5 Frugal, Minimalist Hobbies That Are Awesome

Do hobbies always seem overly expensive to you? Here are 5 frugal and minimalist hobbies that are very enjoyable.

Over the last few years, I’ve been going from spending money to please other people to live a frugal life. This has been a great transition for me and it has brought me so much!

I choose to have a frugal life and it has served me well. Very well. 

The last two years I have spent saving money and investing a ton, because I am striving towards financial independence. 

On top of that, I have decluttered my house a lot – which has lead to me having a lot more mental and physical space to try new things. I am embracing and trying the minimalist lifestyle, meaning that I am learning to live my life with less.

I have less furniture, I have fewer clothes, and I have less clutter in general.

On a daily basis, I declutter, give things to friends and family, and donate things I no longer need. 

As I do things Radical style – no area of my life has been left untouched. I have thought about which relationships I wanted to keep and what hobbies would best suit me. 

My Past Hobbies

When I was a kid I loved collecting things. Whether it was post stamps, Pokémon cards, stickers, or shells – I had them all. When I grew up those things held little value to me anymore. I stopped caring about them altogether. 

My mom noticed that I stopped caring about them and gave all those things away. Of course I was surprised when I found out years later – but the fact that I didn’t miss them for such a long period of time says it all. 

After I realized that I did not need or want these things in my life, I noticed that having fewer things means that you don’t need to worry about a lot. 

I decided that decluttering would be good for me, that was the end of me collecting all the things. 

Another hobby I had was reading. I would go to the library 2x per week and read 10 books per week – no kidding. I would also ask books for my birthdays or other celebrations. The result? I would have an entire book closet filled with books. 

This is another hobby that I had to give up, as it took up too much space in my room.

My Frugal And Minimalist Hobbies

After I’ve let go of some of my old hobbies it was time for something new. Something that didn’t take up so much precious space in my small home. 

At the same time, it’s good to see that these hobbies that are taking up less space are also saving me some money. 

Here are some of my hobbies!

1. Reading

As I already said, I loved to read when I was a kid. I still do. I love to dive into books and read for hours on end. For most years of my adult life, I would finish somewhere between 30-50 books. 

Reading is a hobby that could even be absolutely free if you rely on your local library for your books. But, if you buy every book you want to read completely new, it can become a pretty expensive hobby. 

If you stick with what is available at your local library and don’t buy books unless you know you are absolutely going to read it, you will be fine. 

What I’m currently doing is taking my e-reader with me on my four month mini-retirement, where I’ve saved around 100 books. I mostly got them from friends, meaning they did not cost me anything. 

My favorite books so far:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks
  • The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

2. Blogging

Well, this one doesn’t take up much space for sure! All you need to start a blog is a functioning computer. Perhaps a desk, otherwise the bed would work just fine. 

Basically all you need is a computer and some time, that’s about it. I am fortunate enough to have access to both of those things. 

I started my blog in December 2018 and it has served me so well. 

Blogging even helps me to earn a little income – which is nice. It’s not like I get thousands and thousands per month with blogging, but between $100-$150 monthly. Which is more than I would have hoped when I started out.

If you want to build an income besides your current day job, check out my guide to starting a blog!

3. Board Games

Playing board games is something I love to do with friends or family. Often times I do board games when I’m having a night with friends. Depending on what location we are, we play different board games. 

Playing board games can become expensive when it’s more about getting new board games fairly often. When you focus on playing the games instead of buying them, it is not such an expensive hobby. 

If you’re going to different places with your friends for board games, you don’t need to acquire them all yourself. Meaning that you don’t have to store them as well. 

Classic games we play are Monopoly or Risk. Other favorites include Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and a recent favorite is Stone Age. 

Additionally, board games are easily accessible online. Play some of the classics such as Yahtzee, the dice-game classic that involves rolling dice 13 times and scoring the most points in a variety of different combinations.

4. Hiking

To clarify: by hiking, I mean going out on foot and exploring green nature-y areas. Whether you’re walking 30 minutes in a forest nearby your house, you’re going backpacking in a national park, and everything in between. I consider that hiking. 

It is a hobby that has little costs and it is very relaxing. It is a peaceful hobby that you can practice almost everywhere. All you need is a nice park or forest area where you can walk or hike. 

I love spending time in nature. It is a great way to escape the busyness that is our everyday life. 

It is the simplicity that really gets me. Just going outside for a walk to get some fresh air, sunshine, and move your body. 

When you’re hiking around relatively flat areas with low intensity, you can just do it with the regular clothes that you already own. 

When you’re hiking uphill on uneven ground, you may want to buy some hiking shoes. That’s all you need. I’ve got some nice hiking shoes that have hiked quite some mountains on quite some continents. They still last.

5. Photography

Today you can start with photography. It’s something I love completely, although I have to say my materials are not the best of the best.

Every time I’m going for holidays, trips, or I have some events, I love making pictures.

Pictures are such a great way to keep memories and to remember the places you have visited!

What are you favorite frugal and minimalist hobbies?