Jobs That Only Exist Because People Are Really This Stupid And Careless


“What job exists because we are stupid?” Have you ever done something you eventually realized wasn’t the best idea?

Let’s explore this topic together as I share some really interesting responses that I found.

1. Some Parts Of Being A Mechanic

One person who works as a mechanic shared that sometimes their job feels like it’s made for people who don’t know much about cars.

2. Emergency Room Workers

There might be fewer visits to the ER if people didn’t make certain mistakes or were more cautious.

3. The Practise Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is often called "pricey diluted water" due to its highly diluted substances with limited scientific support for their effectiveness.

4. The Thing Called Fatbergs

Workers must descend into sewer waste to break fatbergs, a tough and unpleasant job caused by people disposing of improper items.

5. Warning Label Writers

One job that exists because of some silly actions is writing warning labels. These labels tell us how to use things safely.