Men Share 15 Eye-Opening Stories About Women’s “Awful” Behavior

The gender dynamics in today’s modern society are way different than in the past. While it was patriarchal before, women are going out of their way to create that balance today. They fight for equality, which is well within their rights. 

It’s wonderful to see women coming out of their shells, but some seem to go way overboard. Here are 15 awful behaviors women display that men consider eye-opening. 

1. Likes to Give Criticism but Can’t Take It

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Some women like to give out criticisms but react negatively when they are criticized. Some go straight-up mad about it, taking it the wrong way, while others just choke up and cry, starting their own pity party in the corner. 

Giving constructive criticism can be helpful in anyone’s development. But if you’re only criticizing to feel superior and not willing to receive criticism, it’s better not to say anything at all.

2. Buying Things and Leaving Them Forgotten

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Many women love shopping, and while that is all fine and dandy, it gets quite disappointing when they leave them forgotten the next day. It’s surprising how they can easily forget expensive things they just bought when they spend so much time choosing the best item to get. 

Women are said to be responsible for at most 80% of the consumer spending in the US. As much as you love to shop, you should also love to clean up.

3. Communicates Indirectly and Passively

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Communication is key to relationships, but when you’re with a woman who’s passive and likes the indirect approach, you’re in trouble. Some may be understandably timid, but it becomes a problem when there are misunderstandings and disagreements. 

Women tend to withdraw when hurt or upset. But if you fall silent for a long time, you won’t have the chance to discuss all the issues that must be resolved.

4. Never Say Sorry

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Whether it’s purely out of pride or shame, some women just can’t say sorry, even when they’re at fault. These women get defensive instantly, telling men they are too sensitive when they show emotion instead of self-reflecting and humbling themselves. 

Gaslighting is what people call it these days. Women even follow SIGN – Shame, Insult, Guilt, and the Need to be Right. This means that even if men are often accused of gaslighting, women are also experts at it.

5. Likes to Bully Other People

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If you’ve watched the movie Mean Girls, then you know that women can be as nasty as they want to be. Whether it’s in school or at the workplace, you will come across women who justify their petty bullying and malicious actions with preferential dislike. 

Bullying is defined as intentionally saying or doing something bad to cause distress to the other person. If you want to exert your authority, this is not the best way to do it.

6. Always Thinking They’re Right

Woman Rude Hand Palm
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Women are always right. It’s always been regarded as a joke, but there’s an actual basis to it since women like being right and think they always are.

Many memes were made in honor of this stereotype, but if you’re arguing with a woman who thinks like this, you won’t find it funny.

7. Never Grateful for Favors Done for Them

Woman Shrugging Her Shoulders MSN
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Gratitude is a powerful thing, and some women seem to not know about it. Entitled women feel like it’s the obligation of men to do something for them, regardless if they actually can’t do it or just don’t want to. Either way, a little thank you can go a long way.

If you allow women to walk all over you and do favors for them, you’ll be weaponizing incompetence in them. Some women will even tell you they can’t do a task just because they’re too lazy to do anything, and you‘re there at their beck and call anyway.

8. Likes to Take Relationship Advice From Unhappy Single Women

Sad Woman Sitting On Couch While Friend Comforts Her MSN Sad Depressed Anxious
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Women have their squads, and they like talking about their relationships and asking for advice. There’s nothing wrong with it. The issue arises when they take advice from the unhappy single women of the group. 

If you want legitimate advice, you can go to counseling with your partner. It’s always a better idea to talk with a professional.

9. In Denial About the Truth on How Men Feel About Them

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Men’s issues are as important as women’s issues, and this is something that some women can’t seem to understand. Women are always regarded as weaker, and they’re not. But that doesn’t mean that men, who are considered stronger, don’t need to be heard. 

This is not an anti-feminist concept but more like a call to be open to everyone’s needs and issues, taking gender out of the context.

10. Lacks Accountability

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Some women lack accountability. If something goes wrong, your mind automatically goes to blaming someone, usually a man. Many claim that it’s because society generally doesn’t hold women accountable. 

If you’re fighting for gender equality, be responsible for your actions. Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes and insecurities.

11. Not Drinking Enough Water to Stay Hydrated

Where to Find a Water Refill Station Near Me
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This may sound weird, but some women don’t drink enough water. It’s technically not a bad thing, but when they get headaches due to lack of hydration, they get cranky at everyone. 

If you don’t want to suffer headaches and be moody, get the hydration that you need. If you still feel cranky, don’t take it out on the people around you.

12. Standing in the Doorway Once She Enters a Store

Man And Woman Buying At Grocery Store Stock
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Women tend to stand in the doorway every time they enter a store. It may not be a conscious thing, and they may just lack spatial awareness. You’ll end up waiting for them to move out of the way. It gets so much worse when they’re chatting with friends while blocking the walkway.  

If you see women blocking your path, a simple “excuse me” will do. If that still won’t work, tap her on the shoulder and ask if you can pass. There’s a chance she’s just unaware she’s inconveniencing others.

13. Leaves Hair On the Shower Wall

Woman Screaming Crazy Frustrated Hands in Hair Annoyed Shocked MSN
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Hair on the shower wall looks creepy, and oftentimes, women are the source, given they hang long hair. It’s not bad, but it gets annoying after some time, especially if you don’t live in the apartment or just moved in with your partner. 

If you find shavings on mirrors annoying, you’ll find hair on shower walls frustrating too. Learn to clean up after you take a shower.

14. Does Not Respect the Privacy of Other People

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Some women in a relationship have privacy issues. They can’t help but dig through their partners’ things, whether it be their phones or bags. 

Privacy is a basic right for everyone. You would want to have time and space for yourself to maintain that sense of independence and identity.

15. Thinks Everything She Does Is a Gift From Heaven

Entitled woman feeling arrogant - MSN
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Some women act like everything they do is a favor for everyone. And they act like everything men do is expected of them. If you want to be treated like the strong, independent woman you are, act like it. Don’t act like a main character who’s handed everything.

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