How To Become Obsessed With Something & Achieve Your Goals

Want to know how to become obsessed with something? Can it really drive you to strive for more? Find out how an obsession can lead you to accomplish the things you want in life.

Obsession has always been associated with negative feelings and emotions. It can drive a person to have a strong sentiment towards a specific object or person. But by that same logic, obsession can be turned into something positive too. 

You can turn the obsession into a more constructive and enriching process. This is true, especially when it is about reaching your goals. 

You can achieve your goals if you put your mind to them and make an effort to achieve the target you’ve set for yourself. However, does being obsessive really help? 

For some, it can be a self-driven attitude to push them to go after their goals and strive to live their dream life. It can be the difference-maker in achieving instead of just dreaming in life.

Let’s see if you have what it takes to turn your obsession into a positive and life-changing factor.

11 Tips On How To Become Obsessed With Something

Fulfilling your dreams is not an easy road to take. There will always be challenges keeping you from reaching your goals. The key here is to know when you must change the way you see things and, most importantly, how you work for them. You can’t just settle and not go after what you want. 

You have to go past enough and really go for it! This is where your obsession can be the key to get from good to great in life.

When you become obsessed with something, you will focus more on reaching the goal than being frustrated by the difficulties ahead of you. By focusing on your goal, you will be able to pursue the things you want. 

Here are some tips you can use and follow to become obsessed with something:

1. Regularly Check Your Social Circle

Checking your social circle is a good thing, but some people might tag this one as rude. However, we are referring to those who don’t support us, people who are not good for our mental health. 

Those people could be a hindrance and could restrain you from reaching your goals. You can decide whether you want to limit your interactions with them. Remember to surround yourself with positive people, and your perspective changes too.

If you want to become obsessed with something, it is important to adapt to positiveness. This will teach you flexibility, eagerness and encourage you to pursue what you want. 

In addition, surrounding yourself with people who have the same goal allows you to learn from them and puts you full of positive energy when going after what you want.

2. Write It Down And Read It Daily

Make it a habit to write down your objectives, whether it is for daily chores, short-term goals, or long-term desires. Writing it down will force you to be as coherent as possible. The more clarity you have, the more secure it will be to reach your target.

Aside from writing it down, read it daily. By reading it, you are reminding yourself of the goals you have. Examples could be money affirmations to attract wealth and abundance, meditating or journaling. 

Write and read your goals to condition your mind, setting it to become obsessed with it. So that, whenever you forget your goals or what you are supposed to do, writing and reading it will let your mind absorb the information subconsciously. It will help you to stay focused.

3. Find A Space Where You Can Contemplate

Having your own space or room will help you contemplate the things you want. You can put images on the wall, such as your dream destination, dream house, car, pets, and more. 

That can help inspire you and allow you to be imaginative about the goals you have.

Seeing your goals will more likely guide you to focus on your projects and motivate you to take action. This can be habitual, too. With a weekly routine, it will make it easier to practice.

If you want to become obsessed with something, try to live like a supreme minimalist for 2 weeks. Like using your phone or devices less, reduce watching television, avoiding social media, noises, or any unnecessary distractions. You will notice that you have more time left, more energy, increased sharpness, and are motivated to reach your goals.

4. Learn Everything

To become obsessed, you will have to learn everything about your topic, and you have to become more knowledgeable than the average person. The more you gain knowledge, the better you will understand it, the easier it will be for you to master and at the same time enjoy it.

Having a broad knowledge will allow you to slowly become a skilled expert on topics that interest you, and in exchange, you will have more confidence in yourself. 

Learning all about the things you want and spending time on that will become part of your identity.

You can start by reading free information on the internet, books at the library, e-books on Amazon, reading blogs, or watching videos on YouTube. Regardless of where you get your resources, learning is the most basic thing to start becoming obsessed with.

5. Make A Calendar

Besides writing your goals daily, making a calendar of your activities can also get you to your goals faster. Planning your time specifically with your day-to-day objectives is a great help.

You can add your timeline on how you can reach your goals, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly. Small steps are a perfect start to do something and become obsessed with it. 

Don’t forget to add days off, treat yourself, and replenish if needed. That way, you can go back on track to working towards your goal and avoid burnout.

Bearing that in mind, writing down your idea in your calendar can create visual reminders. If you are not fond of calendars, write your goals down on your to-do lists, journal, print it out, and hang the image on your home or office.

