Unconventional Ways to Make Money in 2023

The economy has been doing badly around the globe, with consumer prices
rising and costs of living going through the roof. One way you can weather the
negative impact of the economy is to increase your income. In such bad
economic times, you need to be creative when looking for money and be willing
to follow the uncharted path. Fortunately, there are tons of methods you can use
to make some money on the side with little or no initial investment. Let’s look at
some of the most unconventional ways you can make an extra coin.

License Cute Videos of Your Cats

Cat and puppy videos are gold mines on the internet. They can also be an
income stream if you get time to play with them regularly. There are several
ways you can make money with such videos. First, you could start a YouTube
channel and post amazing videos from time to time. You can earn from ads
when you have acquired enough followers and views.

Secondly, you can sell the videos. There are sites where you can license them to
be used by others for a fee. Most of these platforms are related to selling videos
and pictures for use on personal and commercial platforms. You can license your
videos and images across different websites to increase your potential for
making cash. Also, go for high-quality images and videos so that they can be
used on premium platforms.

Stream Gaming Content

If you are a fan of online casino gaming, you can make cash on the side by
streaming yourself as you play your favourite games. Sites such as Kick.com and
Twitch have provided tools for gamers to stream their gaming prowess. You do
not need to be a full-time gamer or put in lots of cash. However, you will need to
be pretty consistent in the content you post. You may even post the same
content on your YouTube channel.

There are several Indian casinos where you can play games for streaming,
among which is Platinium Play Casino. You can stream anything from slots to
live casino games. You do not have to play with real money in the categories you
choose, except for the live casino, if you do not have a budget for that.

Become a Professional Cuddler

If you are empathetic, you can make money by offering a shoulder for others to
cry on. This job involves cuddling people who need a warm hug to get through
their problems. To do the job, you must be a person who unconditionally accepts
all genders, races, and sexual orientations. You also need to have good
interpersonal skills so that you can handle all types of emotions.

Cuddling is a non-sexual activity that just involves snuggling people for long
periods. While this is not for everyone, it can pay well. If you are comfortable
with it, set up your cuddling business nearby and start making some money. The
same thing can be promoted on social media, through paid advertisements, and
through word of mouth.

Start a Food Truck or Cart

Street food has always been around since the birth of business. Today, most of it
is sold in trucks or on carts. Many people are quite busy and do not have the
time to sit in a restaurant for a three-course meal, while others are running tight
on budget and may not be able to afford it. A food cart works well for these

Take your time to investigate the popular food types in your area and what the
market may love that is not readily available. It could be a traditional gourmet
meal, fast food, soups, or quick bites. Get the required permits and set up your
shop. In some parts of India, you can always push the cart or the truck in
different areas to maximize the potential customers.

Make and Sell Handicrafts

Traditionally, Indians made lots of crafts using threads, sisal fibres and yarns.
You can make hats, skirts, tops, bags, belts and dresses using traditional
techniques and readily available materials. There are several online platforms
where you can sell your handicrafts in and out of India, including Etsy, Amazon,
Facebook pages, or the local eCommerce platforms. If you live near market
centres, you can also display them after your regular job making an extra coin.
Post the items on as many platforms as possible. Package the items nicely and
label them accordingly, especially where the size has to be specific, such as
shoes and belts. These items could be selling as you work on something else.

Print on Demand

Print on demand allows you to leverage your design skills by creating amazing t-
shirts, phone covers and other designs and printing them when they are bought.
It is a form of drop shipping. Therefore, you will not be required to print the t-
shirts or other merchandise yourself.

Look for a supplier that can customize white-label products and ship them on
your behalf. Then, create designs that you would like to sell online and market
them. Whenever a customer picks a particular design, you ask the supplier to
customize the white-label product with the selected pattern and ship it to them.
The fact that you will not be handling the inventory means that you can run the
business while still doing your current job.

Teach Online Classes

If you have a skill or some training, you can make some cash by teaching the
same online. The skill could be anything from handicrafts, cooking and electronic
repairs to business, management and college and high school subjects. If you
are not teaching a course that has an established curriculum, you will need to
create one and distribute them to such platforms as Udemy, SkillShare,
Teachable or LinkedIn Learning. Ensure that you provide more in-depth
information than is readily available online.