15 Best Cashback Apps Like Shopkick To Save More Money

Do you like saving money while shopping? Various apps offer rewards to shoppers, with Shopkick as one of the most popular platforms. Depending on your needs or location, there are other alternative apps like Shopkick. 

If you want to save or earn even more money than through Shopkick, there are other reward apps that you may find more satisfying. 

However, as there are many options, it’s best to check out how legit or suitable a new app is, so you may find this list helpful. 

Read on to know more about Shopkick and other cashback apps you can choose from to save more money.

What is Shopkick? 

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Shopkick is an app that rewards you with gift cards for online and physical stores such as Walmart and Amazon. 

The app is popular because of its legitimacy, customer support, and ease of use. Unlike other apps in the market, Shopkick doesn’t require you to purchase to get rewards. You can easily earn points by walking into the store and scanning items. 

You can also earn additional points if you purchase the item and scan the receipt.

Using the app consistently can give you around $5 to $10 weekly gift cards. In addition, you can earn 25,000 kicks, around $100, by sharing the app with your friends and family. 

Once you refer the app to 100 people, Shopkick will stop paying referral fees.

15 Other Apps Like Shopkick

If you are not happy with your Shopkick experience, there are several alternative apps in the market that you can use.  

Here’s the list of 15 of the best alternatives to Shopkick: 

1. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is one of the most versatile apps. Like Shopkick, it provides its users with many earning options, such as answering paid surveys, daily polls, playing games, online shopping, web surfing, watching ads, etc. You can earn between $5 to $50 monthly from its receipt rewards and online shopping rewards programs. 

If you want to use this app, you can get $5 for signing up with the link. 

For more details, head on to our Swagbucks review.


  • Multiple earning opportunities 
  • Great pay rate 


  • You need to reach a $25 minimum to transfer to your PayPal 
  • Wait time to get paid

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2. Fetch Rewards 

If you want to buy groceries and get rewarded, Fetch Rewards is the platform for you. 

The app works similarly to Shopkick, requiring you to scan your payment receipts to get reward points. You can redeem the reward points from the in-app store. 

Get 3,000 free points if you use this Fetch Rewards link and code APREWARDS!


  • A long list of partner stores 
  • Affiliation with over 50 brands such as Kraft, Breyer’s, and Campbell 


  • Limited offers 
  • Low points awarded for receipts 

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3. Rakuten 

Rakuten works in a way that shows deals related to the product you are looking to buy. 

If you buy from the partner retailer, there will be better deals with more rewards. The app has an in-store section to check all the current live deals with different brands. 

Read our full Rakuten review here.


  • Low minimum cash-out requirement ($5) 
  • Up to 40% cash back per activity 


  • Can cash out on a quarterly basis only 
  • Can only use PayPal or gift cards as a payment option 


4. Ibotta 

Ibotta is one the most famous rewarding apps on the iPhone app store, with more than 800,000 reviews. 

You can get a $10 bonus as soon as you finish the sign-up process after installing the app. Or, better still, use our unique link to sign up and get a $20 bonus.

Before making a purchase online or in-store, check Ibotta for rewards on your purchase. Here is our Ibotta review for more information.


  • Pays real cash instead of points 
  • Over 300 retailers 
  • Free to use 


  • Store specific offers 
  • Excessive advertisements 
  • Online purchases must be made through the app 

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5. GetUpside 

GetUpside can get you quick cash on purchases from restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. The app allows you to get around 25 cents per gallon cashback from the gas station. Moreover, referring a friend would also earn you a few dollars. 

If we talk about grocery and restaurant bills, GetUpside provides 15% and up to 35% cashback on your purchases, respectively. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Legitimacy 
  • Good customer support 
  • High cashback on essentials like gas


  • Limited grocery and restaurants participation 
  • Charges a $1 fee if you cash out less than $50 through a paper check 

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6. Drop

Drop is among the best rewarding apps if you like shopping through your mobile phone. 

Browse the list of offers in the app and get points for making a purchase. Each offer has a specific set of points as a reward. 

The app pays you through its partner brands. There are hundreds of popular brands for you to shop from. 


  • Variety of brands 
  • Gift cards to shop from famous stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, etc. 
  • Referral payment of 5,000 to 15,000 points 


  • Payment issues 
  • Reliability issues 


7. Capital One Shopping 

Capital One Shopping is a great alternative to Shopkick, with over 8,000 reviews on iPhone and 9,000 on Android Play Store. Its average rating is around 4.8, which shows the app’s legitimacy. Moreover, it has more than 10,000 stores and restaurants where you can buy your favorite items and food. 


