15 Jobs That Only Exist Because People Are Really This Stupid And Careless

“Which jobs are there because people make mistakes?” Have you ever done something that turned out to be a bad idea later on? Or perhaps you’re glad some things still exist, even if they seem a little weird?

Let’s explore this topic together as I share some really interesting responses that I found. 

1. Some Parts of Being a Mechanic

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One person who works as a mechanic shared that sometimes their job feels like it’s made for people who don’t know much about cars. They often have to fix things that customers can’t, and one customer always complains about a strange noise when they drive over a bump. They test the car and sometimes find simple things causing the issue, like an umbrella under the seat making that noise.

Another person mentioned that they once thought their car’s rear door was broken because it wouldn’t open from the inside. It turned out to be because of child safety locks.

2. Emergency Room Workers

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Bleau mentioned that emergency room workers are undoubtedly important and valued.

There might be fewer visits to the ER if people didn’t make certain mistakes or were more cautious. 

3. The Practise of Homeopathy

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Many people think the practice of homeopathy exists just because humans are stupid. It’s important to note that billions of dollars are spent annually on homeopathy, which some people perceive as ineffective. 

Homeopathy is sometimes referred to as “really high-priced water” because it involves highly diluted substances that many believe have little scientific basis in effectiveness.

4. The Thing Called Fatbergs

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Sometimes, when people pour leftover cooking oil down the sink, it combines with other things, forming something called fatbergs in the sewer system. These fatbergs can block the pipes and cause big problems. 

Workers have to go down into the sewer to break these fatbergs apart. They’re waist-deep in waste, breaking up chunks of fat and other stuff. It’s tough and not very pleasant work. If people didn’t throw so much in the toilet or the sink, this wouldn’t happen. 

5. Warning Label Writers

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One job that exists because of some silly actions is writing warning labels. These labels tell us how to use things safely. For instance, they might say, “Don’t eat rat poison,” because someone might have tried that before. 

Another funny example is a warning tag on a curling iron that says “for external use only” because someone must have tried something with it. So, these people ensure we know how to use things correctly and avoid accidents.

6. Connecting Your Video Game Console to the TV

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Felix mentioned that he’s unsure if it still happens, but he remembers Best Buy offering a service where they would send someone to your house to help you connect your video game console to your TV. 

This woman shared a story about their 70-year-old mother-in-law getting a Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing. They understood the struggle because it took her three days to figure out how to turn on her TV and the Switch, connect the Joy-Cons, and save her game when she was done playing. Even though they had set it up for her, she still had trouble. She turned off the electricity and tried to turn on the Switch without the TV. Her mother-in-law could have used that service. 

7. The Influencer Lifestyle

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Influencers were mentioned when asked about jobs that exist because of our mistakes. This person shared their experience, saying they have to collaborate with influencers for their job, but they dislike working with them. 

They add that these influencers often demand free products in exchange for mentioning them to their small number of followers. The individual mentioned they hadn’t encountered a pleasant or reasonable influencer and expressed frustration and a strong dislike for this group of people.

8. TurboTax in America

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In the United States, there’s a service called TurboTax. Some believe it exists because our country’s tax system is complicated. Unlike other countries, where they simply inform you of the owed amount or the refund you’ll get, our system can be confusing.

Some think this complexity is due to certain officials not modernizing the tax process, possibly influenced by lobbying efforts. As a result, businesses like TurboTax have emerged. They make money by helping people estimate the amount the IRS already knows due to these complexities in the tax system.

9. As Seen on TV Product Presenters

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This person explained that many of these products on TellSell etc. are made for people who face physical challenges, like difficulties using their hands.

However, these companies also need to appeal to people who don’t have these challenges, so they market these products as convenient solutions. And they hire product presenters do it to get the job done.

10. Desktop Support Tech Jobs

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This individual shares that her husband works as a desktop support tech, and his job still exists mostly due to people’s lack of tech-savviness.

People often accidentally disconnect cords or turn off devices. They struggle with basic tasks like setting up voicemail or organizing files. Even straightforward tasks like keeping track of inventory become challenging. Despite clear instructions, their husband frequently searches for cables that are not missing.

11. Fraud Prevention for a Bank

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This individual worked in fraud prevention for a bank. Their role was to assist customers who fell victim to scams or gave their card details to scammers. They also helped genuine customers whose payments were flagged by the system. 

While they can’t say the job would disappear entirely, if everyone were only cautious with their bank details, banks would need fewer fraud team members.

12. Assisting People at ATMs

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In Japan, a person’s job is to help others at the ATM. Some see this as a sign that people might not be so smart if they need assistance for such a basic task. 

Another perspective is that Japanese ATMs allow complex tasks like wire transfers and changing account details, making them more difficult to use. As a result, people often require help.

13. The Preventable Garbage Cleanups in Parks

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Garbage cleanup in parks should ideally be a non-existent job because it symbolizes a deeper issue—disregarding our environment. If people were more conscious of their actions and made a collective effort to dispose of their waste responsibly, there would be no need for dedicated park cleanup crews. 

It is not just about the inconvenience of litter, it reflects a lack of awareness and care for the planet we call home. Employing individuals to clean up after others should be a thing of the past.

14. College Counselors

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The job of a college counselor exists mainly because some students may not make the best decisions.

College counselors, especially the ones wealthy people hire, highlight the issues about the immense pressure placed on getting into colleges. It shows the problems with a system where money often precedes actual abilities or achievements.

15. Livechat for Office Chairs and Desks

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Live chat customer service job is around because some individuals don’t understand how simple things work. This individual works for a company that sells ergonomic office chairs and standing desks. Their role involves answering questions through live chat, which is necessary because some people have queries. 

Many times, these questions are about things that are already clearly written on the product page. They often find themselves explaining how to perform a hard reset. Some customers say, “I turned it off and on again, and it’s still not working!” They respond with, “Did you try a full hard reset? The steps are in the instructions you received with the desk. However, I can provide you with the steps again.”

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