14 People Share Hilarious Moments When They Realized They Were Dating Someone… Less Intelligent

In romantic relationships, compatibility goes beyond shared interests and mutual attraction and encompasses intellectual harmony.

Hilarious moments when people realized they were dating someone less intelligent.

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1. Pre-Heating The Microwave

There are moments when people discover they might be dating someone who isn’t knowledgeable about certain things.

2. The Smell Of Gas

Once, the smell of gas alarmed. Instead of addressing it responsibly, the partner's immediate response was to reach for a lighter and ignite it.

3. Getting Ahead Of The Government

This man’s ex-girlfriend made questionable decisions regarding financial matters and personal identity.

4. Using Steel Wool To Remove Eggs

There was this woman who shared her boyfriend’s decision to use steel wool to remove eggs from his car.

5. “Refrigerate After Opening”

This man’s wife used to bring home items labeled “refrigerate after opening,” open them, and then place them in the refrigerator.