What Kept the World’s Wealthy From Solving Africa’s Water Crisis Sooner?

Africa is one of the regions known to have water scarcity, along with the Middle East. Fifteen out of the twenty countries experiencing water scarcity are found in Africa. And instead of getting better, the situation is getting worse. 

In 2023, YouTuber MrBeast decided to take on the challenge to solve Africa’s water scarcity by drilling 100 wells. This is not the first time someone has lent Africa a hand in dealing with their water crisis. Many philanthropists have established programs and budgeted projects to provide Africa with the water they need. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are known to fund several projects in the region, including some that deal with water scarcity. 

If billionaires and philanthropists have tried to repeatedly solve this crisis, why is it still a prominent problem in the region today? Here are some of the reasons hindering their triumph.

1. Unsustainable Water Management

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Many philanthropists tried to give Africa a hand, increasing people’s access to clean water by drilling wells, but they’re only a short-term solution.

The well can provide water supply for the people but only for a short period of time. They will then leave the well abandoned, and it won’t be able to function anymore. 

2. Climate Change

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By 2050, climate change is expected to decrease the region’s annual rainfall. The changes in the climate of the region can lead to severe droughts in the region. This leads to water stress, which can worsen the water scarcity in Africa. 

3. Unmanageable Population Increase

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Like everywhere else, the population in Africa is becoming unstoppable. Africa’s water scarcity was already an issue in the past and has only worsened with the increase of population, increasing the demand for water. In Zimbabwe alone, the population increased by 9 million from 1980 to today’s 2023. 

4. Government Corruption

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In the midst of all the suffering, government corruption is still ever-present. While philanthropists fund the charity wells to battle water scarcity, local warlords take over these wells and charge people for their use. They even ensure that people will not start drilling new wells nearby for fear of competition. 

5. Community Conflicts

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Africa is a diverse region where varying communities and tribes reside. Due to ethnic diversity, conflicts are constant. In fact, in 1998, the United Nations reported that 14 countries within the region were at war. Today, many Sub-Saharan regions are still in conflict, specifically Ethiopia, Lesotho, Burundi, and Mali. 

The chaos is another reason for water scarcity in the region. Some claim that after their village got the pump and filters, the neighboring village sneaked in at night to wreck everything. 

6. Difficult to Maintain

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Wells are very hard to maintain in Africa. Maintenance is also very expensive. It’s one of the reasons why philanthropists just continue to drill new wells rather than improving and maintaining the old ones. 

Regular maintenance and supply of parts are both difficult in the region. Finding a professional to work on the maintenance is also a challenge. After some time, the wells will be abandoned since they won’t be functional anymore.

7. Loss of Ground Cover

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The lack of wells is not the issue in Africa but the ground cover loss. This means that whatever little rainfall they get often runs off and is lost.

Many philanthropists and organizations have tried to introduce programs that can directly solve this issue, but it involves a meticulous process that includes proper location, population management, and solid community cooperation.

Getting the entire community to work on this solution is the biggest challenge to this program and leads to its failure. 

8. Ineffective Leadership

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The leadership in many villages and countries in Africa is ineffective. While some try their best, many leaders are more concerned about their survival and well-being. They prioritize their welfare over the lives of their low-income citizens. 

9. Some People Only Do It for PR

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International foreign aid is a constant in Africa. Many organizations have already visited the region and even set up foundations and programs focusing on water scarcity.

While many NGOs try to make their solutions more sustainable, many companies only come for the sake of PR and tax exemption. They’d just come in, donate, get several pictures, and then go home.

10. Turns Into A Charity Scam

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The sad thing about Africa’s water scarcity is that some still find a way to use the issue to their advantage. Some who claim to dig wells in Africa and ask for donations from others just end up keeping the money for themselves.

So many people seem to be involved in the charity, but you’ll see a significant decrease in the organizations once it’s time to actually do the drilling. 

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