The Worst of the Worst: 10 Professions That Deserve Zero Respect

Money makes the world go round, some individuals are willing to go to great lengths to acquire additional funds, regardless of their already substantial wealth.

Whether you find it intriguing or cringe-y, some professions can be considered controversial. These are the top 10 that easily take the cake. 

1. Predatory Tow Companies

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The first on the list are the workers under predatory tow companies. They tow cars only to have owners running all over the place to look for the cars and pay a good amount just to get them back. Many associate them with organized crime that has turf wars against each other.

Someone shared, “I got a $25 parking ticket once. The tow cost $250. And that’s with me picking it up immediately the next morning. You have absolutely no recourse. You just have to pay it or basically give up your car.” 

2. MLM Pyramid Top Earners

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Top earners in MLM pyramid schemes are the next on the list. Many replaced the word “scam” with “scum” in describing these people. If you’re on the top and one of the early birds in the game, you can definitely earn so much money from it. But if you’re not, you’re one of the people who got scammed. 

The annoying thing is that many people pointed out that they did make a lot of money and do the stereotypical MLM ways of bragging on social media about how much they make.

3. Payday Loan Sharks

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Imagine being in a position where you’re tight on cash and have an emergency that requires money. One of the things swirling in your mind is to get the needed money as fast as you can. Payday loan sharks take advantage of this need. 

Someone shared, “I acknowledge there is a need for short-term, high-risk lending, it’s the predatory practices that force people into a debt trap that I have an issue with.”

4. Call Center Scammers 

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Call center scammers are part of this top 10 list, and they can range from basic Amazon scammers to popular PayPal hackers. Many even shared that they are the reason why people don’t answer calls anymore. 

One person said, “People really have full-time 9-5 jobs dialing random phone numbers to steal money.” Another remarked, “Unfortunately, older people fall for it all the time. Both my grandparents have fallen for scams, and we had to get them new numbers.”

5. Love Scammers

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If you watch Dr. Phil, then you are familiar with how love scammers work. They target old people, make them fall in love, and then squeeze them out of their retirement funds. Many people described this as disgusting. 

Old ladies are often the victims, but one claimed, “I’ve seen it happen to all ages, including millennials, boomers, Gen X, and other sexes too.”

6. Online Event Ticket Buyers & Ticket Scalpers

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Events like concerts and festivals are supposed to be fun. But for ticket scalpers, it’s an opportunity to control the prices and sale of tickets. Once the prices have risen, they will start selling the tickets they’ve collected and kept. Sometimes even on bidding!

Someone remarked, “This is known as creating artificial scarcity. It doesn’t provide any real value to the economy.”

7. Fake Talent Agency Recruiters

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It’s hard enough to look for a job, so imagine getting entangled with fake talent agency recruiters and wasting your time and money with their recruitment fees.

One individual shared that it often seems legit that “a lot of the people being scammed don’t know the company is a scam until afterward when they look them up on Yelp or the BBB.”

8. Poachers

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Another entry on this horrible list is the poachers, who are popular for their animal killing and cruelty. These people are heartless and are willing to raze the forest to satisfy their greed. 

Someone claimed that “in some places, rangers have taken to just shooting poachers on sight, and it’s been quite effective.” Whether you think that’s terrible or karmic justice is entirely up to you. 

9. Con Artists

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Another entry on the list is con artists. But compared to other entries on this list, many people somehow respect their skills.

One individual said, “I can quite admire their audacity & skill, I also learn all I can about them. I definitely would not trust them & through learning about them, I can usually spot them.”

10. Televangelist

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Televangelists are the final entry in this list. While some may actually believe in them, many are skeptical about their sincerity. One sarcastically said, “Give me tons of money, and God will reward you! Oh, no rewards yet? That’s cause you haven’t given enough yet!” Does your faith rely on the money you can give? That’s up to you to decide. 

Many of these professions are heavily motivated by money, and many people find them too predatory and greedy.

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