10 People's Hilarious Money-Wasting Adventures They Don't Regret

“What was the highest waste of money you don’t regret?”

Here are the top-voted responses.

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Someone spent their first paycheck buying a $900 wedding cake. They and their brother could not get it home since it didn’t fit on their skateboards.

1. Wedding Cake

One expressed that they would be tickled if their sibling paid to immortalize them in a game (even as the bad guy).

2. A Fight With My Brother

Since they weren’t going off to college and all their friends were, they decided to buy ridiculous going-away gifts. Among the gifts were a carpet, mailbox, toilet seat, etc.

3. Ridiculous Gifts

Somebody shared that a friend spent $30 on a jukebox to play “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” on a loop for an hour in a bar.

4. Jukebox

This person voiced they bought the $350 Lego Ghostbusters firehouse 5 years ago. They were a huge Lego kid in the 1980s and loved Ghostbusters.

5. Lego


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