18 People Share The Absolute Worst Things They’ve Said During a Breakup

Cliché breakup lines exist for a reason, and some find comfort in these familiar words. But some people prefer the truth rather than sugarcoating with flowery words.

These 18 people shared their truths about when they broke up with their ex. 

1. There’s no one else, it’s just you

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One popular cliche breakup line goes, “It’s not you, it’s me.” But in this case, someone said he was straight to the point.

When his ex asked if there was someone else, he blamed her and told her, “No, it’s just you.” Emotional damage.

2. I missed her parents more than I missed her 

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Frank shared a time when he met his ex months after the breakup. His ex-girlfriend asked if he ever missed her.

He told her that he missed her parents more than he missed her. 

3. I just don’t love you anymore

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Someone also commented on the worst thing she ever told an ex during a breakup: “I just don’t love you anymore.”

She claimed to see the genuine heartbreak on his face, and it was gut-wrenching. 

4. I’ve been really happy since we’ve been apart

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Somebody narrated that his breakup was not his choice.

But when he reconnected with his ex, he told her, “Oh, I’ve been really happy since we’ve been apart. I don’t think I could get back together now.” Good for him.

5. You know, you are right, we aren’t very compatible

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Someone shared that he had just agreed to his ex when she broke up with him.

Besides saying they are incompatible, he told her, “Our relationship has been on the decline for some time.” What a healthy breakup.

6. He gave up on his emotional blackmailing ex

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Somebody was caught up in the trap set by his emotionally blackmailing ex-girlfriend.

When he finally had enough, he told her to “do a backflip on the way down so you can at least go out in style.” She left in peace.

7. I don’t think it’s working either

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Love sometimes just fades away, and that’s okay. In this case, Ethan believed that he and his ex just got to the point that they had to go their separate ways.

So when he told her, “This isn’t working, is it?” it’s not surprising that her response is, “No, it isn’t.” 

8. You are a 30-year-old loser

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Someone claimed that when she saw her ex with someone new in just 1 month, she couldn’t stop her mouth from saying, “You are a 30-year-old loser. Stop going to clubs to be the ‘DJ’ because people make fun of you.”

9. You’re just not that pretty

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“You’re just not that pretty” is the response someone made to his gold digger ex-girlfriend, who asked to be financed with $10k monthly.

After telling her that, he walked out for good.

10. Staying with you is the last thing I’ll do

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Going for an exaggerated approach, Lucius shared his words with an ex who was asking him to take her back. It would be the very last option he’ll do.

That’s a huge hit to her ego.  

11. I’m looking for someone who knows what commitment is

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Someone relates a story where he’s been seeing this girl on and off for years because she can’t seem to commit to him.

The next time she came back, though, he just honestly told her she was not what he was looking for.

12. Sex is part of the reason I’m ending things

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In breakups, compatibility is a huge factor, even the sexual aspect.

Somebody related how she broke up with his ex because of sexual incompatibility. While it’s not the main reason, it’s part of it. 

13. Please don’t leave, no one else will ever love me

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While it may sound desperate, “Please don’t leave me, no one would ever love me” may sound like someone wants to give it one last shot. It’s raw honesty from someone who’s devastated by the breakup.

Many said this line hits close to home. Someone added, “My self-esteem was totally shattered. My life was over. There just was nothing left.”

14. You can’t even commit to owning a cat

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Emily told her ex, “You need therapy if you actually want to be successful in relationships. You can’t even commit to owning a cat.”

She broke up with him due to commitment issues. And yes, owning a cat is a huge commitment. 

15. Thank you, that was very helpful

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One person said that his ex sent him an email with a list of issues and what was wrong with their relationship.

He was not able to say more other than, “Thank you, that was very helpful.”

16. Let’s Never Talk Again is probably the best

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Another person shared his breakup story when his ex genuinely told him, “This isn’t working out, I think we should just be friends.”

And his reply was, “Let’s just never talk again is probably best.” The relationship must’ve been worse than she thought. 

17. It’s not me, it’s you

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Somebody claimed that when he said, “It’s not you, it’s me,” it also meant, “I am not the problem. You are.”

This might sound selfish, but it also could just be the truth. 

18. I actually regret things I didn’t say

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Jennifer claimed that while being honest at that time, she still regretted many things she wished she had said.

Her ex was condescending, and she thought, “Maybe if he heard that from enough of his exes, he’d start to see a pattern.”

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