6. Celebrate Big Or Small Wins

Obsessing over your goals can be exhausting at times, especially if it’s just an eat-sleep-work-repeat pattern. Celebrating wins can help release tension and relieve you of any pressure you put on yourself. 

Wins are like teaching your brain to link dopamine to the ideas you want to be obsessed with.

By celebrating your wins, you will make your mind crave for more. Just like getting good grades at school and then striving to excel more, or whenever someone praises you for doing a good job, and you’re pushing you to work harder after that.

Having this kind of attitude can be compelling. The activity may be different, but the way we see it is essentially the same. On any occasion, no matter how big or small your achievements are, celebrate them. You earned it! That’s your hard work paying off.

7. Keep Track Of Your Progress

Success can be addictive. What our minds link pleasure to can make us obsessed. Advancement makes us happy and boosts our self-esteem. Even so, the bigger our objectives are, the more difficult we feel in moving forward.

That’s because some of our goals take time, such as a 3-year goal for a home renovation, a 5-year plan for a business expansion, or for an all-year round trip across the globe. They may seem impossible, but with a driven obsession, you can aim for an outrageous goal.

These kinds of goals can be daunting, and sometimes we tend to remove them from our list. However, determination and keeping records of them can help us make an effort to accomplish our purpose.

Tracking your growth will make you attentive to each of your improvements or how much you’ve gained so far. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t see any results right away. Acknowledge it, work for more, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. 

If you have trouble finishing your lists, you can break them down into more manageable or moderate tasks. The goal is to feed your mind with an obsession and help you achieve it, not demoralize you.

How Does Obsession Make You Wealthy?

Obsession can be your ladder to becoming wealthy. Entrepreneurs around the world earn their money by being obsessed with making it, just like Grant Cardone

A company like Amazon, Apple, or even small companies are obsessed with providing services or value to the market, and with that, their income increases while the competitors fall.

Business owners have a mindset that pushes them to work hard for it. They have a can-do attitude, the motivation to be on top, and the mentality that they have the best product on the market.

These are some examples to persuade yourself to work hard, bring out the best in yourself, and achieve your goal of becoming wealthy.

Why Being Obsessed Is The Way To Achieve Your Goals?

Most people would think twice when they hear the word obsession. Why do you have to be obsessed to achieve your goals? Why can’t you just attain it normally? 

Yes, you can achieve your goals without being obsessed. 

However, did you know that dedication, inspiration, and assertiveness can help you become more successful? 

These 3 are the top keys to reaching your objectives. With obsession, success is within the palm of your hand. The impossible will be possible, and anything you set your mind to can be yours. 

Reasons Why Being Obsessed With Something Can Become Victorious

People with obsessive behavior are usually the ones who are successful, and here are some reasons why obsession may be the answer you’re looking for.

Obsession Motivates Concept And Innovation

Being obsessed makes you crave for more, it’s insatiable, and it’s the only thing that’s on your mind that pushes you to keep going. This may sound off to some, but it’s encouragement for others.

Constantly thinking about new concepts and opportunities in the most innovative ways can improve a product or service. 

As a matter of fact, successful people are self-driven in that they allow themselves to spend more time reflecting and using feedback loops. With this, they empower themselves to go on knowing that they could do better and question their way of thinking.

Giving you all means allowing yourself to set expectations that you will receive a reward for all the hard work you have done regardless of good or bad results. 

Obsession Outrun Talents

Talents are recurring patterns of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, while obsession is more than that. It brings you out of your sanctuary and lets you perform at your best. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the perfect examples you can look up to, and he is obsessed with winning. That got him where he wanted it to be. He is often compared to Lionel Messi. And as people describe them, Messi is pure talent, and Ronaldo is a pure obsession.

Ronaldo may not be as skillful as Messi, but he proved to everyone that he’s worth more with determination and self-driven passion.

Everybody is doing their best to become successful, and they don’t lack in any aspect. They just need to have an obsession to strive harder to achieve their goals in life.

Obsession Harnesses One Focus And Energy

Having goals is not enough. You have to aim for it to get it. However, we often lose track of our purposes along the way and continue doing what we think is best. 

Obsession can harness your focus into thinking about your objectives and controlling your energy deliberately. Every time you want some, you commit your focus and energy entirely to making it a reality. That is what successful people feel every single day. 

