruise ship (because why the hell not), the Mona Lisa to hang in one of my 3 mansions, 2 hot tubs, 2 diamond rings, 5 Rolexes, 3 Tesla’s, a Ferrari, and 2 formula one cars. To top it off, let’s also go for a Boeing 747 and 21 $7.5 million yachts for me and my friends – yes, you can have one as well. (Cost: $2.2 billion)
  • To conserve some of my capital, I will also get 99 gold bars. (Cost: $69.3 million)
  • With my fortune, I will have 37 skyscrapers build and I will put my name on them. They are the greatest skyscrapers you will ever see. (Cost: $31.5 billion)
  • Gotta buy the entire NBA with my fortune, let’s have some fun! (Cost: $63.6 billion)
  • Besides that, funding a couple of movies also seems like something that I should tick off in my billionaire life. 8 movies should do the trick. (Cost: $800 million)
  • With my leftover money, I will buy 6,300 single family homes. There are many people that can use a home right now. I will let them rent for extremely cheap prices, make them happy, and build up some passive income. Just so I can help more people. (Cost: $1.9 billion)

YES, I spend the entire $100 billion. It’s so much fun the spend the entire $100 billion, even though not all spending makes an equal amount of sense for me. 

I’m very curious, how would you spend your $100 billion? 

What Is Bill Gates’ ACTUAL Fortune?

The amazing this is that this website actually UNDERESTIMATED Bill Gates’ staggering wealth in terms of his net worth. At the moment of writing (August 2020), this total net worth is estimated at $112 billion by Forbes, making him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Gates is right up there on the list of billionaires with Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett.

Bill and Melinda Gates have a charity together, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They are known for their philanthropy. For example, in May 2020, they spent $300 million towards fighting the pandemic. 

To date, $35.8 billion of Microsoft stock has been given to the Gates Foundation, which is incredible. This means they have given more money to charity than anyone else. Ever. That is probably a better way to spend your money than buying the entire NBA. 

How Many Big Macs Can Bill Gates Buy?

If there are 7 billion people in the world, and a Big Mac costs $2, Bill Gates can buy each person 7.143 Big Macs. 

The $2 price on Neal’s website is probably assuming bulk discount though. 

Spend Bill Gates' Money

How Much Money Does Bill Gates Make Per Second?

With a net worth of $111 billion, a 7% average return would earn Bill Gates $246.39 per second. That even makes picking up a $100 bill when he finds one a bad investment. 

What Is Bill Gates’ House Worth?

While Gates gave away a big part of his fortune, he makes sure he is comfortable. His mansion near Seattle is worth at least $127 million today. Gate purchased the lot for $2 million in 1988 and build his very own dream home. 

When your net worth if north of $110 billion, some lifestyle inflation only seems fitting. 

Here are some interesting facts about the Gates house:

  • They paid $1 billion in property taxes in 2017 alone
  • The house has a 60-foot pool, in a separate building. The pool also has an underwater music system, how crazy is that!
  • The property has 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, and a reception hall for 200 guests.
  • A library that is 2,100 square feet, with two secret bookcases and the Codex Leicester (a manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci, purchased for $30.8 million). 
  • The garage can accommodate up to 23 cars, which will be mostly used for the luxury car collection of Bill. He is known to like Porsches.  
  • Every year, Microsoft holds an auction where employees donate products or services and people can bid on them. An employee once won a private tour around the property with a bid of $35,000. All proceedings went to their charity organization. 

Charity Work

Besides his real estate and his car collection, Bill Gates is doing great things as a philanthropist. He retired from the board of Microsoft in 2020 in order to spend money time on philanthropy, including global health, education, and climate change.

Bill Gates has an excellent money mindset, given all the things that he does and all the money he earns. Do you want to improve your money mindset? Try listening to these rapper quotes about money, say daily affirmations to attract wealth and abundance, or learn more about the Law of Attraction and manifesting.

Spend Money By Donating

Conclusion – Spending Bill Gates’ Money

Spending all the money Bill Gates has amassed over the years is fun. It feels strange to now know what you should do with the money, so you’re buying things like the NBA for $63.6 billion.

It’s fun to dream about what you could do with that money.

Now it’s up to you. How would you spend Bill Gates’ money?

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Spend Bill Gates' Money

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