  • Over 1 million active users 
  • Let you add it as a browser extension 
  • Allows you to compare prices among different shops 


  • Only available in the US 
  • Limited gift cards options 

8. Receipt Hog 

Receipt Hog allows you to get cashback through coins on every purchase you make in the store. The more you use the app, the more coins you can earn. Whenever you make a purchase, snap a photo of the receipt and upload it to earn coins. 

The coins can be redeemed for cash using PayPal or gift cards. 


  • Free to use 
  • Good customer support 
  • You can win Hog Slots spins for coin prizes 


  • Low rewards 
  • Additional requirements to qualify for money withdrawal 
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9. Paribus 

Paribus provides a lot of money-saving options without asking for much effort. It refunds you cash if you purchase an item within the last year and its price drops. 

Just sign up and earn quick cash. 


  • Good pay rate 
  • Ease of use 
  • Let you compare prices 


  • Limited retailers 
  • Require access to your email 
  • Low potential earnings 

10. Nielsen 

Nielsen enters you into the sweepstakes after you install the app on your phone or computer. In some cases, they even offer $50 per year just for having their app on your phone. They pay for participation in various kinds of research. 

The app tracks your searches and studies your online activity. 


  • Good pay rate (up to $1,000 from sweepstakes) 
  • Over 15 different options to redeem your rewards 
  • More sweepstakes entries for PC users 


  • Earnings can only be redeemed as gift cards
  • Risk of privacy loss due to data collection methods 

11. Dosh

Dosh is the most secure platform that rewards you for using your credit or debit cards. Just connect your cards with the app. 

Every time you purchase using your card, Dosh will automatically search for offers and redeem them. It converts the rewards into cash and deposits them into your dosh account. 


  • Get a $5 sign-up bonus 
  • Invite 25 friends to get an extra $125 
  • Get paid 20% of the deal by referring a business to the Dosh App 


  • Low participating retailers 
  • Only available for US residents 
  • Requires bank account information 

12. Mobee 

Mobee is the app that asks you to send feedback on restaurants and retail stores. In return, Mobee offers between $1 to $10, depending upon the time spent at the place. 

The shopping sessions are called missions on the Mobee app. Each mission lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. 


  • Payment within 48 hours 
  • Missions aren’t time-consuming 


  • Only available in the US 
  • Requires traveling to different stores 
  • Low missions’ availability in less crowded areas 

13. ReceiptPal 

ReceiptPal is an app developed in 2013 by the NPD group, a research company helping other businesses market their products and services. On ReceiptPal, users can scan their purchase receipts to earn points. A single receipt will give you around 25 points. 


  • Quick sign up 
  • Easy to understand point system (4 receipts is equal to 100 points) 
  • Multiple earning options (play games, participate in surveys, etc.) 


  • Can’t cash out real money 
  • Time-consuming validation process (72 hours) 
  • Cannot remain inactive for more than 90 days 

14. Amazon Shopper Panel 

The Amazon shopper panel also works on the receipt scanning system. It offers you $10 after you upload your first 10 receipts. It also provides surveys for you to earn some quick extra dollars. 


  • Free Amazon gift cards 
  • High pay rate (over $120 per year) 
  • Less time-consuming than other apps 


  • Long waiting time to get paid 
  • Only available in the US 

15. Premise 

The Premise is the platform that asks you to complete various survey tasks to earn cash. The tasks can be related to a product or service and, in some cases, their prices. 


  • Good pay rate 
  • Low payout threshold 


  • Low earning opportunities 
  • Time-consuming tasks 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Apps like Shopkick 

Does Shopkick Give You Money? 

Yes, Shopkick gives your money back for scanning your receipts every time you purchase. You can earn around $5 to $10 weekly gift cards for using the app consistently. 

How Many Shopkicks Make a Dollar? 

Around 250 Shopkicks are required to make a dollar. Check the Rewards section in the app for more specific rewards. 

You can also gain more money by sharing the app with your friends and family. 

What Is the Best-Paid Shopping App? 

Shopkick, Ibotta, and Rakuten are one of the best-paid shopping apps. 

Conclusion – Apps like Shopkick 

While there are many shopping reward apps, research the best fit for you. 

With these best Shopkick options, you can save more money by earning more rewards. If you combine two or more of these apps, you can maximize your savings. Don’t shop until you drop, but enjoy shopping with these apps. 

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