Fall Travel Frenzy: Trending Fall Destinations

Expedia reports significant year-over-year increases in flight and hotel searches for fall getaways. Flight searches for fall are up by 15%, while hotel searches have surged by 20%, compared to the same season in 2022. The travel world is buzzing with excitement as autumn approaches.

The surge in travel demand during the summer months shows no signs of slowing down this fall. Recent data from other leading travel platforms, including Vrbo, and Hotels.com, reveals travelers are eager to embrace autumn adventures.

Trending Fall Destinations For 2023 

Where are all these travelers going? Expedia’s flight searches reveal diverse options for fall 2023, from Asia to the Caribbean. Meanwhile, domestic travelers are setting their sights on traveling to smaller cities. Here’s a glimpse of the trending destinations.

Domestic Travel Delights

Savannah, Georgia

Domestic travel sees a surge in popularity, with Savannah leading the way with a remarkable 155% increase in interest. 

Liz Bates, THIRDHOME’S Director of Custom Travel and Adventures, says, “Savannah, Charleston, and The Carolinas are a huge hit. Travelers primarily seek these tucked away bygone era charming places for their “old fashioned traditions” that are still practiced in these quintessential Southern destinations. These Southern classics provide families time to rekindle with “Southern Suppers” served under old magnolia trees, with catching fireflies at dusk in Mason jars, stargazing on blankets with storytelling, picnics with campfire s’mores on lawns, and freshly caught crab boils on the beach.”

Seattle, Washington

The Emerald City of Seattle on the West Coast captures travelers’ hearts, with flight searches to that city experiencing a substantial 75% uptick. 

According to Delta Air Lines employee, Amneris Molina-Nunez, fall is exciting outside Seattle. The warm weather starts to cool, and the leaves begin to change. One of Molina-Nunez’s favorite things to do is take a ferry across Puget Sound to go hiking or visit one of the many towns just a short ride away. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Salt Lake City is experiencing a 50% surge in interest. Director of Media & Communications for Visit Salt Lake, Ryan Mack, says, “Fall is a magical time here in Salt Lake. Between world-class foliage and events to shoulder season pricing at our hotels, it is a fantastic time to visit.”

He adds, “Our proximity to the mountains is simply unmatched in the United States. You can move from downtown to ski resorts in a matter of 35 minutes. At Snowbird, there is a 50+ year-old Oktoberfest with some great local and imported beers. You can view the leaves change, take a hike, or ride some of their mountain attractions like the Tram or Alpine Slide.”

The Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City is an ideal spot to take it all in. The property offers spacious rooms with mountain views, exceptional dining, rooftop relaxation with firepits, and an outdoor pool. Plus, it’s close to Utah’s natural beauty, hiking, and skiing.

International Fall Escapes

Hong Kong

International travel beckons with a world of possibilities, and as we embrace the fall of 2023, some destinations have surged in popularity. The vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong is leading the pack with a 1500% surge in flight searches. This city blends modernity with tradition, offering a tapestry of experiences, from iconic skyscrapers to serene temples.

Hong Kong’s bustling streets also feature colorful foliage in the fall, creating a picturesque backdrop for exploring its cultural treasures and modern attractions. From the Mid-Autumn Festival’s lantern displays to the beauty of Victoria Peak, it’s a season that blends the current and the traditional for an ideal time to visit.

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, the financial hub of Germany, has seen a 280% increase in flight searches. 

Frankfurt is captivating in the fall, with the trees along the Main River showing vibrant autumn colors. This city blends business with culture. Travelers can stroll along the scenic riverbanks, explore historic neighborhoods, and savor the rich culinary scene as they immerse themselves in Frankfurt’s fall charm. 


The Caribbean island of Curaçao is another popular destination, with flight searches soaring by 175%. Rebecca Marval, Marketing Director for the Curaçao Tourism Board, says, “As travelers seek change from brisk fall climates, they are looking to Curaçao for one-of-a-kind tropical experiences.”

Marval continues, “Visitors are discovering the layers of culture and history throughout the island, collecting unforgettable experiences along the way; from world-class cuisine to unique architecture, to natural phenomena like caves shaped by salt and time, the island offers something for every level of traveler.”

Growing interest from major airlines like American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, and WestJet underscores the island’s popularity, a trend set to continue this fall. Delta, in particular, will relaunch its Saturday-only service to Curaçao starting December 16, 2023, marking the first direct connection from Atlanta to the island since 2010. This development aims to provide travelers from over 100 U.S. cities with convenient one-stop access to the island, all while preserving its unique culture and attractions.

Where To Travel This Fall?

The world is a travel oyster this fall, with many destinations waiting to be explored. Whether travelers want to see the autumn colors in domestic locales or embark on an international adventure, the choices are as diverse as the season itself.

This article is published by Media Decision and republished with permission.

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