How To Set Up Mintos Auto-Invest [12.24% Return]

How to set up Mintos auto-invest? This article will cover everything you need to learn. Can this be part of your investment strategy? Continue reading and achieve a 12.24% rate of return!

Today I will share how I set up my auto-invest settings for Mintos, which you can put online in just 1 minute! This type of investment option could help you get a better return on investment that will help you all the more reach your (short-term) financial goals.

When I wrote my review about Mintos, there were some questions about the auto-invest settings. That’s why I will explain how you can set up Mintos auto investing easily and quickly. This will help you invest money into the platform quickly and efficiently.

I’ve been getting a 12.24% return annually with no default loans. I will share how you can set up your Mintos auto-invest settings to replicate these results in this post. Start investing so that you can improve your portfolio now.

I will teach you all about diversification options and explain the process of setting up your Mintos auto-invest settings to help you save time and lower the risk that comes with peer-to-peer lending

Side note: Mintos is currently only available for people with a European bank account. 

Side note 2: Sign up with my link here and get 0.5% cashback for the first 3 months you invest.

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Quick Intro To Mintos

To briefly recap: Mintos is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects investors and loan originators from different countries. Interest rates vary between 5-20%. Mintos is the biggest P2P lending platform in Europe, with over $6.9 billion in funded loans. My current average interest rate is 12.24%.

Mintos has many loan originators in many countries, enabling you to diversify your investment geographically. 

What Will You Get From Auto Investing?

Auto investing will work with any amount, starting with just €10. Auto-investing is quite simple, it will:

  • Invest your money automatically in hundreds of different loans
  • Principal and interest payments are flowing into your account automatically
  • Amount in your account will automatically be reinvested in new loans
  • After months of not checking it, this will still work + compounding interests

I Do Not Recommend Mintos Investment Strategies

For Mintos auto-invest setting, I would recommend using the custom strategy. I’ve once tried the Mintos Investment Strategies, which I didn’t like. 

The only settings you can choose in the portfolio are the amount and reinvesting yes/no. When I choose this one, I found out you could not:

  • You cannot manually (de)select loan originators.
  • There is no option to invest only in loans with a buyback guarantee
  • There is no option to pre-select an interest rate
  • You cannot determine the amount invested per loan
  • You cannot determine the maximum term of a loan

This is not according to my personal preference, and I would not recommend that to any other investor.

Below you can see what settings are the ones that you can choose:

As you can see, this is fairly limited and not recommended if you have any other personal preference. 

How To Set Up Mintos Auto-Invest In 1 Minute

When setting up Mintos Auto Invest, using the custom strategies that Mintos provides. You can fully customize and adjust the strategy to your preference. 

It’s the best option when you want to manage your portfolio and have a lower risk efficiently. You set it up once, and you can check in with your investments every few months. 

I recommend checking your Mintos auto-invest settings every few months, as there are continuously added options that will not activate unless you enable them manually. 

My personal auto-invest strategy looks like this:

I’ve changed my Mintos auto-invest settings with experience and time to maximize my returns for the risk that I’m taking. I started with a 10% return. Currently, I have a 12.24% annualized return. 

How To Set Up Auto Invest Settings Mintos In 1 Minute - 11.90% Annual Return

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My Mintos Auto-Invest Settings

I would love to share my best practices for the Mintos auto-invest strategies with you so that you can maximize your return for your portfolio as well!

Currency: Euro

Most of the loans offered on Mintos are in Euros. To avoid currency exchange fees, it would be convenient to transfer funds to Mintos in EUR if available to you. 

Market: Primary 

For most of my auto-invest portfolio, I am focusing on new loans. The secondary market means loans that are resold to you by other investors. 

Loan Originators: 33 Different Ones

I have written an entire article about which loan originators I am investing in, which is diversified based on interest on late payments and risk rating.

Depending on your risk tolerance, you can select the loan originators that you would feel comfortable with.

Rating: All Loan Originators Above 7 In Risk Rating

I am only investing in loan originators with 7 or higher in risk rating – why take the ones with a lower risk rating when you have enough available in the higher realms? You can find an explanation of Mintos ratings here on their site

Loan types: All

I am not differentiating between loan types. 

Country: All

I am not differentiating between countries. 

Buyback guarantee: YES

I only invest in loans with a buyback guarantee. 

I think that is an easy way to reduce your risk and get more returns. 

The buyback guarantee means that the loan originator repurchases the loan from you as an investor as soon as the payment is delayed by more than 60 days. 

They will pay you the principal amount plus interest income that you have yet to receive. This means you will still get the return you were expecting to receive. 

