Recognizing the 14 Dead Giveaway Signs of a Closet Genius – Are You One of Them?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Many of the kids who joined that TV show were academic geniuses, but do you know there are signs and dead giveaways of a closet genius? Here are 14 ways you can recognize a genius. 

1. They gather information before making a judgment 

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People who are geniuses tend to learn everything they can before making an informed decision.

Someone even commented, “Be curious, not judgmental,” and I say that’s good advice.

2. They don’t pretend to know everything

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Geniuses are called such not just because they know a lot but because they know they need to know more.

Someone shared a story about his dad, saying, “My dad is one of the most brilliant people I know, and he’s endlessly curious about everything.”

3. They don’t argue to change anyone’s viewpoint 

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Arguing is fruitless, especially for people who are set on their ways, and a genius knows that.

A person quoted Keanu Reeves and said, “I’m at that stage in life where I stay out of discussions. Even if you say 1+1=5, you’re right — have fun.” This non-overthinking attitude is quite refreshing.

4. They are confident enough to admit when they don’t know something 

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Smart people are so comfortable with their intelligence that they can easily admit ignorance if it’s the case.

Someone shared, “My doctor got my mad respect when during our consultation he said “I don’t know,” then he immediately picked up the phone and dialed a specialist and asked them.” Ignorance is bad if you don’t do something about it. 

5. They listen and let you do most of the talking 

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Geniuses like gathering details, which can be accomplished better by listening.

Someone disagreed, though, and claimed, “[It’s a] wonderful quality, but this is more of a social skill or indicator of emotional intelligence than an indicator of intellectual intelligence. You can be brilliant but still be a terrible listener.” Who do you agree with?

6. They explain things using comparisons and analogies 

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Intelligent people tend to explain complicated concepts using comparisons and analogies. They tend to express ideas creatively but, at the same time, are easier to understand.

That’s why a user remarked that this might contradict the concept that geniuses are quiet. 

7. They ask substantial questions 

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Smart people tend to ask substantial questions, proving they are listening to you.

One person claimed that “it’s not so much that they ask questions but the type of questions [they ask].” 

8. They don’t claim to have firm answers 

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Geniuses are often open to possibilities and don’t have firm answers to questions that might be open to interpretation.

Someone claimed, “They shrug and say ‘I don’t know’ a lot because they have never really finished thinking the matter through.”

9. They downplay their intelligence

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Smart people like to believe they are the smartest in the room but would downplay their intelligence and often make you believe otherwise. Some are geniuses but don’t believe it’s enough.

One person remarked, “The amount of super smart people I know that have unfounded anxiety about their competence is way higher than it has any reason to be.”

10. They can explain complex concepts in simple terms

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People who can simplify complex concepts mean they understand them enough that they can explain the concepts in their own terms.

Someone acknowledged, “This right here is perhaps the number one tell of a person who is truly intelligent and knows what they’re talking about rather than baffling people with inane nonsense and super verbose and needlessly intricate words to ‘prove’ how smart they are.”

11. They think differently

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If you’re smart, you probably think differently.

Someone commented, “Thinking differently than others is pretty high up there for smart people. [There’s] also the need to classify everything into subset categories to organize their thoughts.”

12. They don’t get defensive when someone disagrees

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People who know they’re right don’t need to get defensive to prove a point. These geniuses don’t get out of their way just to get angry that someone doesn’t believe them and can even admit when they’re wrong. 

Not everyone agrees, though. Someone said, “Smart people can get into heated arguments as well. I would much rather judge the arguments of a person to determine how smart they are than to simplify my interaction and listen to the calm speak.”

13. They’re funny 

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Some believe that humor is a sign of genius because it means they’re fast thinkers. But some also disagree with this notion, saying that fast thinking is not the same as being intelligent.

One even shared, “I know some people who aren’t good at quick quips and comebacks but are some of the smartest people I know.”

14. They always add counterpoints 

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Geniuses offer counterpoints when making some arguments that sometimes seem like they contradict themselves.

Someone in the thread even shared, “Most ignorant people I know always speak like their opinions are facts that are infallible.”

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