Top 10 Common Money Blocks and Effective Ways To Stop It

Are you always struggling with money and can’t figure out why? You know that fulfilling your financial plans is very important in your financial life, but challenges are aplenty. Perhaps you are suffering from money blocks.

When you feel like you may be making less money than you want, your mindset may be holding you back. These negative notions are called money blocks. 

You need to understand these limiting thoughts and learn how to break free from the mental shackles to improve your circumstances. These money blocks can negatively impact your life.

What Are Money Blocks?

Feeling distressed due to financial circumstances is not uncommon, particularly in today’s testing times, when economic uncertainty is at an all-time high. You may be working hard, but the results may not reflect all the effort you have put in, causing you to wonder where the problem lies. 

You may ask yourself what is holding you back from reaching your financial goals. In most cases, the answer is money blocks.

Simply put, money blocks refer to a mindset, thought process, or negative beliefs that create obstacles in our path toward financial prosperity. You may often find yourself needing more certainty about your future or concerned about needing to make more money. These are the money blocks that you unconsciously experience. 

Most often, we are unknowingly the reason why our intentions are derailed. Our limiting belief system triggers the Law of Attraction, and we attract more of what we don’t want. 

If you have the slightest inkling that these subconscious money blocks may prevent you from reaching your goal, this article is exactly what you need. 

Top 10 Common Money Blocks

Your money mindset is how you feel about money, and a money block results from a deeply ingrained negative money mindset. Without realizing it, you may have negative thoughts, which manifest as money blocks and hinder your success. 

To understand it better, here are 10 common money blocks which may help you identify if you are indeed experiencing a money block. Once you understand where the problem lies, you can work on it to improve your circumstances.

1. You Feel You Are Not Good Enough 

You may have heard this phrase many times. Many people start with a preconceived notion that they are not good enough or do not have what it takes. The self-doubt may cause you to hold back and feel you do not deserve to earn as much. 

If you do not appreciate your self-worth and undermine your capabilities, you may not be able to leverage your maximum potential.

It would help if you showed yourself that you’re good enough and deserve money in your life. Do that by learning to manifest money and creating a plan to work toward your dream life.

2. You Have Negative Assumptions About Money 

There is general disapproval against the rich and the wealthy in our society. The constant reinforcement of societal beliefs that the rich use their wealth to take unfair advantage, oppress the less fortunate, or exert their influence can cause us to associate money with negativity, another money block. 

However, all these are presumptions, and money is not necessarily linked to morals. A wealthy person may not be greedy or selfish, despite what the prevalent belief system tells you. 

However, if you keep nurturing this thought process, you subconsciously condemn money and limit yourself from striving to improve your financial circumstances. 

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Money affirmations may help you a lot with that. I’ve also used them to improve my money mindset and reframe my limiting beliefs.

3. You Avoid Dealing With Money Due to Past Mistakes 

Many people avoid dealing with money, thinking they cannot handle money matters. In many cases, mistakes or wrong decisions in the past may lead you to believe that you are incapable of making the right financial decisions. 

Forming such an opinion may cause you to avoid dealing with money or even strive for it. After all, if you subconsciously feel that you cannot handle money, you may not feel the need to try to earn more.

To get rid of this money block, face it head-on. Have a money date with yourself, where you’ll make your favorite drink and figure out how much money you spent over the last couple of months. Once you’ve done that, you know where you’re spending most of your money and how to turn that around.

4. You Think You Have to Work Harder To Make More Money 

More effort does not always translate into more money; you need to get out of this mindset. While such a money block should not exist, it is a popular opinion. 

We are not discounting the value of hard work. It does not mean you must put in a strenuous effort to earn more. It only implies you must make wise financial decisions and be smart about your finances. 

For example, do you truly believe you can only make more money by working hard? I’ve seen many people who make more money the less they work, so there’s no real connection between how much you work and how much money you make.

5. There Is Honor in Poverty 

There is nothing wrong with being poor, but the mindset that there is nobility in poverty can be a significant money block if you lean too much into the belief. 

At the same time, you should not get confused between the concept of perceiving poverty as noble and seeking contentment in your current circumstances. 

While it is good to be satisfied in life, if your perception of poverty is holding you back, you need to demolish this money block and change your mindset.

Think about it this way: when you get out of poverty and step into your highest self, you can help many more people. You can help people put food on the table and get them out of poverty.

6. It Is Better To Give Than Receive 

Do you find yourself giving in abundance? If you have embraced this lifestyle and are generous to a fault, it may not only be your charitable nature causing you to reach out to the needy. Helping others around you is good, but when it becomes excessive, you must reflect on how it affects your financial situation. 

If you are going out of your way to spend and depleting your resources in the process, you need to consider doing things differently. Accept that it’s also okay for you to receive money. You can give much to others and, at the same time, also accept keeping something for yourself to build your dream life.

7. You Believe You Do Not Attract or Deserve Good Things in Life 

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Low expectations are one of the most common money blocks and a major reason many people find it hard to attain more money. You attract what you believe in, and the defeatist attitude may pull you in the opposite direction.

If you focus on having a positive thought process regarding money, that is exactly what you will get: more money. For instance, every time something good happens to you, try practicing gratitude or acknowledging your efforts instead of doubting whether you deserve such windfall. Such positive thoughts will resonate and come back to you with more blessings. 

8. You Hoard Money 

You may have often heard the phrase “save something for a rainy day.” However, if you are taking it too far, you are probably doing it with the assumption that money is scarce or you fear wealth.

