10 Things That Will Make You Nostalgic: They Just Aren’t as Good as They Used to Be

Do you wonder about stuff that’s not as good as before? Interested in what people miss from the old days? Find out the top answers to “What isn’t as good as it used to be?” below.

1. Quality of Clothes

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A user called Guan mentioned the decline in clothing quality. Lots of people agreed, and Guan added he wants basics that last. 

He adds that everything breaks so easily, most of the time, within a year. He would pay more for higher quality but adds that even more expensive clothes seem poorly made. 

2. The Life Span of Electronics

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Another person commented that the life span of electronics had declined so much over the years. Many people in the thread agreed and started sharing stories of vacuums, TVs, blenders, everything. I will give you an example below. 

According to Evan, his grandma worked as a custodian for SHARP hospitals, and back in the early 90s, she managed to bring home one of the old vacuums they were replacing. These vacuums were made in the late 70s, and surprisingly, they only started having minor issues a couple of years ago after over 40 years of use. 

3. Educational Channels Such as The History Channel

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Kir mentioned that they found History Channel and other educational channels quite informative, but not anymore. Another user shared that they learned more about science from watching Mythbusters than they ever did in school. 

They also expressed appreciation for Dirty Jobs, which helped them develop greater gratitude for the things they often took for granted, realizing that someone’s hard work made their life easier.

4. The Fries at McDonald’s

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According to one, the fries at McDonald’s were so good before and are now not the same anymore. The fries at McDonald’s used to contain a small amount of beef flavoring in the cooking oil, but they are now vegetarian-friendly. 

They say that it has been noted that the lawsuits filed by Hindus and other vegans, who felt misled about the meat content in the fries, further contributed to the overall context surrounding the decision to make changes in the ingredients used.

5. The Internet

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“Remember the good old days when the internet was like a mystical creature, appearing in our lives only on special occasions? Well, now it’s like that distant relative who decided to move in with you and never leaves. It’s always there, lurking in your pocket, ready to take over every waking moment.” The man typing this message on his pocket internet device knows it too well. The internet went from a fun novelty to an omnipresent force that refuses to give us a break.

After sharing that, the same user ends with a quote, “We have developed speed but shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little” – Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator.

6. Entenmann’s Desserts

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A Redditor just mentioned Entenmann’s Desserts in the discussion. They expressed that while it used to be good, it doesn’t quite live up to its former glory. 

Another user chimed in, sharing a nostalgic memory of analyzing Entenmann’s crumb cake with a magnifying glass at their grandparents’ house. The cake always had a special place on the counter, accompanied by a butter knife inside the box. However, the cake seems slightly less moist and flavorful, while the crumbs have gone softer and drier. 

7. Cable Television

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A user expressed their nostalgia for cable television, stating that it’s something they miss. They fondly remember how awesome it was back in the eighties and nineties. They reminisced about the late-night programming on Disney Channel called “Vault Disney,” where they could enjoy classic shows like Davy Crockett and old movies. On the other hand, Nickelodeon aired cool shows such as salute your shorts, wild and crazy kids, and double dare. 

They even had Nick at Nite, which featured beloved sitcoms like The Monkees, Brady Bunch, and I Love Lucy. However, nowadays, users feel these channels have shifted their focus to tween-oriented content. They also mentioned the absence of Monstervision on TNT and Night Flight or USA Up All Night on USA, which were popular shows in the past. Furthermore, they expressed disappointment with MTV’s shift away from music videos. Nowadays, endless marathons of Law and Order episodes seem to dominate many channels.

8. Garlic Bread

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One user shared their disappointment that garlic bread, which they found magically delicious as a kid, is now mostly mediocre. Another user suggested making garlic bread with real butter instead of substitutes. They believed the lackluster taste might be due to the absence of real butter. 

A third user suggested adding olive oil to the real butter. They said this combination creates an extra delicious garlic bread.

9. Video Games

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A user expressed their disappointment with the current state of video games, stating that they are not what they used to be. According to them, the industry has become increasingly similar, with games lacking the uniqueness and charm they once had. They also mentioned that many games are over-produced, resulting in a lack of innovation and creativity. 

Another concern raised by the user was the popularity of microtransactions, which they find to be a frustrating aspect of modern gaming. This comment reflects their longing for the days when video games were more diverse, creative, and free from excessive money-taking practices.

10. The Recipes of Chipotle

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One user expressed their opinion that Chipotle was better in the past, acknowledging that the recipes were changed following e coli outbreaks. They shared their experience of feeling hungry again shortly after eating and concluded that the current Chipotle experience is not worth it.

Did this make you think of something you loved when you were younger?

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