The Law Of Attraction Summary & Review [Esther Hicks]

Are you eager to learn about the Law of Attraction? In this the Law of Attraction summary and book review, we will go into the book’s basic lessons. 

The Law of Attraction: the basics of the teachings of Abraham is written by Esther Hicks. She is one of the first to experience the Law of Attraction. Esther and Abraham start their teachings in the 1980s, long before the film and book The Secret was released. 

It is the first book on manifesting I’ve ever read, and I have to say it’s a good one to start with. They have all the teachings of Abraham and short exercises to practice them immediately. My mind is starting to open up for these types of learnings and teachings. 

That’s why I have written this Law of Attraction book review to let you know that it’s possible to live your dream life!

I have to say that it was a process of being skeptical at first and slowly opening up throughout the book.  

Why was I skeptical at first? The book teaches the teaching of Abraham-Hicks, which I was thinking was the child or family member of Esther Hicks (the writer of the book). 

Then I learned that Abraham is a spiritual guide that talks (channels) through Esther.

The entire book is written in that way – Abraham talking through Esther. Her husband, Jerry Hicks, asks the questions for Abraham to answer.

I read the book anyway, and I really enjoyed it a lot. It is an easy and light read, BUT it is stashed with wisdom and lessons highly applicable to everyday life. 

Let’s dive into this Law of Attraction book review book, and all start attracting our dream life! 

Law of Attraction Basics

Basically, the Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. Or, more simply, like attracts like.  It is one of the seven universal laws, just like the law of gravity.

It is a new thought movement based on reprogramming your mind and belief system to manifest your desires. It shows the subconscious mind’s power and is a popular way of attracting money and making your dreams come true.

This Law of Attraction indicates that everything is energy, in a vibration, which attracts things of the same vibration. You put that vibration out by your thought, making the Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts. 

This law doesn’t make any difference between your negative and your positive emotions. If it is something you want and you think about it, you attract it in your reality. If it is something you do NOT want and you think about it, you attract it in your reality. 

This is why positive affirmations are so powerful! With an affirmation, you are training your subconscious mind to transform your life consciously. You try to get rid of your negative thinking and limiting beliefs. Instead, you want to replace it with positive energy, new thoughts (positive thoughts), positive energy, and positive self-talk.

It is not that things will instantly show up when you’re thinking about it. However, it will be attracted with time and attention.

When the book mentions that giving negative thoughts to something doesn’t work, I have to agree. I always remember in class thinking, “don’t pick me, don’t pick me,” and of course, they always picked me…

You will work together with Devine Intelligence to manifest miracles in your life. Some call it Devine Intelligence, and some call it God. You can call it whatever you are comfortable with.

The Power Of Feeling Good

With the Law of Attraction, it is stated that your thoughts influence what you attract in your life. Change your thoughts, and you will change your life.

However, because so many thoughts are subconscious, it is hard to change your thoughts. Rather than focusing on your thoughts, pay attention to how you want to feel. When you feel good, you are thinking helpful thoughts.

When you feel good, your vibration is higher, and you attract more of the things you want. When you are feeling good, you are most likely working towards creating something that you want. 

If you’re not feeling as good as you want, random acts of kindness can really help raise your vibrations and attract abundance.

If you are doubting whether you are creating something that you want, think about your emotions. Are you feeling a positive emotion? You are most likely creating something that you want. Are you feeling a negative emotion? You are most likely creating something that you don’t want. 

Having a morning routine where you’re starting the day off right can help. It can help raise your emotions, focus on what is important to you, and ground yourself.

So: focus your attention on what you desire while you’re feeling positive emotion

Wanting to feel good is a conscious decision that you need to take every single day. It is a mindset change to be happy, let go of what isn’t serving you, and fill your mind with inspirational, optimistic messages.

A mantra that I repeat to myself when I don’t feel like I attract success or attract love is: my success is inevitable, and I’m always on the rights path. It makes me instantly happier, feel wealthy, and have more self-esteem. Try if something like that works for you!

Interestingly, this book focuses on the desire and feeling a positive emotion, just as Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was. There are some similarities between the methods of creating the life you want. 

Focus On Your Ideal Situation

When you want to change a specific situation, focus on how you want it to be, and stop seeing the situation as it currently is.

The book states that as long as you give energy to your current situation, the change will be slower. 

Your ideal situation can be visualized by closing your eyes and thinking about it. When you are in your ideal situation, you can give emotion and energy to it – this way, you will attract it in your reality sooner. 

The power of thought will bring your positive life toward you and manifest your dreams. It will take repetition to heal your life and manifest abundance. Plus, visualization will make sure that your current circumstance isn’t getting in the way of achieving anything you want.

If you find it hard to focus on what you do want, think about what you don’t want and flip the script from there. If you keep doing that for every situation, you will notice a slow shift from focusing on what you don’t want to focus on what you do want. 

When you find your inner peace, optimism and improve your enthusiasm, you are getting closer to your dream life. You will start to feel like your higher self, the person who already has everything that you’ve ever dreamed about.

