Best P2P Cashback Sign-Up Bonus For You [In 2021]

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Do you want to have a great cashback sign-up bonus for any peer-to-peer platform? Look no further, you will find them all on this page! Including the best peer to peer (P2P) lending sign-up bonuses, cashback, and referrals at this very moment.

Bookmark this page, save it for later, and refer back to it when you want to try a new peer to peer platform.

I’ll be updating the page regularly, so you’ll find the latest deals here.

If you’re a new investor that is looking for an updated list of ratings and P2P sign-up bonuses, this is the place for you!

There are peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms that offer you cashback and rewards when you refer a friend (up to €1000!) when you sign up and invest with them.

I have to tell you already: most peer-to-peer bonuses are available for international investors and non-European investors. If you’re having a European bank account, you’re all good. 

Top Peer-to-peer Sign-Up Bonuses & Cashback Offers
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Platform Overview (Bonus)

Below you will find an overview of European P2P Platforms. I included the most important features to give you a fast overview. I also list active P2P sign-up bonuses and cashback campaigns.

! Most platforms give you the % bonus on the basis of INVESTED money, not DEPOSITED money. Meaning that you should invest your money on the platform if you want to get any bonus. 

CompanyCashback or Sign-Up BonusInterest RateAuto InvestSecondary MarketBuyback GuaranteeReview
Wisefund🔥 0.5% bonus (for 270 days) using this WiseFund link18.1%
Neo Finance🔥 €25 sign-up bonus using this Neo Finance link17.4%
Crowdestor15.5%Crowdestor Review
BulkEstate🔥 €5 sign-up bonus using this link15.0%
Reinvest2414.6%Reinvest24 Review
Fast Invest14.3%
Nibble🔥 €10 bonus with your first investing with this link14%
Lenndy🔥 €10 sign-up bonus when you invest using this link12.3%
Bondster🔥 1% cashback bonus (for 90 days) using this link12.5%
Kviku Finance🔥 €20 bonus when you invest €100 through this link12.0%
EstateGuru🔥 0.5% cashback bonus (90 days) using this link12.0%Mintos Review
Mintos🔥 Get €25 when you sign up using this link & use code FB34OG312.0%
Mintos🔥 Up to €1000 when referring a friend using this link 11.9%Mintos Review
PeerBerry🔥 0.5% sign-up bonus (for 90 days) using this link 11.5%
Profitus🔥 1% sign-up bonus (for 30 days) using this link 10.8%
Flender🔥 5% cashback bonus (for 30 days) using this link10.4%
Brickstarter🔥 Get €15 + 0.5% sign-up bonus + cashback (90 days) using this link AND code BRICKS10%
Debitum Network8.2%
Rendity🔥 €25 sign-up bonus using this link6.0%
IbanWallet🔥 €10 bonus when making your first deposit of €50 with this link AND code GET104.0%

Cashback Campaigns

At this moment, there are the following active cashback campaigns:

  • If you invest €100 with Kviku you get a €20 bonus on your first investment.
  • If you invest with IbanWallet, you get €10 with code GET10 and you can get 1.5% extra rate for the first two months with code EXTRA.

BUT, the sign-up bonus that you get with the platforms mentioned above are still very much valid.

Try one of my favorite peer-to-peer platforms:

Why Would They Give Me A Cashback Sign-Up Bonus?

The biggest reason for offering a welcome or sign-up bonus is to incentivize people that are not familiar with the great world of P2P investing.

They want you to try out the new way of online investing. 

The different platforms have bonuses and cashback actions, which might mean it will be tempting to invest directly. Be aware of the conditions that apply in order for you to get your bonus. For example, most of the times you need to actually invest with the platform before any cashback applies. 

In this overview, I’m giving you my honest unbiased opinion. 

I want to say as well: a P2P sign-up bonus or cashback opportunity should not be the ONLY reason to sign up with a specific platform. 

How Do I Make Sure I Get The P2P Cashback Sign-Up Bonus?

If you’re signing up for a platform, you’re interested in getting the P2P sign-up bonus or cashback for sure. It’s not difficult, you just need to follow the steps and you’re good!

Step 1: Get Familiar With The P2P Lending Risks

The first step would be to get to know more about the peer-to-peer lending world.

You can ask advice from others, collect information from blogs, and chat with active investors. That way, you don’t take unessecary risk and you minimize the chance of you losing money.

The main risks with peer-to-peer investing are:

  1. Money drag – where you money is just sitting in your account, not making any passive income
  2. Borrower default – the borrower can not pay the loan back with its current means and defaults
  3. Loan originator bankrupcty – if you’re investing in a platform with multiple loan originators (like Mintos or Grupeer), a single loan originator can go bankrupt and defaults on the outstanding loans
  4. Platform bankruptcy – the entire P2P lending platform that you’re investing in goes bankrupt and you need to wait to get (a part of) your money back
  5. Market risks – this are macroeconomic movements that are impossible to avoid, like an recession or an economic downturn

It’s important to get you acquainted with the risk and to know how to avoid them.

