How And Where To Get Quarters – 9 Places To Get Quarters In 2021

Where and how do we get quarters nowadays? A lot of us use credit cards for almost every transaction. Yet, there are still some places and establishments that still make use and need quarters. So, where do we get them? This article will provide you with the best places to get quarters.

Coins are becoming more and more obsolete. People, nowadays, tend to pay for what they need online or through a credit card. Doing this is easier and much more convenient. 

You no longer need to go out of the house and stand in line at a store to buy what you need. You no longer need to go to an ATM or carry around your money to purchase stuff for your daily needs. Now, all you need is your credit card, and the world is at your feet. 

But what if you get into a situation where you need quarters? Like parking tolls, laundry machines, toll roads, and other establishments where coins and quarters are the preferred mode of payment? 

You’ll never know where these types of instances present themselves to you. So what will you do? It’s better to be safe than sorry, so keep some coins and quarters with you in your car or your coin purse. 

But if you do get into this situation regularly and have a hard time getting quarters, this article is for you!

9 Best Places Where To Get Quarters?

It was almost yesterday when you couldn’t go a day without carrying a stack of coins on yourself. Nowadays, with online and mobile payments taking over our finances, we have forgotten that life. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Life without coins is something we never thought we’d live, yet here we are. Missing the lovely jiggle our pockets used to make while we played with a few loose coins. 

Those coins got lost in the tides of time. But even today, there are some circumstances where you’re asking yourself where to get quarters?

This is why we have developed this list of places you can count on when looking to get a little change for your bucks.

Here are the top 9 places you can look at if you are in desperate need of some loose change.

1. Call Your Bank

While living in the 21st century, everyone has one or more bank accounts, and almost every corner of a city has a bank. Therefore, visiting one is one of the easiest ways to score some coins. 

And if you are lucky enough to have a personal bank account in the bank, all you need to do is ask for your money to be withdrawn in coins.

However, if you don’t have an account, don’t worry. Just go up to the cash teller and ask for your dollar bills to be exchanged for coins. They allow these transactions as a one-time exception, so don’t make this a habit.

2. Rush To Nearby Stores

Going to your nearby grocery store for a roll of quarters can also be an excellent idea. 

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Just head up to the customer service counter of the nearest Target, Walmart, or Seven-Eleven when asking for quarters, as the cash register has limited amounts of coins available. Plus, you’d be holding up the line with some irate customers behind you. 

Also, some stores have a policy not to open up their cash registers unless a purchase has been made, so the customer service desk is your best bet.

3. Fast Food Joints

Just like grocery stores, fast food establishments are another haven when it comes to getting quarters. Just head up to the front register, hoping the cashier is in a good mood and not many people are waiting for their turn. 

Ask to exchange your dollar bill for quarters. They likely won’t have too many quarters available, so don’t try to exchange more than a couple of dollars.

4. Arcades

Arcades are hard to find these days. As technology develops quickly, arcades are having a hard time keeping up. So, you are lucky to have one near you. 

Arcades can be one place to get your quarters. They have change button machines that dispense quarters with bills. Isn’t it great, right?

But make sure that this coin change machine gives you quarters and not some tokens used in arcades. 

5. Gas Stations

Sometimes you are not near your home and have to make do with what’s available. It’s a good thing gas stations can be found all over the country. 

If you are away from home and find yourself in dire need of some United States mint coins, then head to your nearest gas station. There you will probably find quarters and dimes, as gas stations have a lot of small items to sell.

If they’re not very willing to part ways with their precious quarters, consider making a small purchase. So just get a bar of chocolate and pay with a $10 bill. Ask for loose change in return, and you’re set. 

6. Soda Machines

Soda machines are one of the most convenient ways of turning your dollar bills into coins. Especially the older models. 

If you need quarters now, go to your nearest soda machine, put in a dollar bill, and instantly demand your money back.

Older machines cannot dispense paper currency, so there is a high chance you’ll be getting some nice coins. 

7. Car Wash

The best thing about car washes? They are open 24/7, meaning you can get some quarters whenever you want. A lot of car washes still require quarters to operate. This makes them one of the best places to find yourself some quarters.

Many such establishments have change machines that accept your bills in exchange for United States coins. But before using them, make sure they exchange them for quarters and not tokens to get your car washed unless you want to get it cleaned.

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8. Ask A Friend

The next time you ask yourself where to get quarters, ask a friend if they have a few lying around. You can offer up and give them a bill for their quarters. This is the most win-win you can get in this situation.

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Just ask for a few spare coins, and do not say no to dimes and nickels because they may come in handy as well. 

9. Pharmacies 

Have you ever wondered, with so many over-the-counter drugs, how many coins a pharmacy would be sitting on?

Pharmacies have a lot of loose change in their registers that you can go up to and ask for. 

And the best part about visiting a pharmacy? They are open most of the time, so you will be able to get those dimes whenever you want to.

A lot of pharmacies offer cashback. Now imagine getting $5 or $10 in quarters; doesn’t that sound just great?

Frequently Asked Questions – Where And How To Get Quarters?

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions when you think where to get quarters from, and here they are, answered!

Where Can I Get A Roll Of Quarters?

You can get a quarter roll from your local bank branches, Target, Walmart, Seven-Eleven, pharmacies, gas stations, arcades, or some of the other places mentioned on this list. Just make sure you can communicate with the service provider about what you want, and you should be able to get yourself some shiny new coins.

Can I Get Quarters From A Gas Station?

Yes, you can! Gas stations are one of the few places that operate around the clock. They cater to tiny purchases that people make on the go, such as buying gum when you’re getting gas, so they mostly have access to a fair amount of coins.

Where Can I Get Quarters Besides A Bank?

Look around you; the opportunities are limitless. Whether it is a grocery store, arcade, pharmacy, gas station, bank, or someplace else. If you are nice enough when asking for them, you would most likely get a roll of quarters. 

Can I Get Quarters At Target?

Yes, you can! And at any other convenience store. As most of these chains cater to small-scale purchases, they often have quite many coins saved up. 

However, holding up a service line just to get coins might not be a good idea, so try approaching a customer service representative seated at the customer service desk and ask them if you can get a few quarters. More often than not, they will happily oblige.


Conclusion – Where And How To Get Quarters?

More and more individuals opt to do cashless transactions as it is more efficient and effective. Coins, meanwhile, are becoming more and more obsolete. 

But the use of coins still serves some purpose. Be it for parking, laundry machines, or for some special purpose. 

So you will still need quarters. And you need to know where you can get hold of these coins once you are caught in that situation.

Some places to get quarters include banks, stores, fast food places, arcades, gas stations, soda machines, car washes, friends, or pharmacies.

Always keep quarters in your wallet or save some in your piggy bank. Remember these suggestions on where to get these coins when you need them. 

Better be prepared. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. 

How And Where To Get Quarters - 9 Places To Get Quarters

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