The Truth About 10 Disgusting Foods: Are You Brave Enough to Try Them?

Did you ever get really excited about a food, but then found out some not-so-yummy things about it? Maybe you’re thinking about something you’re glad you didn’t have to eat. Well, here, we’re going to talk about the top ten gross foods.

1. Golden Corral’s Chocolate Fountain

chocolate fountain msn
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There’s this chocolate fountain at Golden Corral that many people know about. Some folks liked it, especially when they were super hungry. But here’s the funny part – they remember looking at that chocolate fountain once and seeing a chicken wing floating in the chocolate fountain. 

They said they were okay with trying different foods, but that was too weird. And their friend told them that a little kid dipped his fingers in the chocolate during another visit and licked them off. Multiple times in a row.

2. Tiết Canh

Tiết Canh, similar to blood pudding msn
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Tiết canh is a dish that might sound a bit unusual. It’s similar to araw blood pudding. Now, don’t get turned off by the name… It doesn’t taste bad, but the texture makes it strange. Imagine the texture of congealed snot mixed with crunchy peanuts–that’s what it’s like. 

The blood part might sound a bit weird, but in some places, people like to eat this as a special dish on important occasions. In this person’s wife’s family, this dish is quite popular during special times, and because he’s not from here, they like to offer it to him, even though it’s a bit of a challenge for him to enjoy.

3. The Vegetable Okra

The Vegetable Okra msn
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Many people tend to find okra to be disgusting. They compare it to how zucchini might feel if someone sneezed on it. Another person adds that okra is often not cooked well, and its texture can be like snot when badly cooked.

However, when okra is prepared properly, it can taste quite good. It has a unique flavor and can work well in dishes like curry, holding its texture better than many other vegetables.

4. Eating Any Kind of Insects

Bumblebee on Flower in Nature Flying Animal Bug Insect MSN
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While insects are edible and ordinary in some places, others don’t find it appealing. They even mention that insects don’t interest them whether they’re candied or prepared in other ways.

Insects are often seen as unappetizing because of their unique taste and texture. Many people are not accustomed to eating insects, and the thought of it might make them feel a bit uneasy. However, in some cultures, insects are considered a delicacy and are prepared in ways that make them quite tasty to those who enjoy them.

5. The Smell and Taste of Cottage Cheese

Charcuterie Board With Cheese Grapes Bread Brie Camembert Blue Cheese MSN
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Not everyone likes cottage cheese. Some may have negative descriptions of how it looks and smells and that it reminds them of curdled milk, which isn’t very appealing.

Chances are, these reactions are because of its unique texture and tangy flavor. The curdled appearance can be off-putting to some, as it might remind them of spoiled milk. Additionally, cottage cheese has a slightly sour taste that not everyone enjoys. However, taste preferences can vary greatly from person to person, and while some may not like cottage cheese, others find it delicious and nutritious.

6. The Dislike Towards Ranch Dressing

ranch dressing and salad in kitchen msn
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Ranch dressing is another food that is not loved by many. They find both the smell and taste of it to be unpleasant to their senses.

Many people might dislike ranch dressing due to its strong flavor and creamy texture. Some individuals might be sensitive to certain ingredients in ranch dressing, like garlic or onions, which can contribute to its distinct taste. Personal taste preferences also play a big role. Some people simply don’t enjoy the tangy and savory combination of the ranch. 

7. The Balut Egg

Eggs Baking in Pan for Breakfast with Bread MSN
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The balut egg is a food that some people find quite challenging. It’s a fertilized duck egg with a partially developed embryo inside, and it’s considered a delicacy in some countries.

The partially developed embryo adds a different texture and taste to the dish, which might not appeal to everyone. Eating an egg with a visible embryo can be off-putting for some people, as it’s quite different from what they’re used to.

8. The Traditional Dish Jellied Eel

Eel Underwater On Ocean Floor MSN
Image Credit: rostislavstefanek/DepositPhotos

Jellied eel is a dish that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a traditional British dish where chopped eels are boiled in a spiced stock that’s allowed to cool and set, forming a jelly.

Some people might not enjoy the taste of jellied eel due to its strong fishy flavor and the slimy texture of the dish. The idea of eating eels can also be a bit unusual for some. 

9. The Taste of Black Licorice

Black Licorice msn
Image Credit: Arieldrabkin1/Depositphotos

Black licorice is a type of candy or flavor that not everyone enjoys. It has a distinct taste that’s a bit like anise or fennel, which can be quite strong and even a little bitter.

Some people might not like the taste of black licorice because it can differ from the sweet flavors they’re used to. The intense flavor might remind some people of certain herbs or medicines.

10. The Taste of Surströmming

Surströmming fish msn
Image Credit: sebasnoo/Depositphotos

Surströmming is a type of Swedish food that not everyone finds appealing. It’s fermented herring fish, which means the fish has been left to sit for a while and develop a strong smell and flavor.

Some people don’t like the taste of Surströmming because of its pungent smell, which definitely affects the taste. The fermentation process gives it a strong, sometimes overwhelming odor that can be quite off-putting to many people.

Does this make you think of something nobody should ever try for themselves because you found it got you so disgusted?

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