People Share The 19 Things They Believe Instantly Ages Someone, And Some Are Beyond People’s Control

Aging is a natural process everyone will experience. While some look younger than their age, others seem to have been run down by life and look older.

Here are the things that can easily age anyone.

Nothing ages you like grief does. The excruciating pain (yes, physical pain, too) and fatigue can be brutal to the body and uncontrollably age it.

1. Grief

Stress is one of the major causes of many illnesses, and yes, aging is also one of them. The constant worrying and anxiety can take a toll on anyone’s body.

2. Stress

Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to lose its elasticity, leading to fine lines, dark pigments, and eye bags. If you want to look young, you will need a good beauty sleep.

3. Lack Of Sleep

Do some yoga and stretches to take some pain off your back. Taking walks can also be helpful or you can use an ice pack for fast relief.

4. Back Pain

To be safe, you can always choose classic and timeless pieces of clothes. Fitted garments and neutral colors will also make you look younger.

5. The Way You Dress