The Amazing Power of the Radical 10X Rule

Do you want to know how you can drastically increase your results by applying the 10X technique? In this article, we will go into why it’s important to 10X your result by 10X your efforts – known as the 10X rule.

Last week my manager told me that I should reply to everyone that is sending me messages on LinkedIn because it might bring on some leads. These recruiters are sending me messages for short-term assignments that are not interesting for me.

We had a short discussion because I don’t believe that it’s valuable to spend my time replying to all of them. He told me I should reply back to any pitch and start a conversation. “You never know where that conversation might lead. Perhaps it can bring us [the company] something in the future”.

That’s No Advice!

First of all, I’m not the one who should be getting in the clients. This is not my job.

Second, that’s the worst time-management advice I’ve ever heard!

I should invest my time and energy into something because “you never know where it might lead” if that is the motivation I might as well take on everything:

  • Jump into every new job
  • Reply to every email ever
  • Take every course out there
  • Go to every networking event there is
  • Never say no

Because “you never know where it might lead”.

Well, I do not want to waste my time or money on this type of chance. I mean if I am trying to save money I also am not saving all the packets of sauce from restaurants or microwaving my leftover soap to make a new bar.

When I am trying to save time, I am not going to say yes to every networking event that there is around my area.

These are not things that will bring me success. I mean, I even say no to my friends at times!

I will need some more radical things to speed up this process.

The 10X Rule

The biggest mistake is that people don’t set goals that are high enough. The 10X Rule is a book by Grand Cardone, that talks about the level of targets and the level of effort that it will take you to succeed.

The 10X rule states: whatever goal you want to achieve, account for 10X the effort you suspect.

It lowers your expectations and gives you a different work ethic from the beginning, which is what many of us need.

Whatever goal you want to achieve, go for 10X the results.

Shoot for the moon, perhaps you’ll land among the stars!

Even if you miss, going for 10X the results will have you end up in a much better place. It will enable you to think creatively and rule out average thinking.

You will either work to accomplish your goals and dreams or you’ll be used to accomplish someone else’s goals and dreams.

Have a Laser Focus

If you’re trying to dominate your field, don’t try to do it all!

If you want to get ahead of the game in your career, for example, don’t be distracted by things like your email and the internal messaging system.

Try to focus on being the best employee, maximizing your efforts, and making yourself go up for promotion asap!

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Back to the point, digital distractions can have an (indirect) impact on your time and attention.

So can extreme frugality, if you’re:

  • Making your own clothes
  • Melting your leftover soap bar into a new one

This mentality will keep you busy – very busy – with penny-pinching that leads to the quick psychological victory of easy wins. If you’re doing this instead of building long-term sustainable investments, that’s not picking your battles correctly.  

You can’t do everything

Life is not an unlimited series of “and”. Every decision is a trade-off against another decision, so choose wisely.

If you want to read about saving on the low-hanging fruit, check out my article on 25+ Incredible Easy Tips for Saving Money.

Eliminate The Wasteful

In order to 10X your results fairly quickly, it’s important to 10X the goals and to 10X the efforts in order to 10X the results.

I can hear you thinking: How can I make decisions that yield 10X of the results?

It’s simple, but not easy: eliminate that what’s wasteful.

Step 1: Think about, what is my five-year goal?

My five-year goal is to earn €20.000 in passive income.

The more specific the better. It’s good if you know what you’re aiming at.

If you’re going to be on a plane without a destination, you’re going to be on there forever. You set a destination you think you would like, go for it! If you get out of the plane, and you don’t like the place you ended up in, you simply get on again and go to the next destination. The point is, that having a destination is crucial.

Every morning, I tell myself: I earn €20.000 in passive income.

Why? Well because I talk to myself more often, but also because I love to fool my mind. If I repeat this every morning, my mind will believe it’s already a foregone conclusion, that it’s already true.

That is how affirmations work and I LOVE it!

If you want to read more about affirmations, please read:

Step 2: Think Before Saying Yes

For me, my most important step for making my €20.000 passive income would be building an investment portfolio.

Woman Calculating On The Desk Stock

That’s what I’m doing right now, by:

10X Wisdom

Some other short tips that I took from the book:

Victim thinking doesn’t benefit you, those who get into the victim role as a justification for not achieving success will never be successful.

When something doesn’t turn out as you wanted it to, it’s always a lesson to be better prepared next time.

If people point out your level of action you’re doing it right.

Top achievers don’t copy or compete, they dominate and set the pace.

Focus on abundance, don’t think in either-or but in and everything.

10X in Short:

  • Don’t get distracted by all the fun and shiny things you encounter along the way
  • 10X your goals and 10X your efforts, to 10X your results
  • Think about if it’s going to serve you long term, before you say yes
  • Fast-track your results by focusing on the low hanging fruit

What is your takeaway from the 10X rule?

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