Interest Rate

I currently have different auto-invest strategies. My most important one has an interest rate of 14%-20.5%, then I create strategies for lower rates. 

My highest interest rate strategy is the most important, meaning that when loans are available, they will be filled first (Priority is 1).

Loan Term

I set up a maximum loan term of 24 months. This means that when I stop putting new money into investments, I will have my money back within 24 months. If I want to, I can also sell investments in the secondary market if needed. 

Other Information

Name: Over 14% – you can choose your name that best fits with your portfolio.

Portfolio Size: 500 – you can choose the maximum amount you want to invest through auto-invest.

Investment in one loan: 10-30 – you can choose the amount you want to invest in one loan, where the minimum amount is €10.

Do you want to reinvest?: Yes – if you reinvest your returns, you will get compounded returns over time.

Include loans already invested in: No – you can choose no if you want to diversify your loans.

Diversify across loan originators: Yes – you can choose yes if you want to diversify your loans.

Side note: If there are new loan originators, loan types, or countries, you must enable them manually. I recommend you go through your investment strategies every few months to enable them manually.

You accept by ticking ‘ Assignment Agreements,’ and you press ‘Save and Activate.’

You’re done & active on Mintos Auto-Invest. Well done!!

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My Mistakes With Mintos Auto-Invest

  • Starting with too low-interest rates – there are many loans available on Mintos with a higher interest rate, so why choose the low ones? 
  • Selecting loans without buyback guarantee – why would I want to take more risk when selecting loans for the same interest rate as a buyback guarantee?
  • Not selecting a maximum term – why would you want a mortgage of 220 months when you can sorter term loans with more liquidity?

How To Set Up Mintos Auto-Invest For The Secondary Market

When you want to sell your investments with Mintos, you can do so in the secondary market. My settings for the secondary market are the following:

How To Set Up Auto Invest Settings Mintos In 1 Minute - 11.90% Annual Return

I’m testing the investment in the secondary market, meaning my investment is relatively small compared to my entire portfolio. 

I focus on loans offered at a discount with a minimum interest of 15% and a buyback guarantee. 

What To Do If Your Mintos Auto-Invest Is Not Working?

You may be investing in Peer-to-Peer loans for a while, but all of a sudden, there are no loans on the platform that you can invest in. 

You will have available funds in your account. How is that possible when your auto-invest is activated?

It can be that there are no loans available for your criteria during a specific amount of time. Click on your auto-invest > edit, and scroll down until you see the below screen to check if there are loans available with your filters:

How To Set Up Auto Invest Settings Mintos In 1 Minute

There are a few options if you’re settings are not working:

  1. Adjust your auto-invest setting – you can adjust things like include other loan originators and try to expand the range of interest rate or loan period. 
  2. Sit back and wait until there are new loans with your criteria listed
  3. Create an Invest & Access portfolio that invests for you and automatically diversifies available loans with a buyback guarantee.
  4. Take out the money and invest it on another platform like EstateGuru or Fundrise. You may check the full article on EstateGuru review and Fundrise review for more details on the services of the platforms.

Conclusion – Mintos Auto-Invest

Mintos is one of the top P2P platforms in terms of auto-invest options. The diversification options are limitless, and it allows you to invest in your P2P loans without much time investment. 

Mintos is perfect for investors who love passive and automated investments. 

The different types of investments can only help your investment portfolio. In the long run, this will help you make money and give your savings account the boost it needs.

Auto investing and its convenience are some of the reasons why I invest in Mintos – together with the fact that it’s simply a solid platform with many options and great investment returns. 

Your investment funds are not only secure as one of the best financial services now, but it has the potential to provide you a high yield and better dividends overall.

If you have money to invest and want to get excellent return potential, Mintos might just be the option. All you need to do now is open an account in Mintos for investing and start your investment journey. 

The time is now to build wealth for the betterment of your savings account. This will all help your plans for retirement. Isn’t that an investing strategy worth owning?

Sign up with this link and receive up to 0.5% cashback on your investment made within the first 90 days.

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  1. Any ideas why my auto invest is not working? I set certain parameters and it shows no loans available and when I do the same search in the primary market I find many loans ready to invest. I have different auto invest settings and none of them work. Ideas?

  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment! Do you actually activate your auto invest strategy? I find that at times it doesn’t load the number of loans that are available. If I leave my auto invest for a few hours it will fill it up, it can just take some time – especially if there are loans available with your criteria on the primary market it should work. Another thing is that you could be invested in those loans already, that’s why it’s not picking them up again. In any case, let me know with your auto invest settings when you recheck in a few hours!

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