14 Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World That Will Take Your Breath Away

There are many reasons to travel the world, but all tourists and travelers must at least, once in their lives, visit a place that will have them stop in their tracks and admire the view.

With so many unique places in the world, here are the most spectacular ones that will surely leave you mesmerized. Whether you’re trying to unwind at a beach, disconnect from the digital world, or experience a new foreign city, these are all must-include in your travel bucket list.

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Banff National Park, Canada

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/kamchatka

One of the most-visited places in Canada, Banff National Park is the country’s first-ever national park. It has one of the crystal blue waters that you can marvel at. The best time to visit is during July and August, when the sunlight can fully reflect off the rock floor, showing the turquoise hue. 

The place also has three ski resorts you can enjoy during winter. So whether you visit during summer or winter, you can still enjoy many outdoor activities.

Palawan, Philippines

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/muha04

Palawan is considered by many as one of the best islands globally. It is home to stunning beaches, lakes, rivers, and limestone cliffs. Island hopping and snorkeling is a must when visiting here.

Palawan’s marine biodiversity is rich and one of the best. You can also enjoy eating fresh and mouth-watering seafood plates and other local cuisines.

Cherry Blossom Season, Japan

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/praewa_koreashopping@hotmail.com

Locally known as Sakura, these cherry blossoms are globally recognized for their bright, serene, and transient beauty. The flowers usually bloom around March and early May for a week or less. 

Cherry blossom trees can be seen across Japan’s diverse landscapes. In their full bloom, various events and festivals are celebrated nationwide during this season. 

Santorini, Greece

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/Patryk_Kosmider

Santorini Island is a natural wonder. It is located in the Aegean Sea, which is southeast of Greece.

In Santorini, every angle is a breathtaking view from volcanoes, museums, castles, archaeological sites, and wineries. The island’s main attraction is its traditional villages, filled with unique structures made from volcanic materials. 

Las Salinas de Torrevieja, Spain

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/Ivantsov

Have you ever seen pink water? Moreso, swam in it? In Spain, you can marvel at the rose-tinted lake of Las Salinas de Torrevieja. This lake has a high salt content, so a quick swim can give both exfoliating and detoxifying effects.

Also, if you visit during the breeding season, you can also witness thousands of flamingos flocking over the area. 

Mù Cang Chải, Vietnam

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/monticello

Vietnam’s Mù Cang Chải is one of the best-cultivated topography in Asia. Its main attraction is its rice terraces coiled in ribbons around hills. It showcases the rich culture of Vietnam’s largest ethnic subgroup—the Black Hmong.

Mù Cang Chải offers spectacular views for photographers and undiscovered trails for hikers and motorbikers. 

Trolltunga, Norway

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/Tampaci

Trolltunga, an incredible rock formation in Norway, rises 1180 meters above sea level and is 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet Lake. This means that getting to the top will involve hiking exhaustingly high mountains. On your journey, you will get a glimpse of Norway’s breathtaking panoramic views.

However, the view from the top of Trolltunga is the real deal. It offers an extensive view of Ringedalsvatnet Lake and the surrounding snow-capped mountains—best for your Instagram selfies!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/edb3_16

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the world’s most beautiful and scenic places. It offers numerous landmarks with spectacular views, including crevices, caves, rock formations, waterfalls, beaches, and the Colorado River.

You can go hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, camping, or even ride a helicopter to view the Grand Canyon’s beauty from different angles. 

Machu Picchu, Peru

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/pazham

Machu Picchu of Peru is listed among the seven wonders of the world. It is an ancient terraced city of the Incas, situated at an elevation nearing 8,000 feet.

Machu Picchu’s architecture, natural setting, and surrounding mountains will provide you with a breathtaking view, making it highly visited by tourists from all over the globe. 

Acadia National Park, Maine

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/f11photo

The Acadia National Park is home to stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. The park’s main highlights include Mount Desert Island, Schoodic Peninsula, Isle au Haut, Cadillac Mountain, Thunder Hole, Great Long Pond, and Sand Beaches.

The park is open all year round for you to enjoy various outdoor activities, including hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, biking, and camping. 

Barcelona, Spain

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/fazon1

Barcelona is a feast for the eyes and should be on your travel bucket list. It is home to Antoni Gaudi’s iconic architectural creations—one of the main reasons tourists love to visit. The main architectural attractions in the city include the Basilica of La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Pedrera, and Casa Batllo.

It’s a haven for artistic inspiration, with the famous Picasso museum and the historical Gothic Quarter. Barcelona also has some of Spain’s best beaches, boutiques, and seafood. 

Provence, France

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/Maugli

Provence has long been a favorite for tourists because of its near proximity to a coastline, the Mediterranean Sea, and vast tracts of vineyards producing world-famous wines. It is well-known for its stunning landscape, lighting, and colors.

Not only can you admire its stone-clad architectural landscapes, but you can also marvel at the beauty of hectares of lavender fields and sip rosé at sunset with a fresh baguette at hand. Also, this region is known for more than its fair share of talented artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Pablo Picasso. 

Lake Como, Italy

Image Credit: DepositPhotos/wildman

Lake Como continues to be one of Italy’s famous tourist destinations. With its lush landscapes, glamorous castles and villas, and sun-drenched alpine coastlines, this region attracts a wide variety of tourists from different areas of the world.

To enjoy a breathtaking view, take the funicular to Brunate, where you’ll see a small village just above the lake.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives MSN
Image Credits: Unsplash

Have you ever seen stars on water? Popularly known as the “Sea of Stars,” the beaches in the Maldives emit a brilliant blue glow, giving the appearance of the stars descending from the skies and into the water. This phenomenon is widely visible under the moonlight.

The internet has been swooning over the beaches on Vaadhoo Island because of the bioluminescent phytoplankton in the water’s reefs.

Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine, Chile MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/kavramm

Towering mountain ranges, waterfalls, and glaciers surround Torres del Paine National Park.

Moreover, the park is globally renowned for its lakes reflecting the towering gray glaciers and mountain ranges that provide tourists with spectacular mirror views. It also features numerous natural viewpoints you can hike and will surely leave you speechless.

Tayrona, Columbia

Tayrona, Colombia MSN
Image Credit: DepositPhotos/lewi222

Tayrona National Park is situated on Colombia’s Northern Caribbean coast. 

The park is renowned for its colorful and tropical jungle, rich coral reefs, and amazing turquoise-watered beaches. Tayrona Park is a must-visit haven for people who want relaxation on the beach. 

Galapagos Islands, Pacific Ocean

Galapagos Islands, Pacific Ocean MSN
Image Credits: DepositPhotos/jkraft5

Galapagos Islands is one of the most desired destinations to visit. This archipelago shares a unique connection between man and nature. It is one of the few places that legally allows tourists to swim and walk beside wildlife. 

The archipelago is home to numerous unique volcanic formations and amazing colored sand beaches, namely the red Rabida beaches and green Floreana beaches. Galapagos Island is also home to exotic marine life.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia MSN
Image Credits: DepositPhotos/dmitriy-rnd

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat which is approximately 4,000 square miles. It features magnificent sceneries ranging from high-altitude deserts, lakes, and volcanic hot springs.

It offers an exceptional and breathtaking view that you can only experience here. When the salt flat is wet, the water becomes the largest mirror reflection in the world. It offers the perfect scene, especially at night, where the beach can literally reflect the stars and the Milky Way. 

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