The Worst Of The Worst: 10 Professions That Deserve Zero Respect

Money makes the world go round, and there are people who would do everything they can just to get their hands on more bucks.

Professions That Deserve Zero Respect

1. Predatory Tow Companies

They tow cars only to have owners running all over the place to look for the cars and pay a good amount just to get them back.

2. MLM Pyramid Top Earners

If you’re on the top and one of the early birds in the game, you can definitely earn so much money from it. But if you’re not, you’re one of the people who got scammed.

3. Payday Loan Sharks

One of the things swirling in your mind is to get the needed money as fast as you can. Payday loan sharks take advantage of this need.

4. Call Center Scammers

Call center scammers are part of this top 10 list, and they can range from basic Amazon scammers to popular  PayPal hackers.

5. Love Scammers

They target old people, make them fall in love, and then squeeze them out of their retirement funds. Many people described this as disgusting.