Do You Dare to Question? Exposing the 10 Myths Society Doesn’t Want You to Doubt

I found this question online not long ago: “What is a myth that many people believe, even though it’s not true, but has become deeply embedded in our society?”

Are you thinking of a myth you believed until you were too old? Is there a myth you recently thought about because you were not sure it was true? Here are the top-voted responses to the question. 

1. “Cheaters never win”

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The most popular comment on this topic is from a user who points out a myth many people in our society believe, even though it’s not true. The myth is that cheaters never win. Another user shares a funny story about a coworker who always takes shortcuts and believes that cheaters always win.

Yet another user mentions a famous saying from a high school coach: “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.” While it’s said in a light-hearted and competitive way, it does have some truth to it in certain situations.

2. Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis

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Many people still believe a myth about cracking your knuckles causing arthritis—it’s simply a myth. Even a doctor cracked only one of his knuckles for sixty years to prove it. He received an Ig Nobel prize for his experiment.

A user named David explains that the Ig Nobel Prize is a funny award to honor achievements that make people laugh and think. It’s not a real Nobel Prize, but David thinks it’s still cool.

3. The Most Important Meal of Your Day

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… now it’s time this myth is put to bed. The user who shared this information mentioned that it was a slogan created by Kellogg’s company over 100 years ago, without much scientific evidence to support it.

In the past 100 years, scientists have conducted many detailed studies on this topic, most of which have shown mixed results. It turns out that the importance of breakfast varies from person to person, depending on their individual preferences and eating habits. So, it’s inaccurate to say that breakfast is universally the most important meal.

4. Shaving Makes Your Hair Darker and Thicker

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One user shares the myth that shaving your hair makes it grow back darker and thicker. So many people still believe in this to this day. Another user jokingly adds that he’s 45 and balding; he’s been shaving his head for around 8 years. He could only wish that shaving made it grow darker and thicker because then, he wouldn’t have balding spots. 

Another user adds an interesting point that many people don’t think about. They say that when you consistently shave an area, the hair never gets a chance to become softer and finer at the ends over time.

So, the new leg hair you shave off won’t feel the same as the baby hair that has been there for years. A third user shares that most people start shaving their baby hair around the same time their hair grows thicker due to puberty. So often, the change in hair texture is actually because of puberty, not because of shaving directly.

5. You Get a Promotion When You Work Hard

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Some people believe in the myth that if you work hard, your bosses will notice and promote you, leading to great success. But the truth is, it doesn’t always work that way.

Another user shared a little poem by Sprog:

“I used to do

the work of two,

My role and even more –

But now they’ve spied

how hard I’ve tried…

…I do the work of four.”

The writing of the poem is saying that they used to work very hard, doing more than what was expected of them. But instead of being appreciated and promoted, they ended up with even more work to do.

6. Eating Carrots Gives You a Better Eyesight

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One user says there’s a myth that carrots give you better eyesight. Another user jokingly adds, “Well, you’ve never seen a rabbit wearing glasses, have you?”

Another interesting fact, shared by a third user, is that not eating carrots can worsen your eyesight because they have vitamin A. But here’s the thing: eating more carrots won’t make your eyesight better. It’s just a coincidence! Back when the myth started, people didn’t know this fact.

7. Work Hard to Become Rich and Successful

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One user shares the myth they hear most, “The only thing you need to do to be rich and successful is work hard.” In addition to it is that you have to have money to make money. It’s not a given that you will become successful if you work extremely hard.  

Another user has a different view on it and shares that everyone has a unique set of circumstances, skills, talents, and life experiences that give them access to opportunities that aren’t available or obvious to someone else. They added, “The smart people figure out how to leverage what they have available while the others whine that they don’t have what someone else does.”

8. Humans Only Use 10% Of Their Brain

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One user talks about the myth that humans only use 10% of their brains.

We actually use most of our brains for even simple activities. Our brains are large and consume a lot of energy for a reason. They didn’t evolve just for fun.

9. West Aussies Losing the Emu War

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Another myth is about West Aussies losing the Emu War. Well, the most famous part was a loss, but don’t worry! They put a bounty system in place later, successfully reducing the emu population. In the second war in the 50s, humans cleanly won.

Another user added that the famous part was only the first 3 days. There were 3 soldiers with just 2 guns, and they weren’t experienced hunters. So, the first few days didn’t go well. But then they managed to kill around 1,000 to 2,000 emus. They ran out of ammo, and the government decided to pay bounties instead. In just 6 months, over 50,000 bounties were claimed.

10. The Daddy Longlegs Spider

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One user says that daddy longlegs are the most venomous spider in the world, but don’t worry, they can’t harm us because they can’t penetrate our skin. That last part is the myth, unfortunately. Its venom is pretty weak and can’t hurt us, but it can still bite through our skin.

Another user adds there are actually different animals called daddy longlegs. Some are spiders, some are a different kind of arachnid called a harvestman, and some are even insects. So, it’s not just one type of daddy longlegs out there! You have to decide how you feel about that for yourself. 

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