Nobody Believes These 17 Strange Encounters: From Heartwarming To Bone-Chilling, What’s  Your Take?

People have experiences that feel like they were straight out of a fiction novel, whether it’s a romance or a thriller book.

Here are the strange encounters that many find hard to believe.

That’s three buyers who did not know each other but knew one person in common—this storyteller.

1. One House – Three Buyers All Connected To 1 Person

A mother had twins, one needing oxygen with round cheek rashes. Surprisingly, the healthy twin developed identical cheek rashes, showcasing twin power.

2. The Same Rashes Formed On The Other Baby Twin

While staying at a hotel in another state, someone called this person's cellphone at 3 am, saying, "I can see you there" in a chilling voice.

3. I See You In There

A mother shared her struggle with depression and anxiety. Her daughter faced the same situation two weeks later.

4. Daughter’s Bad Thoughts Channeled Through Mom

5. Trapped In A Dream

He had a vivid dream about a school day with vomiting incidents. When it played out the same in reality, he couldn't shake the feeling of being stuck in a dream.