They try to make an effort to achieve what they truly desire and not focus on anything else. 

Obsession Increases Resolution

People who are successful are confident in their potential and believe that they can make a difference. Confidence is created from within you. You have to work for it. 

You have to have an obsession if you want to become triumphant in life, in work, in your business, and anything else. As they say, practice makes perfect. Obsession increases your resolution and allows you to work harder than everyone else.

Obsessive People Love The Word “No”

Who would have thought that saying no could be good? Everyone thinks that refusal could hurt us, so we tend to accept challenges and avoid saying no. 

“No” can be the key to success too! Especially dealing with rejection. Successful people do not accept rejection. Instead, they look at it as a stepping stone, and getting a no is the first step to getting a yes.

While always saying yes could be too distracting and avert your attention from accomplishing your ambitions.

Obsessive People Seek Guru’s

Books or documentation materials can share with you what you have to know. But with mentors, gurus, or experts who have already experienced most of these things, you can really move further.

Entrepreneurs seek guidance to apply what they have learned, to have additional insights, skills, and strategies. Your mentor could be a college professor, business owner, or coach that you can find online. 

There is nothing wrong with asking for more help. Keep in mind the more you learn, the better you understand, and the more you will grow. And your dreams will grow with you.

Obsessive People Makes A Sensible Decision

Obsessive people take responsibility for their work, and they don’t blame other people for their negligence. They make a rational decision and take it by heart, like starting a business and not adapting to the development of the market.

Instead of moping, they would use that failure as a learning experience and make sure to thrive more in their next venture.

Obsession Is The Key To Success

Obsession brings you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams, and the rest is up to you. Obsession helps you realize that becoming successful is not just about working hard but also about surpassing any doubts you have.

It drives you crazy enough to overcome any perceptive limits you set upon yourself. You reap what you sow. Therefore, if you only make a little effort, don’t expect to get the full benefits. But with the help of obsession, you can be certain that you can get what you want.

Obsessive People Loves Being In A Community

For every successful person, there’s a team behind it. It’s hard to achieve your goals if you are alone, and that’s why obsessive people love being in a community.

Besides that, surrounding yourself with people with the same goals will encourage you to realize your goals and share your struggles.

Together with your team, you can reach your goals and do the things you’re best at. This is why successful people are interesting as they can teach and show you a lot of things.

Obsession Allows You To Manage Your Time

Time is the essence, and therefore we have to utilize it. Obsession allows you to manage your time. For every set of goals you make, time is important.

As we have mentioned, tracking your progress is a must. It will give you an idea of how much more you have to do in order to reach it, how close you are to your goals, or what timeline works best for you.

Sooner or later, when you want something, everything else will look like a waste of time and obstruction. So you do everything you can to maximize your time and not spend more time on activities that don’t produce the results you want.

Obsessive People Are Dedicated

Obsessive people are dedicated to accomplishing their goals, dreams, and ambitions. They tend to go all-in in every step of their chosen path. They always give their all and their best. Thus, this is what they are supposed to be.

There is no plan B, C, D, and other letters in the alphabet. This is your goal. Work for it and achieve it! You can do it. With an obsession, you can reach your full potential and commit 100% to whatever you are chasing at the moment.

Ask yourself. Is this what you want? Is this where you are supposed to be right now? If not, devote yourself to obsessing about something you enjoy and pursue it with passion.

All in All – How To Become Obsessed With Something

Telling someone how to become obsessed with something could be a bit odd for some people. But when you look at obsession differently, you may be one of the few people who knows what it takes to become successful and achieve your dreams. 

Realizing this can be the X-factor you need to accomplish the things you want in life.

Being comfortable with the status quo is normal. It is a safe way to go about life as you stay in your comfort zone. But what is life without taking some calculated risk? 

This is me telling you to take a leap of faith and quit your job tomorrow without something lined up. It’s an encouragement to learn, experience, and grow. It is all part of the positive side of obsession. 

Always remember that there is a positive side to obsession. Focusing on something will make you better and get you one step closer to achieving your goals. Make it work for you as you take your journey to realize your goals.

This is the way of obsession. It is making you work to get everything you always wanted. Set your goals, work for them, and pursue them. That is the course of action you must take to accomplish your plan.