The Top 7 Ways to Make Money with Social Media

All those methods you see on the internet that tell you how to make fast money on social media? They are lying. Think about it critically for a moment. If it were really that easy and that fast, wouldn’t everybody be doing it? The methods listed in this article all work, but they are underpinned by a very ugly truth. The ugly truth is that you will have to work very hard and for very little money for a long time before these methods make you regular money. If you are ready to work harder than you have ever worked before, then here are seven methods you can use to make money with social media.

1 – Creating For Affiliate Sales

The methods by which this works have changed over the years, but the basic premise is that you create content that appeals to a certain group, and then you offer affiliate links. For example, let’s say there is a spelling and grammar-checking service that offers affiliate links. You create content about cheating on essays, fixing up essays, or editing essays, and you put affiliate links for the spelling and grammar checker, saying that you couldn’t have made it through university without it.

2 – Create Content For YouTube and Rumble

Create content for YouTube, get lots of followers and plenty of monthly views. Make a bit of money from their ads program, but your biggest goal is to attract sponsors. They pay you a certain amount to pretend like you use their services. You don’t even need one million followers; you will get offers if you have 100K followers or more.

3 – Build Your Profile and Sell It

Remember in the old days when people would build up their websites to become very popular so that they could sell them? The same sort of thing is happening with social media these days. You can use social media marketplaces like Fameswap and list your social media accounts for sale. You can make a fair amount of money if you have a lot of followers or you are successful in a very niche area that mainstream companies are having a hard time cracking.

4 – Create Content to Become a Content Creator

As Andrew Tate says, we are living in an attention economy, which offers you a very unique opportunity. You can become good at creating a certain type of content, whiteboard animations, fast-forwarded clips, stop-motion, VFX editing, and so forth. You can become so good at it that you can advertise your services to other bigger social media stars who will happily hire you to contribute your services to their websites. 

5 – Promote Your “Ahem” Other Services

If it weren’t a billion-dollar industry, then it wouldn’t appear on this list, but the elephant in the room is OnlyFans. As a good-looking person, you go on social media and create shorts of you wearing certain outfits or doing a dance or working out at the gym, or whatever works for you. You then offer a link to your OnlyFans account where people can see “More” of you.

6 – Selling For Affiliate Sales

In the world of digital marketing, this is the grandpa of online money-making. Back in the old days (a few years ago), you created a website and put a whole bunch of positive reviews on there about products on Amazon. You then offered affiliate links to those products for a slice of the profits from the sale. These days, you don’t need a website. Sign up for the Google affiliates program, promote different products by reviewing them or testing them or unboxing them, and then add links for people to buy them and you can taste a slice of the profits when people buy them.

7 – Brokering Deals Between Clients From LinkedIn

Some people are excellent at making contacts on LinkedIn. As a result, they can often bring together people who need help from other people. A good example of these is those people who bring Amazon drop-shippers together with Alibaba products. They offer prices, sales figures, etc., and then get paid a commission for brokering the deal (or for finding the supplier).