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Believe It

When you have created the want for a specific reality in your life, it is important to believe and allow that reality to come to you. 

The book outlined an exercise that gives you what you want. You first write down what it is you want. Below that, you write down the reasons why you want that. After that, you will write down the reasons you believe you will have it. 

This is a Creative Process in which you make clear to yourself what you want and that you’re able to get it. 

To get the things you want to arrive in your life, you must visualize or think about what you want daily. Think about what you want in life, focus on the emotions that leave you feeling good, and daydream about your ideal life. 

“If you want to be of greatest value to others, see them as you know they want to be” – Esther Hicks

Deliberate Creation

When you focus deliberately on something you want in your life, you are attracting it into your life through Deliberate Creation. 

Deliberate Creation is focusing on something and visualizing you getting it until that becomes a reality. It would be best to only think about what you want to create in your reality. If you’re thinking about why you can’t get it, it won’t come to you. 

For example, if you think, “I want to have a house that we can call home,” that will come to you. If you’re thinking, “I want to have a house that we can call home, but that would be too expensive,” you’re not attracting it into your reality. 

When you’re focusing on deliberate creating, you guide your thoughts to what it is you want.

If you want to speed up this process, bring emotion to the game. If you give thought to things that give you a strong emotion, you will attract it quicker. 

Inspired Action

Many think that the Law of Attraction is only about wanting it and believing you will get it. It is not. It is also about taking action towards what it is you want from a place of aligned thoughts. 

If you’re not feeling good about the action you’re taking, and it feels like hard work without results, you’re not taking action from a place of aligned thought. If you’re feeling excited about getting into action and putting in the work, this means you are taking inspired action from a place of aligned thoughts. 

The Art Of Allowing

The Art of Allowing specifically means being happy where you currently are and being joyful with who you are. 

If you have an open attitude and are opening up to allowing what you want to come into your life, you won’t experience negative emotions. Because what you want into your life is making you experience positive emotion.  

If you’re focusing only on what makes you feel good, you will experience only things that please you, which will make you feel positive emotion. This will be an upward circle of opening up to attracting the things that you want. It will get better and better, and better. 

Focus Will Bring Clarity

People are creating their own experiences, whether they set deliberate intentions or not. 

When you give attention to something, the Universe works like a magnet. If you give attention to a positive thought, it will grow bigger. If you give attention to a negative thought, it will grow bigger. 

You must be identifying what is important for you in life. That way, you can create your own experience by giving attention to different thoughts. 

When you are experiencing confusion, it is because you want too many things at the same time. When you focus on what you want at that moment in time, you get to what you want faster. 

Segment Intending

If it is hard to focus on one thing at a time, try to see everything as segments. As soon as you enter a new situation, you enter a new segment. 

You get up; that’s a segment. You get in the car; that is a segment. After that, you are at work, that is a segment, etc. 

In every segment, you set a new intention. For example, I want to drive to work safely. I want to have fun today at work. I want to enjoy my lunch. 

Why does this work? If you want many things at the same moment, it will confuse you. You don’t know what to focus on, and you will lack clarity. 

When you’re putting out your intention for every segment of your day, you will add clarity. You stop and think about what you want, going into whatever you’re doing with purpose. Allowing things to speed up as you create control over what you want.  

It shows the power of intention when you know what you want out of each segment of your day.

How To Get What You Want

“The best scenario is to desire something and to bring yourself into the belief or expectation of achieving it. That is creation at its best. If you have a slight desire for something and you believe you can achieve it, the balance is complete, and it becomes yours.” – Abraham-Hicks, The Law Of Attraction.

The majority of your energy is spent on knowing what you want and putting your thoughts towards it. That is how you attract what it is you desire. 

When you focus on your positive emotion in the creation process, you’re sure that you’re moving towards the desired outcomes. 

Think positive thoughts, stop worrying, count your blessings, enjoy every moment, be thankful, and feel at peace. When you feel the inner power that comes from that, positive things will happen in your life, and you can manifest anything.

Conclusion Law of Attraction Summary & Book Review

That was an interesting read for sure. It is a lot to take in and bring into action, but let’s start by focusing on what we want and setting out intentions.  

In the process, focus on your thoughts and focus on how you feel. 

Believe that you will get what you want, take inspired action, and allow whatever you want to come to you. 

Get your copy here today!

What is your impression after reading this Law of Attraction book review? Let me know below!

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  1. I read the book about 10 years ago and it kind of changed my life. When I realized that I‘m the only obstacle in the way of getting what I want, I started to deliberately be more optimistic. From the suggestions of wishing for a free parking spot all the way to having a successful career worked out pretty well for me. Another suggested book would be „How to make friends“ by Carnegie Mellon.

  2. “I’m the only obstacle in the way of getting what I want” – I love how you phrased that, that’s exactly what I took from the book. Great to hear that the book has helped you over the last few years, looking at your blog you’re doing a great job working towards financial independence indeed!

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