All’s Not Fair: Women Reveal The 14 Downsides Of Being A Man

To all women out there, had you been born a man, what do you believe would be the greatest challenges or difficulties?

Here, we share the downsides of being a man.

1. Talking To Women In A Bar And Getting Dates

In general, it’s tougher for guys to secure dates when they’re in a bar or any similar kind of environment.

2. People Thinking Every Man Can Fight

One of the challenges for men is the assumption that they should always know how to fight.

3. Are Your Babies Even Your Babies?

This topic could spark heated debates in toxic relationships but shouldn't be a problem in healthy ones built on trust.

4. Chasing After Women

Playing hard-to-get and desiring pursuit can be frustrating, but this person finds it amusing when these women react with frustration when ignored.

5. Being Considered A Possible Threat By Strangers

Her concern as a man is being perceived as a potential threat by strangers for safety reasons, which she finds unpleasant.