While saving money gives you a safety net, hoarding is not good. You may be compromising on your quality of life when you’re not spending money at all. It often comes from a scarcity mindset, where you feel the money will not come back to you if you spend it. 

Try to spend more on things you enjoy, and watch the money return to you tenfold. It may be the first step to changing your money mindset completely.

9. You Do Not Have Clear Goals 

Not everyone is sorted when it comes to having clear life goals. However, having a direction in life is important, so you know what you’re working toward. 

Suppose you lack clarity about where you are headed in life and do not give enough importance to your financial, personal, or professional goals. You may not be motivated to work toward anything, as you don’t dare dream bigger and go after what you really want. 

10. Successful People Are Born Rich 

Even if you keep telling yourself that you have to be born rich to succeed, it will not change the fact that numerous examples of people worked their way up and built massive wealth from nothing. 

At the same time, some people went from riches to rags and squandered their wealth. So, if you associate success and wealth with circumstances, you only indulge your false notions and pessimist thinking. 

For more insights about how to change your money blocks into money magnets, the examples in this book will be helpful: 

Best Ways to Unblock Your Money Potential

Now that we have addressed some common money blocks and some quick ways to get past them, you may wonder how to eliminate them completely. You have already taken a step in the right direction by identifying the problem. 

If you struggle with any of the notions discussed in the previous section, you must analyze how to get past your negative thoughts and demolish your money blocks.

It is important to remember that it is all a part of a learning process and money blocks are quite common. You need to give yourself time and be open to learning and change. Here are a few tips to nudge you in the right direction:

  • Educate Yourself 

To be more confident in money management, first, you must educate yourself about financial resources and learn how to manage them better. Analyze your financial matters regularly and make them a part of your routine for better insight.

  • Change Your Self-Perception 
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You need to realize your value and improve your self-perception before expecting it from others. It would be best if you believed you were worthy of all the good things that come your way. Think about how you have been a source of comfort for others or how you have added value to others’ lives. Write these down in a journal

  • Let Go of Your Prejudices 

If you subconsciously harbor negative opinions about the wealthy, it is time to let go of these predispositions. Wealth does not invite materialism or compromise ethics or moral values. Money is a tool, so it only enhances what’s already there. Good people who get money will do more good.

  • Be Open to Receiving 

If you have always been at the giving end, you may find it hard to be on the other side. Do not associate the ability to accept with increased vulnerability. Not only will it improve the balance in your financial situation, but it will also help you appreciate the relations in your life.

  • Set Realistic Goals 

Finally, you must let go of all the negative thoughts and prejudices about money and focus on your future needs. Reflect on your situation, consider the factual details and focus on how you can set realistic goals. Once you start thinking differently and focus on a different mindset, you can set attainable milestones to achieve your goals and improve your situation.

Top Money Affirmations to Stop Money Blocks

Positive affirmations are an effective way to stay positive and self-assured. Money affirmations can go a long way in helping you attract abundance in your life. With these money mantras, you can discard the old negative thoughts and make room for an optimistic thought process. 

Here are a few money affirmations you can use. Say these frequently, write them down, put them up somewhere you can easily see them, and recite them as your daily affirmations. When a negative thought about money crops up, shoot it down with a suitable positive mantra. 

My favorites are:

  • I am happy and healthy and have enough to meet my needs.
  • Money plays a positive role in my life.
  • I have a positive and healthy association with money.
  • I am prosperous.
  • I have the skill to create wealth.
  • I deserve the wealth coming my way.
  • I can easily have all I wish and all I need.
  • I am open to receiving.
  • I am resourceful.
  • I have abundant money and more than enough to meet my needs.
  • I attract money.
  • Money comes easily into my life.
  • My wealth grows every day.
  • I am confident that I can acquire the resources I need within the determined time frame.
  • Money is not the end; it is the means to achieving my life goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Money Blocks

How Do I Know If I Have Money Blocks?

Money blocks are a result of a negative mindset associated with money. You may have a problem if you are constantly stressed about money, the lack of money, or the fear of wealth. 

We have outlined a few common money blocks in this article. Once you identify that you have a money block, you can work to change your thought process and have a more positive outlook.

What Causes Abundance Blocks?

Abundance blocks are the negative beliefs associated with a certain concept that has been deeply embedded in our mindset since our early years. They can be related to our body, mindset, money, wealth, emotions, or habits. 

How Do You Break Through Money Blocks?

The first step is to identify your money block. You should educate yourself about money management and set clear, well-defined, and realistic goals. 

It also helps to improve your self-perception and believe you deserve to receive the wealth that comes your way. Moreover, if you have negative perceptions about money, investigate if those beliefs are true. Often you’ll find it’s just something you’ve heard a lot, but it’s not necessarily true.

Finally, positive money affirmations can go a long way in helping you develop a positive money mindset and get rid of your money blocks. 

Conclusion – Money Blocks

It is difficult to undo a lifetime’s worth of negative thinking processes and ideas about money. The good news is, with consciousness and determination, it is definitely doable. Your thoughts and feelings do have an impact on your financial success. 

Believe it, and it will happen. Powerful affirmations can help change your life. Positivity will attract wealth and help you in your journey to financial freedom. 

With this article, we hope you have cast light on the money blocks that can keep you from enjoying the wealth you deserve. The next steps to unblock your path to financial self-empowerment are in your hands. Manifest abundance and push out that block! 

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