18 Shockingly Offensive TV Shows That Would Never See the Light of Day in 2024

From cool shows like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air to intense ones like Breaking Bad, lots of TV shows have been on over the years, shaping how TV looks now. But not all shows are good, some are just really bad.

Here are 18 offensively horrible TV shows you should avoid. 

1. America’s Next Top Model

Image Credit: 10 by 10 Entertainment Ty Ty Baby Productions/IMDb

America’s Next Top Model is a reality TV show that premiered in 2003, producing new-blood models. The premise was exciting, but the underlying concepts of body image are nuts.

Comments across the board about this show are common, including, “[And that’s] not to mention putting models in blackface for a shoot.”

2. Jim’ll Fix It

Image Credit: BBC/IMDb

Jim’ll Fix It is a BBC TV show that features children sending letters to the host, Jimmy Savile, to make their wishes come true. This didn’t age well, though, especially with the allegations of abuse inside the show after Savile’s death.

“My friend’s mom once applied to go on Jim’ll Fix It to meet Gary Glitter. Many bullets dodged”, shared one person. 

3. The Swan

The Swan MSN
Image Credit: FremantleMedia North America/IMDb

The Swan is an American reality TV show following two “ugly” women who undergo an extreme makeover, from cosmetic surgeons to personal trainers, all in 3 months.

People, in general, have mixed remarks like, “The therapy sessions were a joke and were just for the show while these poor women with low self-esteem were preyed upon for entertainment.”

4. What Not To Wear

Image Credit: BBC Worldwide Productions/IMDb

Another makeover reality TV show, What Not To Wear, focuses more on clothes and style. This British series feels very intrusive to the guests, where 2 strangers pick apart your style and personality.

One noted, “They pressure you into throwing away all your clothes and then gave you enough money to buy like 4 outfits but only on their terms.” Where’s the respect?

5. Dance Moms

Image Credit: Collins Avenue Productions/IMDb

American reality TV show Dance Moms features stage mothers strictly guiding their dancer kids to reach their dreams, along with the bickers and disagreements.

It’s even said that, “Dance moms used to be entertaining, now all I can see is the psychological effects it must’ve had on those girls.”

6. There’s Something About Miriam

Woman Looking Shocked Surprised Eating Watermelon MSN

There’s Something About Miriam is another reality TV show set in Spain. It follows six men as they compete to capture the heart of Miriam Rivera, a beautiful 21-year-old model.

Many described the show as pretty standard but took a dark turn when Miriam was revealed to be a pre-op transwoman. 

7. Sex And The City

Image Credit: Darren Star Productions/IMDb

Sex and The City is an iconic romantic comedy TV show that became a phenomenon with nominations and awards, but it was also heavily criticized for its theme.

Like most shows in this list, Sex and The City got an avalanche of comments, and until now, it still does. People are actually saying, “A lot of views on men and sex are outdated.” 

8. Black White

Image Credit: FX Productions/IMDb

Black. White. is an American reality TV show that features two families from different races dressed up and made to look differently to hide their ethnicity.

Some claim that the show “put a white family in blackface and a black family in whiteface.” The premise in itself is controversial and filled with racial stereotyping. 

9. Pretty Little Liars

Image Credit: Disney Enterprises, Inc/IMDb

Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama that follows the story of a group of friends who are hiding a secret and “A” who’s threatening to reveal it.

Someone pointed out its major flaw and said, “The teacher dating his 16-year-old student storyline was creepy, but in 2022 it’s honestly unbelievable that it was ever portrayed in any kind of positive light.” 

10. Wife Swap

Image Credit: ABC Television/IMDb

Another reality TV show, Wife Swap, is a program where two families swap their mothers/wives who are very different from each other.

“It’s full of caricatures of both conservative and liberal families and is chock full of the highest level of cringe gender roles and toxic masculinity plot lines” is only one of the many comments about this show.

11. You Are What You Eat

Image Credit: CPL Productions/IMDb

The British dieting show You Are What You Eat was led by controversial host Gillian McKeith, who acted like an expert the entire time when she was not.

Someone believed, “She was an absolute quack with an online medical qualification from a Mickey Mouse university.”

12. House Of Cards

Image Credit: David Giesbrecht for Netflix/IMDb

The political TV show House of Cards features Kevin Spacey filled with ridiculous political schemes and manipulations.

Not everyone is a fan of this show. And comments like, “The vast majority of the storylines seem ridiculous now as politicians get away with far worse things openly than what took people down in HOC” are too common.

13. Ally McBeal

Image Credit: David E. Kelley Productions/IMDb

Legal comedy-drama Ally McBeal follows an eccentric lawyer working in downtown Boston. Many find the show fine except for one scene.

One shared, “In one episode, Ally found out her bf is bi, and her reason for breaking up with him was she afraid that one day her bf would be attracted to their son.”

14. Secret Life Of An American Teenager

Image Credit: Brendavision!/IMDb

Secret Life Of An American Teenager captured the attention of many viewers, from teenagers to young adults. But popularity doesn’t mean it’s good.

Somebody said, “This show was terrible. The main character was such a horrible person, and the audience is supposed to root for her.”

15. A Shot At Love

Image Credit: 495 Productions/IMDb

A Shot At Love is a dating game show that features bisexual Tila Tequila who’s trying to find true love among 16 lesbians and 16 heterosexual males.

Tila was quite crass herself, and the show’s premise was terrible. One relayed, “last news article I read about her, she was dressed as a neo-nazi at some party in 2016.” 

16. Saved By The Bell

Image Credit: Peter Engel Productions/IMDb

Saved By The Bell is a popular TV sitcom that targets kids and teens but touches on heavy social issues. Some of the plots, though, did not age well.

An individual said, “In the reboot, they pointed out how Jessie’s “crazy” activism back in the day is now the more acceptable. Nowadays those are “normal” positions, but back then it was “roll your eyes at the crazy feminist.”

17. Beauty And The Beast (1987 TV Show)

Image Credit: Witt/Thomas Productions/IMDb

1987 fantasy TV show Beauty And The Beast follows the romance between man-beast Vincent and Assistant District Attorney Catherine.

Many claimed they couldn’t watch it, not for the lack of trying. Someone shared, “I just looked it up George R.R. Martin was an executive producer. Lol”.

18. The Apprentice

Image Credit: NBCUniversal Media, LLC/IMDb

The Apprentice takes the last spot on this list. This reality TV show features business people competing to be the best entrepreneurs. It became popular because of its host and the line “You’re fired!”.

But a lot of viewers share comments like, “The show was trash when it came out.”

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