Most of the risks can be lowered by just taking a few simple actions, like:

  • Investing in solid platforms
  • Invest in P2P platforms that offer a buyback guarantee
  • Diversify your investments

This are just some small things that you could do to lower your risk with investing. If you want to go into more details, you can do so here!

Step 2: Look For Links That Will Give You Cashback Sign-Up Bonuses

When you’ve determined that you want to start building passive income with peer-to-peer lending platforms, you look for links bonuses that will give you cashback sign-up bonuses.

Oh, look, that’s exactly what I’m doing here. What a coincidence lol! Scroll a bit down to see the entire overview.

BUT you don’t have to use only my links.

If you know anyone who is an active investor on the specific platform that you want to start investing in, that will do as well!

How To Avoid My Mistakes

I learned it the hard way. Going directly to the website of the P2P platform does not give me any bonuses.

In order to get the cashback or sign-up bonus, you really need to get an active referral link from someone that actively uses the patform.

It’s frustrating if you don’t get your bonus where there is one. It’s like going to the grocery store and everyone is getting a €5 refund for their groceries, except you. Just because you’re standing in the wrong line.

Because it’s so little effort from your side, even a cashback of just 0.5% is too bad. Plus, if you invest a quite some money, that 0.5% can still turn into a considerable amount.

In the end, you can mostly get the bonus anyway when you’re signing up with a working referral link and a different email address. Alternatively you can contact customer support.

It will be resolved, for sure, it’s just something you would rather avoid.

Step 3: Click And Sign Up

When you have found the links that are giving a cashback or sign-up bonus, you simply click I click on one of those links to access the site. 

Once you’re on the site, you sign up for the platform. Mostly they want you to confirm your email address, so be sure to check your spam folder if you didn’t receive any email.

Be aware: most bonuses you need to invest something to get the bonus!

Step 4: Make Your First Investments

When you signed up, you are ready to make my first investments

Deposit the desired amount to the platform using the available transfer options. Since I have a EUR account, I normally use the SEPA transfer option – which is free!!

Don’t wait with making your first investment!

I immideately invest in the platform when I sign up and have deposited my money, mostly through auto-investing (because I’m lazy like that). Most P2P websites require me to invest money to get the cashback or sign-up bonus!

Only Bondora and NEO Finance pay a bonus for just signing up.

How To Avoid My Mistakes

Be aware that you’re meeting the conditions that are predetermined.

For many P2P platforms, one of the prerequisites to get a bonus is usually deposit and invest within X days.

With a cashback bonus, you only get the cashback over the month you INVEST through the platform. Not the money you deposit, not the money you take out again.

To meet their requirements, invest in the platform right upon registration.

For example, most P2P websites give you a maximum term between you signing up and your first deposit. This is just to give a deadline and a incentivize you to start investing in their platform.  

How To Safely Invest In P2P Platforms

At the beginning of the post I mentioned that there are some risks involved with peer-to-peer lending.

There are many ways to significantly reduce risks when investing in P2P platforms. Here are the three main things I do to protect my money on P2P platforms:

1. Invest In Solid P2P Platforms

Before you invest in any peer-to-peer platform, do you own research.

Know what are the basics of the platform, ask yourself things like:

  • What kind of structure they have?
  • Do they have a buyback guarantee?
  • Do they have a secondary market?
  • Can you diversify among different loan originators?
  • Is the platform established or just new?

This and other questions are mostly covered in reviews of the individual peer-to-peer platforms. When you want to check out the reviews, simply google platform name + ‘review’ and you will get what you’re looking for.

Personally I have written reviews for Mintos, Reinvest24, and Crowdestor.

2. Invest In P2P Platforms With Buyback Guarantee

I absolutely love platforms that offer a buyback guarantee. It offers me the opportunity to get my money back when a loan defaults. 

A buyback guarantee doesn’t mean that you will get your money back at all times, but it does provide you with extra security. 

If you can have the same amount of interest rate on your loans and you can choose if you want to have a buyback guarantee yes/no, I always choose yes. 

3. Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

The last thing is to diversify among different platforms.

The peer-to-peer lending risks vary from one borrower defaulting to an entire platform going bankrupt. In order to avoid this, diversification is the answer.

Whenever you can, diversify.

Diversify with the platforms you are using, meaning that you don’t focus so much on one platform but invest through different platforms.

Diversify within the platform (if that’s possible). With many platforms, there are multiple loan originators that you can invest in, like with Mintos. When that is the case, diversify on the platform by investing in different loan originators.

Determine for yourself what your risk appetite is and what your preferred method of investing in.

Don’t get greedy along the way. Diversify, build you passive income up steadily, and you will get wherever you want to be.

Remember: the road to financial freedom is a marathon, not a sprint.

Happy investing!

Have you used a cashback sign-up bonus? Do you have any additional remarks or questions? Please let me know below!

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